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L.L.H: Chapter 196: Skateboard

Masahiko took the three children out of the Hokage building but didn’t go back to pack up things. They were already ready to go, so they headed straight to Konoha’s Main Gate.

“Happy this time? I originally wanted you to gain some combat experience, but it turned out to be a spiritual journey,” Masahiko said with a smile.

He said so, but he was really considering making the mission harder like last time.

Kushina saw through it, “I hope there will be no accidents like last time, Grandpa.”

When she said “accidents,” her eyes glowed with fire.

Masahiko smiled nervously and pretended like he didn’t hear her.

At the entrance of Konoha, Masahiko’s team met Jiraiya, who was also ready to go on a spiritual journey.

“What’s the matter, Great Writer? Are you going out to collect materials?”

Jiraiya nodded, “Are you… taking them out on a mission?”

“Hmm. Before you finish publishing, don’t forget to tell me. As a senior writer, I can help you out.”

Jiraiya curled his lips; obviously, he didn’t believe in his skills, but he had no choice but to nod in the end.

After exchanging a few simple words, Masahiko rose to the sky with the little three. After all, the destination this time was a bit far away. If they walked and took a boat, it would take them at least half a month.

Although it would be much fun to travel, after Masahiko looked at the map Hiruzen gave him, he felt that spending that time on the island would be more interesting.

In this way, Masahiko took the three across the mountains and the sea… and in just half a day, they were there in Nanakusa Island.

Although the ocean in Naruto World isn’t very big, there are really many small islands. During the flight, the four passed over several uninhabited islands.

“We didn’t encounter any islands last time when we took the Explosions Roads,” Masahiko muttered, looking north.

They flew over with great fanfare, and of course, the ninjas on the island noticed them approaching quickly.

“Who are you?” When they came closer, the other party looked vigilant, because neither Masahiko nor the other three were wearing ninja outfits.

On the other hand, the four ninjas from Nanakusa were wearing ninja outfits and forehead protectors. They were also carrying four baskets full of herbs behind them. Also… there were skateboard hanging on each of them!

“A small country is always small, don’t you even recognize the great master Uzumaki Masahiko.” Masahiko sighed and gestured to Kushina to talk.

“We came here from Konoha Village and we want to collect some herbs from this island.” Kushina never suffered from stage fright, but Masahiko’s two disciples were still a bit shy.

The four ninjas from Nanakusa looked at each other, then one of them took off his basket, “What herbs do you need?”

While speaking, he took down the “skateboard” and turned it over; it was actually an abacus.

“Of course, it’s not a skateboard…” Masahiko smiled helplessly, but the back of this abacus was flat, and the front had small rollers, so technically…

The lead ninja was waiting for one of them to reply, so he was focused on Kushina, who spoke earlier, to suddenly find that the abacus disappeared from his hands.

Masahiko quickly put it down on the ground, stepped on it, to find that it could really slide.

“What are you doing?” The four looked wary and took their Kunai out of their pockets.

“It’s okay, I don’t want to buy medicines anymore. How much for this skateboard?”


In the end, Hiruzen’s money got them four skateboards, and of course, one of them was for Masahiko.

The four ninjas from Nanasuka looked at him as if he was a fool, but Masahiko didn’t care. The money he gave him wasn’t much anyway, and he initially wasn’t planning on buying some medicine and leave right away. Several places on the island seem to be interesting, so he was planning on taking a “tour.”

Looking at the four ninjas on the opposite side, Masahiko said, “We have run out of money. So will it be okay to look around and collect some medicinal materials by ourselves?”

“What…?!” They really didn’t get it, they thought that he was just a foolish rich man, who didn’t care about money, but now he’s saying that he doesn’t have any more money.

“Yes, you can do as you please. However, try not to pull out the roots together with restorative materials.”

Masahiko nodded, “I know, cutting it won’t harm the roots, and it will regenerate again in the spring.”

The four nodded, then left away; judging by how he managed to take the abacus from them without noticing, they knew that this guy should be very strong, but he still paid for it… he’s the kind of ninja who isn’t looking to cause troubles.

Masahiko’s team moved together, then he looked at the three children, holding their skateboards confusedly.

“Why are you guys so confused?” Masahiko slid left and right, “Step on the skateboard and follow me to gather medicines.”

The two disciples were very obedient and immediately stepped on the skateboard, while Kushina swore that she would never ever follow Masahiko out to do a mission again…

But in the end, she forgot everything she said after the four of them embarked on a joyful journey of collecting medicine on the skateboards.

Well, it wasn’t that happy. Except for Konan, none of them knew the medicinal materials. Masahiko took the approach of tasting with his mouth, and of course, Nagato followed.

As a result, within half an hour, Nagato suffered severe explosive Diarrhea… he didn’t have Masahiko’s physique after all.

Of course, Kushina wasn’t so naïve. She kept close to Konan and tried hard to learn how to identify medicinal materials.

Masahiko has eaten many medicinal materials, and in a few hours, his face looked so pale. He wasn’t poisoned, but…

Pharmaceutical LV1 (0/100)

“It’s not just for the identification of medicinal materials. This will also help me make medicine, isn’t this something useful I can add to my Amazon Store?” Masahiko shook his head and decided to temporarily put this skill aside.

The four of them gathered herbs until they reached the island’s depths and came to a cliff.

Just as Masahiko wanted to fly over with the three children, he found a wooden bridge not far away.

“Did those ninjas who gather medicines built it?”

Masahiko walked to the wooden bridge, and just when he was about to step in.

“Sensei, be careful!” Konan’s shout came and startled Masahiko.

Looking left and right, there was no danger. Masahiko’s face darkened, “Konan, this isn’t the right time to make jokes…”

“That’s not the case, Sensei, those plants entwined on the bridge’s ropes should be paralyzing grass.”

“Paralyzing Grass?” Masahiko was taken aback. He heard of such a thing before; it was said that it could paralyze most ninjas.

Masahiko touched the ropes with his right hand, and he felt a slight numbness.

“It can even affect me a little?” Masahiko frowned, and suddenly got an idea.

“The three of you put down the skateboards, and come here, I came out with a special practice.”

The three looked clueless, and Masahiko explained, “Try to use Chakra to protect your body from the Paralyzing Grass and walk across this wooden bridge.”

He then glanced at the bottom and continued, “I won’t help any of you. Although there is water underneath, I don’t think any of you would want to fall down.”

The three refused to do it first, but how could they possibly say no to Masahiko. And one by one, they started crossing the bridge.

Masahiko was first, although there was no direct contact, the body still stiffened. Fortunately, his hands were covered with a layer of Chakra as protection, and finally, step by step, he walked towards the other side.

Masahiko turned over, squinting his eyes, “It looks like this Paralyzing grass can be useful…”