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L.L.H: Chapter 338: Artist

The giant bird that lost its head got knocked and fell.
With his sharp vision, Masahiko could give us a slow-motion close-up:

‘The yellow-haired boy one the giant bird looked around, clenching his teeth and looking very vigilant. He then pressed his hands down, and two mouths hidden in his palms suddenly opened their mouths and started chewing the white giant bird’s ass.

Seconds before he hit the ground, the boy made a weird round object and landed on it awkwardly. At the same time, the two mouths in his hands spit out dozens of small white spiders, crawling quickly in Masahiko’s direction.”

The boy completed this series of actions in less than two seconds, and Masahiko nodded slightly; this kind of combat talent is worthy of the youngest member of the original Akatsuki, Deidara. (He totally forgot about Sasuke.)

“This is… a spider?” Karin looked disgusted and took a few steps back.

Masahiko weighed the slingshot in his hand, “This one isn’t bad at all, no wonder he managed to break the glass with it… Haku, deal with the spiders.”

Haku nodded, took two steps forward, then the dense Ice Needles in his hands fired, nailing all the spiders to the ground.

“Ice Needles?” Deidara widened his eyes slightly, then extended his right hand, “True Art is an Explosion!”


Masahiko smiled, “Haku, don’t underestimate him. He got very strong techniques.”

“I’m sorry, Great Elder.”

Suddenly, several white birds flew out of the smoke and dust of the explosion. Haku raised his hand again and threw out a large number of Ice Needles. After hitting the birds, they quickly got frozen and turned into blocks of ice, then fell to the ground.

The simple temptation was over, and things were getting real, but Deidara hesitated to continue.

The few people in front of him don’t seem to be easy to deal with. He also ran out of Iwagakure secretly, so the people chasing him should arrive soon. At this time, escaping should be the right choice. But thinking about how his bird was headshot just now, he couldn’t help but feel out of breath.

Masahiko noticed that, smiled, then said to the three children by his side, “When the enemy on the other side is hesitant, you should be the one making a decision for him. Have you mastered the magical skills I’ve taught you before?”

“Magical Skills?”

“Buddha’s Finger, and the Lion Roar.” Masahiko reminded him.

Karin’s face turned dark, and she took two steps back, “I don’t remember you teaching us those skills.”

Haku also resisted, but Kimimaro was eager to try, which made Masahiko sigh. It seems that he has to do it himself. He’s the best at irritating others…

Masahiko took a few steps forward, weighed the slingshot in his hand, and said with a smile, “Boy, fat is what made us meet her. Let’s have lunch together. Your bird can’t die in vain. How about some Kari?

As soon as his voice fell, there was a group of cute exploding little animals in front of Masahiko.

Little spiders, little birds, little grasshoppers, little centipedes…

After stepping back, Masahiko motioned to Haku to “deal” with him again. While watching the battle quietly, he murmured softly, “Deidara is too young now, and it seems that he still can’t powerful explosions.”

“Kai! Kai! Kai!!” Deidara kept shouting. In order to prevent Haku from freezing all of his explosives, he chose to detonate them from a long distance, which made Haku quite confused.

“God?” Kimimaro said eagerly from the side. This kid has surely inherited the blood of Kaguya’s warriors, and it seems that he saw in Deidara a worthy opponent.

Masahiko nodded, “Haku, come back! Kimimaro, I chose you!”

Haku retreated slightly embarrassed, and Kimimaro rushed up straight.

Deidara hesitated, then turned his head and ran.

Kimimaro frowned, stretched his right hand forward, slightly hooked his index finger, and shouted, “Get over here!”
(T/N: Scorpion’s famous move in the Mortal Kombat games.)

Deidara stumbled: “Idiot! You think you could get me with that?! Don’t you let me see you again!”

“Puff…” Masahiko laughed. Karin helplessly covered her forehead, thinking that Masahiko was really a bad influence on Kimimaro and he’s going to ruin his cool side.

Kimimaro turned around, looking a bit disappointed, “I thought I had him. God, this isn’t easy to use.”

Masahiko forced a smile out and said, “It’s okay. Didn’t he almost fall just now? Anyway, you must go after him.”

The three kids heard that and were about to leave when Masahiko motioned them to stop. The three looked at him feeling puzzled, and Masahiko turned around and pointed to the jungle behind them.

After a while, an eight or nine-year-old girl with short black hair and gray-black pupils emerged from the jungle. She was stared at by Masahiko’s group, and her expression tightened slightly, “Have you seen big brother Deidara? He was riding a giant white bird that I saw flying over here.”

Masahiko smiled, “I saw him. He went over there.” Masahiko pointed his finger in the direction she came from.

“Damn it, how did I miss him? Thank You, Red-haired uncle!” The girl turned and ran.

The three kids behind Masahiko looked at each other, then Karin hesitated before saying, “She… didn’t hear the explosion just now? How didn’t she notice the traces of the battle? There was half a bird thrown there just in front of her!”

Masahiko smiled and turned around, “You have to pretend to be stupid when you think it’s the best option. You guy should study harder, didn’t I teach you anything? Let’s go. If you don’t start chasing him, you won’t catch up!”

The three kids quickly followed, and Karin reacted, “Damn it, she pretended like she didn’t see anything!”

“On the journey, you’re going to meet a lot of Shinobi, and most of them are going to be Iwagakure ninjas. This time you guys saw how strong that kid was, right? Your strength is only good among your peers. You’re not invincible. You need to work harder!”

Talking and laughing on the way, the group chased all the way, passing by a giant tree. Masahiko barely managed to hide his smile, then signaled Karin to be careful.

Behind that giant tree, Deidara le out a sigh of relief when he saw how the group failed to notice him, “What a pain! These bastards won’t leave me alone!”

Deidara was gonna try heading back to retrieve the giant bird’s half body. There wasn’t enough clay to make a flying bird, so he couldn’t escape far away.

However, his plan succeeded now, so he shouted, “Kai!”

Several small fireballs exploded around him, then Deidara started moving again.

“Taste my art! That’s what you take for chasing me! You better learn from this!” Deidara pumped his chest as he said.

Masahiko looked at his smoky little face, smiled, and said, “Although I have different views on art, I do consider myself an artist.”

“Hey! Only explosions are true art! What art do you know?”

Masahiko smiled: “Art, I should be… a performance artist.”