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L.L.H: Chapter 361: It’s Another Spring Coming

Masahiko’s strategy was half successful.

At least Konan is not refusing; she just blushed and ran away… By the way, she glared at Nagato, who was smirking beside her, as she ran out.

“Okay, stop smiling like an idiot.” Masahiko scolded him, “It’s been a year. Why didn’t you two make any progress? Do you need Sensei’s help?”

Nagato scratched his head, “But Sensei… Konkona, she won’t let me rap.

Masahiko replied helplessly, “Then you just deal with it! Is rap more important than Konan? If it’s yes, then go ahead and marry Killer Bee.”

Nagato thought about gentle Konan and then thought of ‘greasy’ Killer Bee and shivered slightly… Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with Nagato’s aesthetics.

This conversation ended there since Masahiko wanted to know more about the situation in Konoha.

Nagato knew what Masahiko was about to ask, so he took the initiative to speak: “The Senju and the Uchiha are still arguing over the ownership of Uchiha Sasuke. They are only verbal. They didn’t do anything yet, nor did they reach a result.”

Masahiko nodded slightly, “I see. The Senju is probably waiting for the situation to change, for Kagami to age, or Itachi to grow up.”

Nagato hesitated, “Sensei, I think you seem to have overlooked Sasuke’s feelings….”

Masahiko was startled, “Why? What does he feel?”

Nagato nodded, “Think about. if someone suddenly wanted you to change your name….”

“Who dares? This ancestor will cut him to pieces.” Masahiko spoke subconsciously and then froze, “You mean Sasuke will hate the Uchiha?”

Nagato shook his head, “I’m more worried that he will hate you who made this agreement in the first place.”

Masahiko smiled, “Then it doesn’t matter, that guy will always end up hating someone, it better be me, so he can set a high goal, which is conducive to his growth. My naïve stupid Kohai, if you wish to kill me, hate me, despise me, and survive in an unsightly way… Run away, Run away and cling to life… and then one day, when you have the same eyes as I do… Cough, strength, come after me.”

Nagato: ”???”

Masahiko pondered, “You think if I run to Sasuke and said such a thing, will he grow faster?”

Nagato didn’t know what to say…

Masahiko smiled. He was just joking. Sasuke isn’t even qualified to be his ‘naïve stupid Kohai.’
(T/N: Kohai: Junior.)

“So I need to consider his feelings? Well, I’ll pay this matter much more attention when I visit Konoah next time.” Masahiko added.


After saying goodbye to Nagato, Masahiko headed back to the village for Ramen. Kimimaro and Haku have eaten drunk enough and are now telling Sara about their journey.

“Father, you’re here.” Sara Smiled.



The two children got up.

Masahiko smiled back: “You guys keep talking. I’m going to cook some Ramen.”

Sara was taken aback, “You….”

“Don’t worry, I can handle myself.” Masahiko waved his hand.

In no time, the ingredients were ready. Masahiko made himself a bowl of Miso Ramen then walked out carrying it with both hands.

Sara sniffed lightly, “It smells good, father.”

“That’s natural.” Masahiko smiled and felt like have finally redeemed himself after he lost the dumplings challenge during New Year Eve last year.

“You really had a great time during this journey.” Sara suddenly sighed softly.

Masahiko was taken aback and put down the noodles he had just picked up: “Do you want to go out and wander around? There’s no need to trap yourself in the Ramen Shop all the time.”

“In a few years,” Sara replied.

“You will be old by then, if not crazy.”

Sara smiled and shook her head, “Father, I’m not even 30 yet.”

“You’re almost 30?” Masahiko paused, “My daughter is very young; she looks like 23 or 24 years old girl.”

Sara shook her head and laughed, “Eat your Ramen.”

Masahiko smiled and picked up the chopstick again. Since his Cooking Skills reached LV, this was the first time he cooks Ramen. The taste of the Ramen he ate half a year ago is still fresh in his memory.

“Well, it tastes good.” Masahiko took a big bite, “It’s better than Sara’s Ramen, but… why doesn’t it seem to be as good as Teuchi? He’s an LV10 Chef? What a joke, that’s impossible it must be that the mood there is different….”


Life in the Land of Uzumaki is always very peaceful, far away from all disturbances.

All that Masahiko do there is teaching Kimimaro and the other two, talk with his daughter, chat with others, and then eat and sleep.

During this period, there was only one episode: the promotion of “Masahiko Martial Art.”

After a long period of practice, Haku and Kimimaro mastered his special set of Taijutsu skills proficiently, and the effect was good.

Therefore Masahiko conducted pilot teaching among the first-year children of the Ninja Academy.

For some “special reasons,” Haku wasn’t suitable for teaching those kids. Masahiko asked Kimimaro to “lead the exercises,” and the children in the first grade have since then given an extra set of “Taijutsu Exercises” to learn.

There are some unexpected gains from this incident, and Karin now has unexpectedly gained a bunch of rivals… the “handsome guy” was the speak of every little girl.

Masahiko expressed his love to hear such a thing, at least this one won’t die a loner.

Kushina’s family only returned when the New Year was about to pass. Naruto has grown a lot, but he’s still very helpless in front of Masahiko… shouting “Ouch” every time Masahiko used his slingshot and bouncing from pain was basically all he did all night.

Toneri also came with Kushina and the others. For more than half a year, he was “fostered” by Masahiko in the Senju Clan. Fortunately, he’s a very independent child, and Mikoto was also good to him…

Masahiko asked Toneri curiously about the results of stalking Hinata. He was very shy at first and then vowed that he will succeed someday… It wasn’t clear to Masahiko who gave him the courage.

In addition, Naruto and Toneri seemed to be at a loss. It seemed that both hated Sasuke in Konoha, and when Naruto came here, he started to pick fights with Toneri.

Masahiko thought that he was missing Sasuke and then realized that Naruto is generally uncomfortable with people who are handsome than him… It seems that people who are handsome than him are always better.

“I can’t keep this going. Naruto’s self-confidence will be hit infinitely. Naruto needs to be given a push so that he can surpass Sasuke soon. But what can make him strive? Well, speaking of pushing….”

“Little fox, what are you trembling for in my stomach?” Kushina’s voice came, interrupting Masahiko’s deep thinking.

“Probably someone thought about him,” Masahiko said with a smile.

Kushina looked confused, shook her head, and continued to hang up the decorations in her hand. They were working on decorating the Ramen restaurant.

This year’s celebration isn’t large. Without Nagaot and Minato here, Masahiko decided to have a reunion dinner at the Ramen restaurant.

Under the command of Masahiko, Kushina, Konan and Sara worked as a team for a while before finally setting up the Ramen Restaurant.

A few snowflakes floated beautifully outside the window. Masahiko suddenly sighed, walked to the door of the shop, and stood with his hand extended.

“It’s another spring, and I will be 123 years old soon.” Masahiko shook his head and smiled, “123 isn’t enough, I have to fight to live to 12345, and then I die fighting a tiger….”