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L.L.H: Chapter 65: I Have a Special Way to Prevent The Battle of The Valley of the End

Masahiko wanted to convince himself to go with the flow, “let it go,” he told himself, let everything go according to its natural course. But deep inside his heart, he wants to stop the Valley of the end’s battle from happening.

He already gets used to seeing Madara around, they spent many years together. And even though, he was The Uchiha Madara, even though he fought him for three times, Masahiko didn’t want to see Madara fall to the dark path, he didn’t want it to end that way. As for the witness points, currently, it didn’t seem to be that important to him…

Since the graduation incident, Masahiko has been strolling in Konoha from time to time. Many times he met the Uchiha clan, and many times when he was feeling well, he made fun of them. He crossed the road with Haru Uchiha on several occasions, but the former seemed to ignore him.

Masahiko intended to show people that the Uchiha is not as bad as they seem by playing tricks and interacting with them sometimes. But it doesn’t seem to be very efficient.

Four years have passed since he came to Konoha, and somehow he heard a rumor that was circulating between the villagers for some time, “Those Uchiha, even elder Masahiko despise them very much.”

These rumors make Masahiko feel bad and laugh at the same time. These rumors mean that he’s highly regarded between the villagers, and his methods were falsely translated by the villagers.

“It seems as if fearing the Uchiha has been printed deep in their hearts?!”

But failing once doesn’t mean the end of the world, Masahiko was gonna try another plan, but he was stopped by Hashirama who came to find him.

“Second Grandpa, I heard recently that you have some issues with the Uchiha…” Hashirama’s words got cut short, he didn’t know what he should say…

“Uh!” Masahiko interrupted him, then rolled his eyes, saying, “Don’t you think Madara has been acting awkward since he came back las time, I was just testing some things to see his reaction.”

Hashirama seems like he has realized something, “Hmmm… I also think that he’s not like usual… But I don’t care, what you’re doing is not right.”

At that time, Hashirama couldn’t think positivity of Masahiko’s methods…

Masahiko couldn’t change the Village’s feelings about the entire Uchiha Clan, but he could try to change their impression on Uchiha Madara, the head clan.

And that’s when an idea of a book came to Masahiko, which he spent a month to write it. The book was initially titled “Uchiha Madara, The Autobiography.” Masahiko used Madara as the narrator and wrote about his experience, his life, how he cared about Hashirama and regarded him as a brother, so the villagers would know more about Madara, to make them less fearful of him. As a result, Masahiko became more biased while writing it, and the book became more like, “Brother Control, Uchiha Madara, The Autobiography.” Masahiko felt like he got influenced while writing it, by some of the other Ecchi animes he watched in his previous life… Fortunately, this is not the age of the literate; the spread wasn’t wide enough to cause any troubles…

(T/N: Brother Control is one of the many specialized terms of “Incest.” In Japanese, the prefix is “Con” used to refer to something extreme. “Brother Control” is the complex of falling in love with a sibling.)

Even so, after the book was published, Madara seems to be less frequent to show himself in the streets. Some of the Uchiha Clansmen have even looked at him strangely and unfriendly.

Masahiko later discovered his mistake and wanted to correct his mistake; that’s when a second idea for a book came to him…

The title of this new book was “The Dream Of One Village.” Masahiko started from the very beginning when Madara first met Hashirama. His original intention was to explain that the establishing of Konoha wasn’t only Hashirama’s idea, but the two shared the same dream and worked hard for it to come true.

But… While Masahiko was writing, it changed again and became more like “The Story of love and killing between Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara.” Now the villagers looked at Hashirama strangely too.

Masahiko still hasn’t given up yet and prepared to write his third book titled “Uchiha, The Family of Love,” which tells the truth of the Uchiha Clan in detail, so that the villagers can better understand the Uchiha Clan more.

But he got unexpectedly stopped by Hashirama, who came hurriedly to find him.

“Second Grandpa…” Hashirama held the two books in his hands crying. “What are you doing? What are you doing?”

Masahiko smiled in guilty conscience, “Didn’t this grandpa’s methods made your relationship with Madara closer…?”

Hashirama haplessly said, “Second Grandpa… I don’t think you’re good at writing books.”

Masahiko shook his head tend to struggle, “Wait, I’m halfway for the final chapter of the trilogy. I’m willing to work harder…”

“Big brother! Grandpa! Stop this nonsense, there’s something more important that we have to deal with.” Tobirama said as he stormed into the room.

“What’s the matter?” Hashirama asked.

“The first Tsuchikage of Iwagakure will pass his mantle to the next generation. The new Tsuchikage decided to come to our Village to sign the shinobi alliance treaty. It’s estimated that he will reach our Village in three or four days.” Tobirama explained.

Hashirama looks happy, “Is it the initiative to sign the treaty? It seems that he shares our peaceful ideals.”

“Second Grandpa, forget about your book,” Hashirama said. “Prepare to welcome the Second Tsuchikage!”

“Hmmm… It feels like his arrival is a bit too late… Have I changed something about this earlier?” Masahiko thought about it, then nodded to Hashirama in agreement.

Although he said he will not continue writing, after returning to his house, he immediately started writing. The newest book didn’t really have much content. It’s just a brief introduction to the origins of the Uchiha and the nature of their love. The so-called alienation is because people don’t understand the Uchiha, and Masahiko wanted to change people’s perspective on the Uchiha.

He thought he could finish it before the arrival of the Second Tsuchikage. However, it didn’t appear to be the case, and Masahiko had to go to the Hokage Building to welcome them.

Upon arriving, he saw some familiar face there; one of them was the young Onoki, the guy who will become the Third Tsuchikage.

At the same time, at the Uchiha clan.

Madara was sitting in the living room, holding the two books which were given to him by Haru Uchiha. After looking at the first book, his face turned dark.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Haru then replied, “Patriarch, I just heard about this from the clansmen. These two books were published not long ago. The first one was published a month ago, and the second one was published a week ago.”

Madara felt anger in his heart. He remembers how the villagers suddenly started giving him weird looks a month ago. He thought that the villager despised him, now he knew the real reason.

“Who the hell did write these books?”

Haru then answered, “I don’t really know… But I believe there are not many people who know about your relationship with Hashirama and your little brother Izuna.”

Madara’s face changed again, now it’s colored with anger and confusion, “What do you mean by my relation with Hashirama?” He then quickly took the second book and opened it.

After a short while, he gritted his teeth, “Old man! There’s no one bold enough to write this except you!”

The first book is fine if you try to look at it from another perspective, but the second one is totally unbearable!

“Old man, I will grant you your death wish…”

At this time, Masahiko and Hashirama were taking the Tsuchikage out. The treaty was successfully signed. And the first shinobi alliance was made.

At that time, Masahiko was still unaware that Madara was already stretching his body, ready for payback…

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