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L.L.H: Chapter 70: A Boring Wedding

The villagers didn’t know that Hashirama was living in a dire strait when the news of the marriage got spread across Konoha.

At the Akimichi’s barbeque stall, Hashirama set there for a long time waiting for Masahiko to finish eating.

Looking at Hashirama’s face, Masahiko smiled, “What’s wrong? The last time you asked me to eat with you was when you wanted Madara to be the Hokage, what troubles you this time?”

When he mentioned Madara, Hashirama became even gloomier, then sighed with no explanation.

Masahiko smiled and said, “It was impossible last time. But you have to believe that you can rely on this Grandpa on other things. Just tell me, and I will give you ideas.”

Hashirama kept looking at the empty plates that filled the table, which made Masahiko really anxious. He thought about it for a moment, then said: “Is it about Kenji’s marriage?”

“Six years ago, I agreed on the Daimyo’s proposal to marry our child, you were also present at the time, Second Grandpa. And since Tobirama was also there, I thought he would talk to Mito about this, but…”

“After a few weeks, I forgot about it completely. Now that the rumor of the Marriage is already spread…” Hashirama sighed again.

Masahiko just smiled and shook his head. “How did you even forget to tell Mito about this, how can you forget such important things?”

“Too late…” Hashirama looked stern, “You know I didn’t tell her… Why remind me before Grandpa?”

“Ah, Haha…” Masahiko laughed stressfully, “Don’t you think you’re blaming the wrong person?”

Hashirama shook his head, then let out another long sigh.

Masahiko patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t be so sad, you still have me, don’t you? I will just talk to Mito…”

After Masahiko said that and left, Hashirama felt relieved. However, at checkout…

No matter how fat the Hokage’s wallet is, the amount that Masahiko has eaten was too expensive even for him, and especially at the Akimichi’s barbeque stall.

While Hashirama was having a tangled expression while checking out, Masahiko was already in front of Mito’s house.

Masahiko knocked on the door, and Mito welcomed him in. She was 40 years old now, but she still had her young-looking face. The diamond-shaped mark on her forehead was darker, and she still bears a gentle smile.

She didn’t wait for Masahiko to speak and took the initiative to say, “Second Grandpa, I know you coming here to intercede for Hashirama. Tell him I’m not too angry about this, you can come home.”

“I know it’s for forging a stronger relationship between the village and the Country of Fire. But as his mother, I should have been informed about this, Hashirama didn’t tell me anything…”

Masahiko scratched his head, he could feel how Mito was holding her displease while talking to him. However, as Masahiko already promise Hashirama to help him, he wanted to at least talk with her. Just when Masahiko was about to open his mouth, Mito interrupted him again.

“Fortunately, Kenji doesn’t have a girl that he likes. If he does have, than this can be troublesome. Second Grandpa, tell Hashirama that I will forgive him, but only this time. Tell him, do not make a habit out of this!” With that being said, Masahiko found himself out of the house, with the door shut on his face.

Standing in front of that closed door, Masahiko could only smile bitterly. How did Mito become so powerful like this? She even managed to make Hashirama, the God of Shinobi, tremble in fear. Hashirama’s life must be hard inside these walls…

“I didn’t even have the chance to say a word, and I was already out?” Masahiko shook his head with a bitter smile, but after a while, he looked happy again.

“Why do I care? I earned a good barbecue out of this… For nothing… Probably?!”

Ten minutes later, Masahiko found depressed Hashirama again, then smiled, “What? You’re still thinking about your wallet? Don’t you worry, Grandpa didn’t eat all that barbecue for nothing! After I used all of my persuading skills, Mito finally forgave you! But she asked me to tell you that she let this pass, but only for this time, don’t make a habit out of this!”

Hashirama was overjoyed; he thanked him again and again, to the point that he didn’t notice Masahiko’s wry smile.

Hokage-Sama finally solved his family affair. And the preparation for Kenji marriage has been put on the agenda.

Although this world is dominated by ninja, Kenji’s status as the eldest son of the village chief is as same as a noble, or even a prince.

But… How do you explain it,
In some ways, Naruto world is not different from the modern society, more people means more mouth to feed, more mouth to feed means more farm needed, more farm needed means more worker, and the list just goes on and on… Infrastructure, development, and stuff like those need monies to be developed, and so Konoha during its seven-years of development asked financial aid from the Country of Fire each year.

Therefore, this event was more than just a wedding to the Land of Fire, it was a crucial matter that needed to be handled with curious. Which made Masahiko wonder why he didn’t been asked to be one of the “Best Men.”

“You’re fine, you don’t need to overthink about this, they will ask you eventually.” Masahiko told himself, “You’re still his great-grandpa…”

However, Masahiko couldn’t hold it any longer and went crying to Tobirama, who seems busy preparing for the marriage, “Please spare us the embracement, Grandpa. People are still talking about my brother’s wedding to this day… And of all people, you’ve made host it…”

Masahiko felt embarrassed; no wonder no one came to him. This was the reason…

“Twenty years have passed. How can you still hold a grudge? I was just young and stubborn at the time… I’ve changed, please believe me” Obviously, Masahiko wasn’t gonna just admit it.

However, it didn’t matter what Masahiko gonna say, Tobirama wasn’t gonna let him get involved, and just left him hanged there with this sentence, “You didn’t change a bit…”

The wedding was held as planned in early June of the seventh year since the establishment of Konoha. The Daimyo came to Konoha again with his new 18-guardian ninja escorting him.

Masahiko reluctantly sat in his seat while looking bored and watched this old fashioned wedding. The background of the wedding had only a few Sakura trees. As always, anything Tobirama handles becomes somehow boring…

The 20-year old Kenji looked handsome, and the 16-year old bride of his has also looked beautiful with her blond hair waving.

“The hair is blond. She’s the one, but man this wedding…”

Masahiko was too disappointed with this wedding, he kept looking at Hashirama and the Daimyo sitting on the main seat, then he walked a few steps and patted his shoulder, “Isn’t the wedding very boring? Why give it to Tobirama, not this Grandpa, I could have made this wedding a blast!”

Hashirama smiled wryly. The Daimyo looked at Masahiko, then said, “You! I remember you… You are… the 108-stars of destiny! How long has it been, your appearance didn’t change a bit after all these years. How did you do it?” The 50 years old Daimyo looked older than Masahiko and thought that Masahiko is using some kind of a Transformation Technique.

Masahiko glanced at the Daimyo, then smiled awkwardly, “Ah, haha…” Then turned away with a dark face and sat back.

Hashirama repeatedly apologized to the Daimyo and explain the situation…

“108-stars of destiny… Will he ever forget about that stuff? This Daimyo! Is he planning on making that mistake the taint of my life?”

Although Masahiko felt that this wedding was very boring without his “creative touch,” the crowd seemed very excited and talked a lot.

Even the shinobi were longing for this feeling of peace, and naturally, the citizens even more.

“After the marriage of the Hokage’s son and the daughter of the Daimyo, the Land of Fire and Konoha will thrive more peaceful…” The villagers’ discussions were filled with hope.

“Huuh, when will this boring wedding ends?” Masahiko sighed.

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