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L.L.H: Chapter 88: Chakra Diffusion Cannon

“You can rest assured, no one will dare to harm you on our watch!”

These were two new bodyguards that are following Masahiko all the time now.

He was also followed by a dozen people, civilians, ninjas, of all kinds of ages, who were gnashing their teeth at Masahiko, however, every time they wanted to approach him, they got blocked by these two bodyguards.

Masahiko looked behind him, then sighed, “I’m so stupid, really…”

That day after he had lunch at noon, Masahiko found about this gambling house owned by the Silver and Gold Brothers. He got overjoyed and wanted to empty the casino’s money in his pocket, in order to get under the brothers’ skin. As a result, after gambling all afternoon, Masahiko won tens of millions of Ryos of the following ten people, and also gained the friendship of the casino.

“You thought winning too much will cause them a problem?” Masahiko scolded himself, “Well, think again…”

In the afternoon, Masahiko checked the casino again to find out that the dealers don’t participate in the gambling, they only draw and manage the game.

Therefore, Masahiko’s winning streak was welcomed warmly by the casino, because the more he won, the more achievements they make.

“This place is a gambling den! I used to hang with Hashirama all the time in such places…” Masahiko thought to himself, then looked at the two bodyguards behind him, twitching his mouth, “But these guys are even providing protection…”

After they reached Masahiko’s hotel, the two bodyguards kept shoving and warning people to move aside. The moment he reached his room, Masahiko quickly walked in and closed the door behind him, then took a deep breath.

“It seems that the plan of the casino is not working…” Masahiko was preparing to get into the hot spring again.

“The hell is with this casino. Who in the world provides protection and security, so he can make more money? It’s better to gamble at home…”

“Oh? Maybe not…” Suddenly Masahiko thought of something.

“ I remember that Tsunade once in the anime was chased for a gambling debt, so this proves that the casino also provides loans?”

Masahiko punched his palm with excitement. Up until this day, Masahiko called himself a god when it came to gambling, he really forgot how to lose.

“If I end up owing a lot of money to the casino, I’m afraid that someone will finally come out to stop me.”

The next day, Masahiko woke up and stretched his body, saying, “another wonderful day…” Masahiko glanced left then right and sighed, “It would be better if no one was actually watching me…”

“Let’s go and lose some money!” Masahiko murmured then walked to the casino again.

The staff in the casino clearly recognized him, and as soon as he entered, they warmly welcomed him.

However, after two hours,
Masahiko didn’t only lose the money he won yesterday, but he also lost the five million Ryo he got from the little old man.

Although it was to make him in debt on purpose, Masahiko still felt distressed.

After losing all of his money, Masahiko waved his hand to the staff.

Sure enough, these people looked at him indifferently now. Masahiko didn’t really care about it anyway. He just smiled and said, “I got a knack of winning yesterday, but today I lost a few coins… Maybe you can lend me some in advance, I will win it back in no time. How about that?”

The man in charge gave Masahiko a dread look as if he wanted to say, “I used to be a gambler like you.”

Then he said, “You can take a loan, but we need a mortgage as collateral.”

Masahiko got stunned, he didn’t know if he should be happy or sad about this, but either way, he said, “Okay then, what kind of collateral do you need?”

The man looked at Masahiko’s waist, where his sword was hanging.

“Okay, but this is my personal weapon. Please keep it safe for me…”

The sword only gained him one million Ryo, which Masahiko managed to lose in half an hour.

Masahiko then called the guy again and pretended to be depressed.

“Can you lend me some more? I have a feeling that I will win next…”

“And the collateral?”

Masahiko sighed, “I don’t have anything valuable right now… I’m making myself collateral, if I can’t return the money then I will become a janitor for the casino, how about that?”

The steward looked at Masahiko, then shook his head and said, “Those who can’t pay back the loan are usually sent to the mine.”

“Mining?” Masahiko murmured. “Is the Kumogakure Mine also belongs to your casino?”

The steward glared at him, “It belongs to the two elders.”

Masahiko frowned. Didn’t mind mining since he was really good at it, but it won’t serve him well to be remote from the village.

“Mining, forging, Mustache…” Masahiko seemed like he realized something.

“I’m an LV8 Blacksmith, it’s quite rare to have such a level you know…” Masahiko then said, “Do you guys need a blacksmith?”

The manager felt confused, “What’s an LV8 Blacksmith? Well, the blacksmithing room is really short of manpower these two days. If you’re good enough, you can work there to pay your debt…”

Masahiko nodded with satisfaction… then he suddenly felt that something is wrong, “Hey! I haven’t lost it yet! Why are you acting like you guys already owe me?”

The manager shook his head, then smirked. He handed Masahiko another one million Ryo, then stood there waiting for him to lose it, which made Masahiko feel like punching him in the face.

But in the end, Masahiko held it back, “Tobirama… Too-biiii-raaa-maaaa… I’m sacrificing a lot to save you this time…”

In fact, at this time, Masahiko started to hold a grudge against the village. This was no longer for the sake of Tobirama only.

As soon as he got the money, Masahiko lost it all, then he got sent to the forge house to pay off his debt.

The moment Masahiko entered the forge house, he sensed a stream heat on his face. A shirtless man then came out and said, “Is it another debtor? Why is he here?”

The two obviously knew each other, and the manager said, “He said that he can forge weapons and such, and I heard you need more people, so I’ve brought him here. It will take him two years to pay for his debts.”

The big man frowned and hesitated for a moment, “Okay then, actually two days ago, the two elders called some blacksmiths to make some Chakra Diffusion Cannons. We are barely able to supply daily tools.”

Masahiko entered, then began to look around, still, he couldn’t find Moustache or anyone he knows from the caravan. However, there was something else filling his mind at the time, “Cannon? What kind of cannon? There’s such thing in Naruto World? Is Kumogakure actually advanced in such technology?”

At the same time in Raikage building…

The second Raikage was frowning, listening to the report from the Anbu, then he went silent for a while.

“You mean, Minato is now indebted to the casino? And he got sent to the forging house instead of the mine… to pay his debt?”

“Yes, sir!”

“And his sword got confiscated by the casino?”

“Yes, sir!”

“According to B, he’s a ninja that uses a sword…” The Second Raikage secretly wondered, “Is it really because of gambling? Or is it…”

“Go and call B!” Raikage said.

“Yes, sir!”

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