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L.L.H: Chapter 99: Legacy of Cliff Jumping

“Ugh… I’m not dead?” The person who has just jumped from the cliff said.

Masahiko frowned; the man’s voice seemed familiar to him.

“You are not dead, but I’m almost! You’re crushing this old man to death!”

“Ah! Sorry!” The person who was lying on Masahiko quickly stood up and reached with his hand to help Masahiko stand up.

When Masahiko saw the man, he was surprised, Uchiha Kagami!

“Grandpa, are you okay?” Kagami’s eyes were closed, but he looked really worried.

Masahiko grabbed Kagami’s hand and stood up. Then he said, “I’m fine, boy, did something happen to your eyes?”

Kagami smiled, “I’m fine!”

Masahiko asked again, “Did you commit suicide because of your blindness?”

Kagami shook his head, then he moved back a little, and performed a hand sign when he hit the ground with his palm, a series of seals appears, and a crack in the ground opened.

A box appeared inside that crack, Kagami took it out and opened it, inside the box, there was a pair of eyes with Sharingan patterns.

Kagami then took the eyes and put them inside his eyes socket, restoring his vision.

“So the Sharingan is that easily detachable?” Masahiko felt confused.

“Grandpa, you somehow look familiar.” Kagami wondered.

Masahiko waved his hand. “Maybe we’ve met before… Are you from Uchiha clan? Did you remove your eyes before committing suicide? Why did you do that?” Masahiko though that someone was after his Sharingan.

“Originally, I intended to use my death as a wake-up call to my three friends, but I didn’t expect to be saved by you. Maybe its god’s will, so maybe I shouldn’t take my life with my own hands.”

Masahiko frowned; Kagame gave him a lot of information from that sentence.

“Three friends, it must be Hiruzen and Danzo, and the other one Torifu Akimichi? So now the three of them are fighting for the Hokage position? Kagami’s father must have forced him to become the next Hokage, so he tried to end the conflict by dying?” Masahiko thought.

The more he thinks about it, the more this event feels similar to another one.

“In the original story, Shisui decided to commit suicide, to stop conflicts, and entrusted Itachi with the mission of ending the battle between the Uchiha and Konoha… There are some similarities.”

Thinking about this, Masahiko has almost laughed out loud, “Isn’t Uchiha Shisui, the elder son of Kagami? What is this? The Suicide Squad?”

, Kagami suddenly said, “This time, I will go back and convince my father, the four of us shouldn’t fight, but we must work together!”

“A common external? The Sarutobi, Shimura, Uchiha, Nara, which one is right, the Senju?” Masahiko had an ominous feeling.

“Boy, I’m going to Konoha too, but my legs are hurt, can you help me?” Masahiko said tremblingly.

Kagami nodded, but he started to be more vigilant around Masahiko. The man saved his life, and made him somehow comfortable, then extracted a lot of information from him, now that he thought about it, no ordinary man would have survived from that hit, but Masahiko was fine, and now he’s saying he his legs are hurt… Everything about Masahiko seemed suspicious to Kagami.

Kagami carried Masahiko all the way to the main entrance. When the guards saw Masahiko with Kagami, they didn’t ask any question and let them in.

“Grandpa, let’s go to my house and take good care of your wounds,” Kagami said so he could keep an eye on Masahiko.

Masahiko didn’t hesitate and nodded with a smile, “Let’s go!” Thinking, “Sneaking into the Uchiha Clan… This is so exciting!”

When they reached Kagami’s home, they found Izumi there pacing back and forth in front of the door, and when he saw them, he quickly said, “Kagami! You’re finally back, I was worried…”

Without waiting for Kagami to answer, he suddenly said, “Grandpa Masahiko? You’re still alive?”

Masahiko’s face turned pale, it was good that Kagami didn’t recognize him, but Izumi did from a glance.

“He doesn’t even know me that well…” Masahiko sighed.

Ten minutes later, in one of the rooms inside Izumi’s house.

“The Lord Second is alive? That’s good…” Izumi breathed a sigh of relief.

Masahiko frowned, then asked, “How come you didn’t look relieved when you know that I’m alive? I’m sorry to you, but I’m not dead, and I’m happy about it!”

Izumi answered hesitantly, “It… It’s not like that, it just, that… when I first found out that you’re alive, I was afraid now that the position of the Hokage will certainly belong to the Uzumaki. It’s better to keep the Second Hokage than have Gensuke as a ruler.”

“Gensuke?” Masahiko wondering. “When did he became so important that you of all people think he has an advantage as a candidate?”

“Well, he has you, you’re three disciples to help him, and Mito… Mito-Sama, with her voice he became highly considered to be the next Hokage. Adding you, I’m afraid…”

“Wait, wait, wait…” Masahiko hurriedly interrupted, “My disciples’ support is depended on whether the man is capable of the job, the only one who will support him no matter what is Nanako, his wife, but did you just say Mito-Sama?”

You must know that the only people who are addressed this way in Konoha Hashirama and Madara. Even Masahiko didn’t have such treatment. But he has just said Mito-Sama, and he said it like he really means it…

Izumi smiled bitterly, “You don’t know yet. When you and Lord Second were fighting in Kumogakure. After you have gone missing for a long time, the small villages started to make their moves, and Mito-Sama went to the battlefield against Sunagakure and defeated them in one day. Some people now are calling her the Goddess of Shinobi…”

Masahiko was puzzled.

“Mito… She’s pregnant if I’m not wrong… right? Should be in the fourth or I forget how many months… She carried the baby inside her belly and managed to wipe the dessert with Sunagakure’s shinobi… in a day? Is the Sunagakure’s Shinobis are just a joke or something?”

Izumi also smiled again, “I didn’t believe it too. But according to the people who returned from that battlefield, Mito has mastered the power of Nine-tails completely. They said she transformed on the battlefield. Wearing golden-yellow coat, and in less than ten minutes, she defeated the Second Kazekage, and killed one of his elders…”

Masahiko was stunned; his mouth was wide open and twitching in surprise. Mito managed to perfectly control the Kyuubi’s Chakra, and awakened her Kyuubi Mode… Shouldn’t this be Naruto’s thing in the plot?

“Well, since she only has half of the Kyuubi’s Chakra in her body, she could control its Chakra. After all, Mito is talented, and the situation is different than the Original Story.”

Masahiko knew that when Mito married Hashirama at the age of 15 years old, she was already at the level of a Jonin, and since she’s 49 years old now, she must have become more powerful…

“I don’t think I can win against her now…”

“Lord Second is fine, and you’re not supporting the Gensuke to become the next Hokage, I’m relieved now, I really felt like jumping off a cliff recently…” Izumi whined.

Masahiko rolled his eyes.

“What the hell is wrong with this family?”

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