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LLH: Chapter 10: First Battle!

On the evening of the same day, the second elder returned from the Hyuga clan.

“They refused?… I had a feeling they will.” The patriarch sighed, and it didn’t go well.

“It seems their conflict with the Uchiha for these past few years really cost them a lot of casualties.” Masahiko said.

“It seems to be the case. If not, they wouldn’t have passed this good opportunity.” The patriarch felt helpless, “It seems that some of the casualties will be inevitable…”

“Don’t worry, this old man will protect our people.” Masahiko said as he tried to comfort the patriarch while pointing his thumb to himself.

The look the two of them have given him upon hearing him say these words made Masahiko’s suddenly turn red.

He turned then and exited the hall. While walking out, he said to himself, “I’m not the same Masahiko from a few years ago… This battle will surely surprise everyone.”

In the early morning of the following day, after eating breakfast, Masahiko rushed to the font of the assembly hall.

Many groups from the branch families have arrived, and surely more people were coming.

About half an hour later, the patriarch arrived, followed by the second and third elder.

The patriarch looked around and said, “Almost everyone is already gathered here. I don’t have much to say, just be safe.”

“I will hand over the commanding for this operation to the second elder.” The patriarch said as he looks at the second elder.

“You can count on me, Patriarch.” The second elder replied.

After the second elder and the patriarch finished exchanging a few words, they turned around to face the crowd and shout, “Let’s go!”

“Yes.” The shinobi troops answered in unison, then they marched to the eastern-field battlefield. Masahiko also went with them.

Masahiko investigated the troops, there are at least dozens of elite Jonin, two peak level Jonin, and at least hundreds of ordinary Jonin.

“It’s almost half of the manpower we have. It seems the clan really determines on punishing the Kaguya clan.” Masahiko thought.

They had to march a whole day until they arrived at the campground.

Along the way, Masahiko noticed a lot of Senju shinobi and Kaguya scouts, but he didn’t pay too much attention to them. Because during the war, enemies or ally’s shinobi will, of course, traverse here and there on the battlefield, especially now, when the Uzumaki clan dispatching hundreds of its shinobi, of course, it will attract attention.

When the marching shinobis got closer to the Senju clan camps, Hashirama and Tobirama took the initiative to meet the Uzumaki clan first.

“Thank you for the help, the Uzumaki clan hard work will not be forgotten. You can set your camp around here and take a rest, after dinner we’ll hold a war council with the elders.

After the dinner, the Uzumaki and Senju representative met. Shockingly to Masahiko and the Uzumaki elders, they found the east-elder of the Senju, Tobu lying on a bed with a lot of injuries.

“Heh… It seems that I’ve grown too old to handle such fierce battles.” The east-elder spoke slowly and weakly.

Unbeknownst to them, this morning, the Senju had a confrontation with the Kaguya clan. Both sides suffered casualties, it was a close battle. In the struggle, the Kaguya second elder and the other elders appeared. 

Hashirama and Tobirama barely manage to hold the enemy’s second elder, but the Tobu was defeated by the other Kaguya elders. This battle only lasted for 10 minutes.

“Hah… it seems I cannot catch up with the younger generation… damn those Kaguya. If it wasn’t for these two, I’m afraid I wouldn’t even be here talking to you.” Tobu seemed like he’s using all of his strength to speak, despite his weakened state, he looked at Hashirama, and Tobirama then smiled. It seems he’s delighted with the next generation of the Senju.

“Now that two of you are here, I can rest assured. I was worried the Kaguya might attack us tonight…” He seemed like he didn’t care that Masahiko was there.

Despite what Tobu has said, Tobirama already understands what kind of people Masahiko is in terms of combat. The experience he showed when fighting Madara two weeks ago and helping him with the Flying Thunder God technique, made him realize that Masahiko is not just an ordinary senile old man.

“This battle took an unexpected turn of event, I thought if we join force with the Senju, we will have an absolute advantage over the Kaguya, but…” Masahiko thought to himself.

He didn’t expect the Senju east-elder to get injured this bad. It will be troublesome, he thought. After the Uzumaki two elders finished their conversation with Senju Tobu, the two of them and Masahiko left the camp.

The Uzumaki troops were exhausted, they sleep early and soundly.

In the early morning, when the sun still didn’t rise. A loud noise woke Masahiko while he was half awake. 

A loud sound emitted from the outside of the camp. “Alert! The Kaguya Clan has attacked, prepare for battle!”

Masahiko was surprised. He jumped out of his bed. Surely the Kaguya already know about the alliance between the Senju and the Uzumaki. But the thing that troubled him “Why did the Kaguya dare to attack us?” They must have something up on their sleeves that Masahiko didn’t know.

When he left his room, he found that the Uzumaki second elder has already gathered the troop; the east elder also came with a guy who was helping him to walk.

After a few moments, the Kaguya already arrived in front of the coalition camp. But the patriarch wasn’t standing in the frontline.

“Damn You Kaguya. You dare to show your face here. Are you courting death?!” The east-elder shouted.

The Kaguya patriarch, Hirakimasu, standing in the third row, quickly ordered his men to charge against the coalition army.

“I’m going to kill you for real now, old dog (referring to the east-elder)!” Taketori Kaguya shouted loudly.

Tobu looked both worried and angry. Sure It will be hard to stop Taketori. Even when he wasn’t injured, he couldn’t manage to stand for five minutes against him.

The elders of the Uzumaki clan looked at each other, while they looked anxious, “Those damn madmen, they dispatched their entire forces in here! They left their clan defenseless, and they didn’t care at all!”

“Hashirama, you handle their patriarch. We’ll take care of the rest!” Senju’s second elder said to Hashirama.

“Wood-style: World of Trees Wall (Mokuton: JukaiHeki)” Without hesitation, Hashirama unleashed a Jutsu. The wooden wall is not aimed for attacking, only to halt the Kaguya clan charge. Although some of them manage to pass it.

Four of the Uzumaki elder quickly flickered to 4 different directions, forming a formation. Standing in each corner of the battlefield, the four of them perform a hand seal.

“Barrier-Jutsu: Four Violet Flames Formation.” The purple barrier trapped the charging Kaguya shinobi, separating them from their comrades.

“Good!” Tobu shouted, shoving the guy who was helping him stands. 

“Hashirama attack the patriarch. I’ll kill the other elders myself. I will never die like a useless old man, today I will die like a true ninja and stop these scums. Brothers! Slay the Kaguya Clan!” He shouted furiously, driven by his desire for revenge.

“Wait!” Tobirama interrupted, he looked at Masahiko and said, “Second Grandfather, can you handle the other elders?”

Masahiko nodded, “Don’t call me an Uzumaki If I can’t handle scrubs like them!”

Tobu look confused and mad because Tobirama stopped him from engaging the Kaguya elders.

But when he saw Masahiko in action…

Both of them exchanging blows rapidly. Masahiko was flashing around the battlefield using his Shuriken technique. The Elders were also formidable, with spikes, as sharp as blades but hard as stones, protruded out of their arms.

The clanging sounds between Mashiko Kunai and Kaguya Elders bone blades decorated on the battlefield. Mashiko threw some Rasengan, but he wasn’t fast enough to crush the Kaguya elders down. However, Masahiko has managed to hold them for a quite long time.

Although he didn’t understand what’s happening, seeing this made Tobu freeze, then he began to calm down and commanded the others to attack the remaining sides.

Due to the number difference, the Kaguya begin to suffer heavy losses.

“Damn! This barrier Ninjutsu, won’t trap me! Dance of Grass!” Realizing his imminent defeat, Taketori spawns hundreds of bones from the ground. The four Uzumaki elder got hit by these bones, and the barrier formation crumbled. Hashirama leaped to avoid this brutal technique.

The sun is about to rise, the bodies were scattered across the battlefield, one of the elders shouted to the Kaguya patriarch, “Patriarch, we lost too many shinobi. We have to retreat!” His shout broke the madness on the battlefield.

“Damn this… retreat!” Hirakimasu shouted loudly.

The Kaguya retreated.

After every single member of the Kaguya Clan left the battlefield. The Uzumaki and Senju dropped their guard, and sighed in relief, they really managed to hit the Kaguya Clan hard.

“Today’s battle is over.” Masahiko sighed, then he looked on the horizon.

“I wonder how many comrades I’ve lost today…”


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