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MWTT Chapter 16: Livestock

The strange girl who acted weirdly called herself Luo Yan Yin.

The wooden plaque she left behind could be taken by Luo Jing to White Tiger Hall to report or contact her.

Then, the strange girl left without staying long.

She came abruptly and left strangely.

Luo Jing looked at the wooden plaque in his hand, on which was carved the character “Yin,” which should be some kind of token of this little girl.

When she left, she casually said:

“If someone in the inner sect bothers you, you can mention my name.”

“But if you use my name to cause trouble, I’ll kill you first.”

Looking at the wooden plaque in his hand, Luo Jing muttered to himself.

“So am I now holding onto someone’s thigh?”

The token of a personal disciple, which could be used to mention her name when something happens.

This means that for the time being, no one in the inner sect should dare to bother Luo Jing.

But Luo Jing didn’t feel happy, only felt strange.

Where in the world can one get something for nothing?

All free gifts have already marked their price behind them.

As a personal disciple, even if she really values Luo Jing’s potential or talent, she cannot come in person.

Just give an order, and there will be maids and followers to find Luo Jing.

As a personal disciple, it is very demeaning to come in person to find a newly promoted inner sect disciple in a sense.

The little girl Luo Yan Yin didn’t hesitate to lower her status and personally come to find Luo Jing, which made Luo Jing feel uneasy.

Regardless of what the other party is plotting behind his back, for Luo Jing at this moment, it may not be a good thing.

He really needs to go hide in the mountains…

Luo Jing’s original plan was to stay in the mountains for two or three months to avoid trouble before returning.

But now, he has changed his plan – if possible, he hopes to stay in the mountains for a year or two.

Luo Jing quickly walked to Liu Yunshan’s residence and visited this senior brother who introduced him to the sect.

When the two met, Liu Yunshan was sitting at the door of the house, dipping a brush in colorful pigments and smearing a human figure on a pale, stiff paper.

Seeing Luo Jing’s curiosity, Liu Yunshan explained with a smile.

“This is the Soul Drawing Paper, a task I received from the White Tiger Hall.”

“The outer disciples catch living wild beasts and soak the paper in their blood to train them with spiritual energy.”

“And these soul drawing papers are used to draw souls with special formations and virtual soul energy.”

“When practicing alchemy, these soul drawing papers can be used instead of real souls.”

The techniques of the Soul Refining Sect in the realm of divine souls are unique in the world and rare for both righteous and evil paths. Many secret techniques and alchemy techniques within the sect require souls.

However, suitable souls are difficult to find – at least most inner disciples cannot afford real souls.

So the demand for soul drawing paper is very high among the inner disciples.

After learning about the existence of drawing soul paper, Luo Jing suddenly began to question whether the eight evil spirits in his Eight Ghost Chaotic Mind Formation were really human souls refined into them…

Luo Jing stayed with Liu Yunshan for a long time, inquiring in detail about many matters concerning the inner sect.

Among them, the most important was that senior disciple Luo Yan Yin.

According to Liu Yunshan, this sister Yan Yin had a rebellious and eccentric temperament and was somewhat famous on the Dawn Moon Peak.

Unlike other senior disciples, this Sister Yan Yin never accepted followers and always acted alone, without any taboos.

Even other senior disciples were quite wary of Sister Yan Yin.

After all, Luo Yan Yin never followed the rules, and her attacks were ruthless and merciless. If one offended her, one would be in trouble.

Upon hearing that Luo Jing had caught the attention of this senior disciple, Liu Yunshan was at a loss for words. He didn’t know whether to congratulate or console Luo Jing.

“But you should be the first follower that Sister Yan Yin has ever accepted,” Liu Yunshan said with a smile. “In the past, she never wanted any followers.”

The senior disciples on the Dawn Moon Peak would select some high-potential and high-cultivation disciples from among the inner sect as their attendants.

These senior disciples would need subordinates to serve them in the future, whether it was for power struggles or promotions. The sect also encouraged these senior disciples to compete with each other, as it was a kind of experience.

After receiving Luo Yan Yin’s token, theoretically speaking, Luo Jing became part of the Luo Yan Yin faction.

Although according to Liu Yunshan’s account, there were only two people in their faction, Luo Yan Yin and Luo Jing.

… It’s really strange.

Why did this little girl, who never took in followers, suddenly come looking for him?

Did something about him pique the interest of this strange little girl?

When he returned to his lodgings, Luo Jing buried the eight flagpoles underground according to the diagram shown in the formation map.

Finally, after activating the Eight Ghosts Chaotic Mind Formation, a faint, almost imperceptible layer of blood appeared in the air outside Luo Jing’s house.

Anyone who stepped into this area, apart from Luo Jing, would be attacked by the eight evil spirits.
Standing in the formation, Luo Jing sighed.

It was now sunset, and on the Dawn Moon Peak, it was even quieter than during the day.

Most disciples had returned to their own rooms and stopped going out.

But at the foot of the mountain, the outside world was lively and full of light.

During the day, the outside disciples had all kinds of odd jobs to do, but at night, they could indulge in pleasure.

In the open space at the foot of the mountain, there was a marketplace along the river, which was the golden paradise of the outside disciples, with many places of entertainment.

Many outside disciples invested the silver they earned doing odd jobs for the sect in the marketplace.

And this marketplace established by the sect, after earning money from the outer disciples, will distribute the money back to them in the form of wages.

Joining the outer sect of the Soul Refining Sect brings immense benefits to ordinary people. Not to mention the abundant spiritual energy in the outer sect, which makes cultivation much faster than in the outside world. Just the wages for doing odd jobs in the outer sect are already quite generous.

Many outer disciples can accumulate a huge sum of silver after spending twenty or thirty years in the mountains, even if they spend a lot of money in the marketplace every year. With that money, they can return to their hometowns and become wealthy landowners.

Cultivation at the third or fourth level of the Qi Refining Realm is quite common in the outer sect of Dawn Moon Peak. But in many rural areas outside, it is enough to dominate a county.

If it weren’t for the high death rate in the outer sect, this place would truly be a paradise.
Now standing on Dawn Moon Peak and looking down at the bright lights below, Luo Jing shook his head slowly.

The liveliness of the outer sect and the happiness of ordinary people are indeed enviable.

But this kind of happiness is nothing but the happiness of sheep.

The demonic cultivators of the Soul Refining Sect keep the outer sect disciples in captivity like livestock.

They may seem happy, but their lives and deaths are all in the hands of others.

Luo Jing doesn’t want to be a domestic animal.

One day, he will break free from this cage and walk alone to the outside world, where he can truly be free.

He didn’t cross over to this world just to be a dog for the demonic cultivators of the Soul Refining Sect.
Luo Jing won’t be anyone’s dog.