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M.I.H.G Chapter 41: I am not, I am not

Several people spoke on the scene for a while, and Frank was ready to withdraw. The method is simple. Change the alarm into a cell phone ring and set a time for it to ring.

Frank adjusted the time to five minutes later. As soon as he looked up, he saw Captain Hao looking at the tall and handsome Bruce. “Which army did this brother come from? A person can fight down more than 10 people, fearing that he was a special soldier?”

“Secret units,” Bruce responded with a grin.

“I understood, even if it is not a Secret unit, it is not easy to take a vacation. It is not easy to do without touching things.”

Captain Hao said that he looked at the Li Kuang and asked, “Li Kuang, you remember the old Huang in our camp before.

“Which one?” Li Kuang was stunned and asked.

“Who else, the one who took the second-class work and then imprisoned?”

“Did you forget him?” said Mr. Hao

“Oh, oh.” And instantly Li Kuang remembered who was talking about Captain Hao.

“What does the mystery say?” Lao Sha asked.

“In our camp, there used to be a very good comrade-in-arms with excellent qualities.” Captain Hao held a glass of wine with one hand and danced funny with the other hand.

“This man, when he went back to his hometown last time, his family introduced him to a blind date. Although it only stayed for a few days, the two also looked at each other and got engaged.”

“And then?” Xin caught a peanut, stuffed it into his mouth, and asked.

“Then you think about it, how a beautiful newlywed, he returned to the army without a few days of intimacy. If you don’t have a fever for a few days, you will go back to the army. And the comrade’s arms thought it was possible. And he didn’t think about it. Then he will take time thinking, and said that he goes home. But he just returned to the army. Once, how can he go back, so he may leave, the comrade-in-arms search for all kinds of reasons but he couldn’t go home.”

“A month later, the army just organized an exercise. All the soldiers were involved in the camp. At that time, everyone was in the camp. The day before the opening, the comrade said that he was not feeling well. He was the kind that could not come out.”

“At that time, everyone had to open up. The battalion commander had no choice but to let him stay in the camp. Then the military doctor gave him medicine to take care of his sickness. Who knows that when we left, this kid bought the military doctor and sneaked out of the camp. Then he went home by car to see his wife.”

“And did they discovered that?” Lao Sha asked urgently. Everyone is very interested in this story.

“Not at first.” Li Kuang took over Captain Hao’s words and said, “At that time, we have not been so strict at that time, and with the help of military doctors, so the boy went home smoothly, stayed with his wife for a few days, figuring that the play was over, he went back in a bus.”

“Meet the leader of the camp?” Xin asked curiously.

“It’s all right to meet a leader. If you say a few softening words, he will let you go. That day, there happened to be three special knife robbers on the bus. So when the bus was halfway, the three persons asked for parking and started the robbery, and the boy rushed over. Looking at that, he picked up their weapon and tidied up the three robbers.”

“The bus driver pressed the three robbers to go down in the terminal bus station because the driver had reported the police before, so the police waiting at the terminal, when the police came to the camp to confirm their identity, his private outing was soon exposed, so he says that he is a soldier.”

“The bad thing is that this little man didn’t turn around for a while and said he was a soldier.” Captain Hao clapped his hands and said with a laugh, “At that time, everything was simple. An old lady on the bus estimated that this young man was in our camp recently stationed, so she came to our camp with a basket of eggs.”

“The situation was like this at the time.” Li Kuang also fully recalled the incident.

The battalion commander said with a laugh, “After listening to the Madame, he estimated that this time our battalion was exercising. No one went out, he told her that Madame might be confused by a brave young man, so she said he was in the army.”

“But I never thought that the boy was wearing a military uniform inside for the convenience of going back. He just wrapped a coat outside. He just wanted to throw the coat at the military doctor after going back. Who knows that the old woman saw his military uniform inside and insisted that this man was in our battalion! She said that let the battalion commander pull out all the people one by one to recognize him.”

“At that time, we all paid attention to the situation of a civilian and military soldier. Madame said it was still a matter of great merit to recognize people. As soon as the battalion commander was ready to call out all the people, then he suddenly thought that our comrade might sneak out. ”

“Then she recognized him?” Asked Lao Sha.

“You don’t know how funny the scene is.” Captain Hao patted his leg and said, “Our comrade-in-arms know when he comes out he will be recognized, so he continues to pretend to be sick. And the battalion commander asked to carry him out. The aunt said to the battalion commander, “This is the boy, this is the guy.” Then our comrade-in-arms waved: I am not, I am not, Madame, you have mistaken me.”

“The results of it.”

“A hole in the arm, no matter how you can’t get down, get a second-class work and then go to the prison. Others say it is a second-class work that is closed.”

Several people laughed at the funny story. Bruce didn’t know the meaning, but Frank recognized that this Captain Hao, thought that Bruce was a sneak out of the army. He told the story that he was the warning.

However, Frank didn’t care. Regardless of these individuals do not turn around three times do not know how to say what the meaning of the people. It is the right way to get out of this meal.

At this time, Frank’s alarm phone also call. Frank slipped out his mobile phone and pretended to be connected with the phone. He made a few Uh-huh and Ah-ah sounds and then took it back into his pocket.

“Something happened in the school. It was said that it might be related to practice. We had to go first.” Frank stood up and said to the crowd, “I’m still a student. and the uncles will open the net, and the wine will not be punished.”

“It’s all right. Student boys still have to focus on their studies, not like us, big and old boys.” Captain Hao pointed to Bruce and said, “What about your friend? Stay and drink with us.”

“Laobu has to drive me.”  Frank’s relatives said, Bruce’s shoulder, “I don’t have a driver’s license.”

“That’s all right.”  Frank is not the protagonist of this dinner. Several people have not cared much, agreeing that Frank has left.

Frank took Bruce out of the door and went down the corner of the second floor. As soon as he came downstairs, he saw a long-haired girl suddenly coming towards him and Bruce.