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M.I.H.G Chapter 48: Zipper, Hook

Lin Xiaoxin hid in the locker room to change her clothes, but less than 30 seconds later. Lin Xiaoxin’s small head popped out and looked at Yao Pan. “Yao Pan, I can’t reach the clothes zipper of the back.”

Yao Pan listened to Lin Xiaoxin’s words, turned her head and looked at Frank, who took the lead, and quickly pushed her and said, “What are you still stunned about, go up?”

Thank you for your kindness.

Frank thanked the good girl in his heart and quickly walked into the locker room.

Lin Xiaoxin looked at Frank with a red face and said nothing. She only motioned Frank to pull the zipper behind her clothes.

In order to be easy to wear, this ancient imperial dress conveniently, there is actually a zipper hidden in the dress decoration, which looks flat after the quilt. Frank reached out and groped along the back of Lin Xiaoxin, found the slider of the zipper, and then began to pull the clothes down.

However, this seems to be a very relaxed job, but because there are a little more furry decorations on both sides of the clothes, so there are old plush fabrics stuck in the zipper so that Frank is particularly slow to untie the zipper that is not short, let him look clumsy.

Just as Frank struggled to pull down the zipper, Lin Xiaoxin, standing, burst out laughing.

Lin Xiaoxin’s smile made Frank more nervous and embarrassed. He asked in a low voice, “What are you laughing at?”

“Do you remember when you used to give me a lot of criticism, saying that you talked about many girls in high school, is a wolf who never lacks food in love.”

“Didn’t they all explain it to you later? It was a lot of bragging.”

Frank heard Lin Xiaoxin mention this matter again, and the sweat on his forehead was about to fall nervously. When Frank and Lin Xiaoxin had not established a relationship, Frank blindly blew a lot of amorous history in front of Lin Xiaoxin in order to show that he was not a boy who was not pursued by anyone at that time.

These words that had been blown previously became the biggest obstacle to Frank’s confession to Lin Xiaoxin. In the end, Frank had to explain it one by one. Later, neither of them talked about it.

“Now I believe in you at last.” Lin Xiaoxin said with a smile on her lips, “You are so clumsy when you unlock a girl’s zipper, so it’s really blowing when you unlock someone’s bra with one hand.”

“Cough!” Frank didn’t know what to say at this time. It happened that as the zipper basically approached the bottom, the back part of Lin Xiaoxin’s bra and the white and smooth back were completely leaked in Frank’s sight.

With a butterfly pattern on the back strap and hooks on both sides, Lin Xiaoxin’s back looks like a piece of art. What’s more, Lin Xiaoxin suddenly said this time, “In order to fit into this suit, I fastened the bra a little tightly. You helped me move the hook back two spaces.”

“Oh, yes,” Frank answered his voice and clumsily extended his hands. He grabbed the hook along the back of Lin Xiaoxin’s back and then began to move the hook back, while Lin Xiaoxin’s further inside was a little better. It was clearly seen by Frank.

After successfully completing the task of Lin Xiaoxin, when Frank was preparing to go back to pull the zipper, Lin Xiaoxin suddenly extended a hand around the back, grabbed the slider that had been pulled underneath, and then gently pulled it. Suddenly the entire zipper was unlocked.

“Well, that’s the right distance I can catch.” Lin Xiaoxin looked at Frank with a sigh of his head and said, “You still don’t want to wait and see what you want to see. I don’t wear safety pants below.”

Lin Xiaoxin didn’t say it was okay, but in that case, Frank’s who had been a little uneasy immediately began to make a scene. If Yao Pan was not outside, Frank might not have gone now with a thick skin.

Coming out of the dressing room, Yao Pan looked at Frank with a smile and said.  “Well, Frank, how about this welfare.”

“Thank you very much.” Frank holds his fist in both hands and said to Yao Pan.

“This girl wants to eat sweet and sour pork ribs tonight, What should she do?”

If Yao Pan said this in peacetime, Frank might mock Yao Pan for losing weight quickly, but now hemp.

“Choose the place. It’s my treat.”

After a while, Lin Xiaoxin wore a short white skirt and came out of the dressing room with plain white half-sleeves. Then she found her Tulle coat on the hanger and put it on her body. She turned to Frank and Yao Pan, who had just concluded the PY trade.

“What are you two having fun there?” Lin Xiaoxin looked at Frank and asked Yao Pan.

“We’re talking about the past.”

“You are two old chicken feathers.” Lin Xiaoxin spit out, “From elementary school to junior high school, there is nothing to be said.”

Lin Xiaoxin and Frank are both relatives of childhood. Although Yao Pan did not live with the two, she is a friend from junior school to high school, and the relationship between Yao Pan and Lin Xiaoxin has always been very good.

However, Yao Pan did not deal with Frank when he was a child. When they met each other, they started to fight each other. As we all know, in junior high school, girls usually develop earlier than boys, so in the elementary school, so when fighting with Yao Pan in primary school, Frank has always been at a disadvantage, which is why Frank invested a lot of energy in sports.

When Frank and Yao Pan fight, Lin Xiaoxin certainly did not look aside. In addition, she would not do such a foolish thing as persuading Frank to fight. Instead, she would quietly come up to make up a few feet when Frank tried to fight the counterattack and keep an advantage for her friend.

At that time, Frank firmly remembered this strange and unique girl, insisting on going to her house every weekend to eat delicious food, and eat back the way that she lost the money and ate delicious food.

The three people just cleaned up the activity room casually, and then Yao Pan locked the door of the activity room with the key. It was almost seven o’clock in the evening.

Although Yao Pan hopes about eating delicious food, she also knows that Frank is not rich. It enough just finds a school privately contracted small canteen. Where the three people have to meat.

“By the way, Xiaoxin.” Yao Pan took over a whole plate of sweet and sour ribs and asked Lin Xiaoxin, “Are you going back to your dormitory tonight?”

Lin Xiaoxin sneaked a sneak peeked at Frank and said, “I won’t go back.”

“Take care of yourself.” Yao Pan said solemnly, “And don’t be pursued by what is said online. Seven times a night, one hour at a time and so on. This kind of thing must be scientific and try your best.”

“Yao Pan!” Lin Xiaoxin slammed the table. “Do you want me to seal your mouth with tape?”

“I’m saying this for you, okay?” Yao Pan pretended to be innocent.