One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 123: SandStorm!

Crocodile’s body was directly inserted into the deck, and his head was on the ground.

His blood was on the deck, and its smell was sharp.

His whole body was scratched and bruised by Jason’s fierce punch.

The natural power was amazing, and Jason was very strong, he was absolutely stronger than Crocodile without devil fruit.

Especially at this moment, Crocodile’s devil fruit wasn’t as powerful as Jason, even his physical skills were much worse. In face to face, he has no resistance to Jason.

“Damn it!”

A low humming sounded, and at the next moment, Jason’s eyes flashed, he bent his knees and then retreated sharply.

As Jason’s hand left Crocodile’s body, his body was completely weathered into grains of sand and floated all over the sky.


The sand was blowing and went toward Jason.

The sand was so dazzling that no one could know how many grains of sand were coming toward Jason, which made him retreated again.

Looking at the deck, it was completely deserted by Crocodile, and the wood was covered by sand.

“I can’t see clearly!”

He couldn’t keep his eyes open, the sand reached Jason’s eyes, letting him shed tears and also felt true pain.

Among the big wave of sand, there was a golden hook following it, and it was glowing under the moonlight, and then reached Jason’s neck.


Crocodile made a loud roar. Also, his golden hook was very strong and sharp.


In the next moment, the sound of the golden hook came out. Crocodile’s eyes were shrinking, and he hit with a considerable force, it was rotating an arc in the air and then firmly fall to the deck.

A long sword, which was blooming, flew directly toward Crocodile’s neck.

When he saw such a sword, he changed himself into the sand and retreated back to reveal his figure.

“Seawater again!”

Staring at the sword in front of him, Crocodile became very angry.

He didn’t utter a word; the bounty of these men represented their true strength. Although his heart was heavy, he had no fear at all.

Besides the devil fruit ability, he was a very ambitious man, and his courage was even stronger.

For ordinary pirates, in the face of these men who have hundreds of millions reward, they would be terrified and lost their desire to fight.

However, with the failure of several attacks, a kind of arrogance was born inside him.

“It’s the first time that I encounter such an interesting opponent!”

“If I beat you, then my bounty would increase again, at this time, I’m very famous among the pirates in this sea area!”

With a full of rage tone, Crocodile’s hands slammed forward.


As he said this word, the deck made a “squeaky” sound in an instant, and in a short while, serial cracks extended forward.

Visible to the naked eye, the wooden deck was cracked very fast, leaving grains of sand suspended.

The speed of cracking was astonishing, and when it reached Jason’s feet, his shoes were instantly weathered and crushed into scrap.

“Come on!”

Rogen’s face changed, he grabbed Jason and left the ship quickly.

In a moment, he was already in his boat.

Jason rubbed his eyes quickly, cleared the grains of sand out of his eyes, and then his eyes turned sour and red.

At this point, his face immediately showed an expression of shock.

“Is that caused by him?”

The distance between the two ships was less than ten meters. Jason could see clearly the position of the other ship through the moonlight and the torches on the opposite side, which had all turned into a sea of sand grains.

Just as a sandstorm was generated from the sky, a lot of sand grains floated in the bow position and fluctuated up and down.

The sandstorm began to spin gradually, but the strange thing was that this phenomenon was spinning stably in the bow position.

The dark robe fluttered in the wind, and with a cold face, Crocodile was walking in the middle of that sand storm unaffected by the sand. The sand was giving him a path while he was walking as if he was the king of sand.

“The guy with hundreds of million reward, let me see what you can do!”

Crocodile’s face was cold, his hands open, and he pounced forward.


The sand rioted and rushed toward the Dragon Root.


Jason’s face changed in a moment, the sandstorm covered a big area, that blow turned almost the quarter of the deck into the sand.

If this massive curtain of sand really came to the Dragon Root, the consequences would be evident to all.


There was a strong wind, and the sand filled up the empty space in front of Rogen.

“Jason, back!”

Rogen’s eyes were bloody red, and the black Tomoes were spinning. After a loud roar, his figure twisted, and he was in mid-air.

Then, he stretched out his right hand and pressed.

“Buddhist palm!”

After a while, the golden palm appeared, and then pressed downward.


The golden palm was directly pressed on the sandstorm about 20 meters below. That palm was like a solid, and it immediately pushes a lot of sand into the sea.


The huge palm with a diameter of about 30 meters plunged obliquely into the sea, causing a great deal of water spray.

When Crocodile saw this scene, his face changed, and his pupil contracted again.

If he was on the ground, that he could turn a wide area like a desert, he has an endless source of strength and his power could reach the peak. However, on the sea, his greatest advantage turned out to be his greatest impediment.

Even the desertification, he could only use it on his boat.

In the air, Rogen flashed again. Crocodile’s heart was beating hard, he saw Rogen was coming up to the sky of his ship.

“Start sail, let’s go!”

After a loud roar, the crew next to him woke up and sprinted to the rudder to control the ship and sail.

“Do you think it’s easy to leave after the mess you made?”

A loud voice rang from the sky, which made the crew looked up.

Then, in a panic, they saw the huge golden palm pressed again in an instant.