One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 239: Punch it!

These pirates just came from the sky. It was a majestic scene from the Golden Lion Pirates.

They have no wings or ability to fly, but under the great power of the Golden Lion, they became able to fly.

This move surprised the Marines and forced them to act immediately.

The war is on the Marines territory, which made them ready and well prepared. But everything went wrong because of the clever plan of the Golden Lion. No one expected that this pirate regiment would come from the sky.

The Marines were in a true mess against the pirates.

On the high stage, Kong was very angry.

“Follow this plan!”

“Order the Marines to retreat, and let the pirates occupy the place!”

“And then, surround that area!”

Under his order, all the Marines retreated making a huge area free for the pirates.

“Occupy the high ground, and use artillery!”

The Admiral stood high and shouted.

Suddenly, all the pirates noticed something. This is the Marines territory, and here, they have many powerful and terrible military buildings. As long as they control these military facilities, they will take great initiative.

“Kong gave us such an order just to make the pirates think that they have won, but actually, it was just a move to encircle them!”

“In one move, he forced these guys entered the danger zone!”

How powerful the Marine’s military buildings are? No one knows.


After a while, huge guns rose slowly on the roofs of the buildings and aimed at the pirates.

When the Marines completed the encirclement of the pirates, the situation changed quickly.

“Boom, Boom, Boom!”

“Pew, Pew, Pew!”

Bullets, bombs, and lasers sounded at the same time. the scene became very chaotic, and all the pirates were screaming.

“Did the Marines do that?”

The whole area became a sea of fire and blood. Kong directly ordered to kill all the pirates. His orders were decisive and cruel, but surprisingly effective.

“We are like four ants passing between two giants in the middle of the fight, we can’t resist at all!”

Crocodile was very confused.

He was right, the Golden Lion Pirates and the Marines were inevitably two of the strongest organization in this world.

“Let’s move now. If I wasn’t wrong, then we should follow this way to reach the Celestial Dragon’s Palace!”

Rogen turned and pointed to a small path in the northwest.

In this chaotic scene, no one will notice them, and they can secretly achieve their goal.

Rogen and his crew looked at the scene for the last time before going. They didn’t play a role in this war, but who knows, maybe they’ll be the main characters in the future.

On the high stage, Kong was very satisfied.

“Sengoku, where’s Garp?”

He was really angry because of Garp.

“He should be here soon, sir!”

Sengoku was very upset and he wanted to cover his friend’s back.

“He has to, the Golden Lion will make the next move very soon!”

Kong nodded.

Sengoku was completely angry; he even scolded his friend Garp on his heart.

In this chaotic scene, no one noticed that four people were running in the lane.

15 minutes later, Rogen and his friends stopped and kept looking at the high wall in front of them. They were speechless at that moment.

“Captain, are you sure that we will see the Palace of the Celestial Dragons if we pass through this wall?”

Jason looked at Rogen with doubts.

Immediately, Rogen nodded.

“That’s right, we will see the Palace if we pass this wall!”


Jason was shocked.

He glanced back, and he saw thousands of elites from the Marines standing on the military buildings.

Rogen should be right, if the Palace was really behind this wall, then they will be fine, and if not, they might get caught, and who knows what will happen then.

“Jason, punch here!”

Rogen blinked and then he shouted.

“Hurry up!”

Rogen didn’t hesitate at all. His perception was much stronger than that of ordinary people. At that moment, he was sure that behind that wall he will find the palace.

He can’t be wrong, absolutely not!


Jason was helpless at that time.

Crocodile lit a cigar and kept watching quietly.

When he clenched his fist, his body grew up in moments and his muscles became very tight. He was like a raging Dragon.

“Increase power, 400 times!”

And with a loud roar, he punched the wall.


Jason’s right arm was like a rocket, it cracked the huge wall within a second.


The wall vibrated, and after throwing the rocks and the dust away, a bright light appeared.


Jason stepped forward and looked through the hole.

At the same time, the four men were seen by a large number of Marines, causing sharp whistles.