One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 253: This Is My Era!

The powerful swords seem to cut everything in front of him, even the void.

As he waved his sword to the front, all the buildings on its way were destroyed. Nothing can block its progress.

After crushing the buildings, Shiki waved his sword again, but this time, he targeted Sengoku.


At this time, all the Marines that were still standing after the Haoshoku Haki shouted immediately.

Seeing that, the Giant Rear Admirals with their long and huge swords rushed forward and tried to block the Golden Lion’s attack.


Shiki’s blow was terribly strong, even the giants lost their stability after blocking it.


One of them was sweating hard, and he shouted loudly.

“Hurry up!”

The rest of the Rear Admirals responded quickly and rushed to block the blow.

After several efforts, they finally made it and block the strong blow.

Actually, it was a normal attack for Shiki, but for the Marines, it was terribly strong, which was shocking for them.

“This is just the beginning!”

As he said, that the Golden Lion smirked, and then he hit the ground with his feet.

Immediately, the floating island trembled and fell down quickly.


18 tall buildings in a row were destroyed immediately under the huge floating island.


It caused huge damage to the entire Headquarters.

“Stop that island now!”

The Captain of the Giants shouted loudly, and then he waved his sword and he was about to rush forward.

“Don’t get cocky!”

Unexpectedly, a figure came from nowhere and attack him.

At that moment, several cadres of the Golden Lion regiments jumped and took action.

“Ryusei Kazan!” {Meteor Volcano!}

Just then, a loud voice came out.

The high temperature swept up, and then, huge fist-shaped lava fell from the sky toward the huge floating island.

“I’ve heard that you have the power of the Admirals, Akainu!”

“Let’s see what you get!”

As he said that, Shiki looked up and waved his sword several times.

“Shua, Shua, Shua!”

The void trembled, and the hot lava fist was divided into pieces and exploded in the mid-air.

“The scum who dared to violate the justice…”

Akainu was very angry, half of his body transformed into lava, and as he moved, the ground beneath him turned into magma.

“let’s finish him!”

The cadres of the pirate regiment looked at each other and rushed up.

“Dai Funka!” {Great/Major Eruption}

Seeing that, Akainu shouted loudly and punched.

In the face of the cadres, a huge fist made of magma rushed and burned them up before they could even scream.

“Damn boy!”

All the Pirates got shocked when they saw such a scene.

“I promise that I’ll send you to hell!”

And without rest, Akainu turned and rushed toward another group with high speed.

All their actions were useless, the hot magma fell hard on the pirate group and burned them immediately.

Even the Busoshoku Haki was useless in front of this hot magma. In an instant, the whole group was ablaze with flames.

It was a shocking scene for all the pirates, they have never seen such a thing in their lives.

Akainu, pirates won’t forget this name.

“Hold him!”

With a loud shout, the cadres quickly changed their plans to hold Akainu instead of killing him.

They vaguely felt that this guy really had the power of the Admirals, it was very hard for the pirates to deal with him.


At this moment, the huge floating island fell directly and hit the ground.

As an effect, several buildings were destroyed in a blink of an eye, also, all the Marines who were in the battlefield swayed from side to side, the ground beneath them was shaking violently. They were extremely afraid, especially after seeing the falling island got stuck in the ground under the Control of Shiki.

“The Marine Headquarters is destroyed!”

There was a clear panic in the eyes and voices of the Marines, what just happened is something terrible!

It can be said that this was a bit exaggerated, but the sudden landing of the island destroyed almost 1/3 of the Marine Headquarters. The aftermath of the collision formed a wave of terror and almost destroyed everything.

Kizaru was completely angry, he failed to protect the Headquarters.

“Damn you all!”

His eyes turned red, and his body began to transform.


The Golden Lion who was standing in the air laughed loudly.

“I will destroy this whole place!”

As he said that, his body trembled, and then he stood on the island and looked down.

“Sengoku, Kong, join me!”

“Imagine if we are on the same side, we will rule the world!”

“This era will be ours!”

Sengoku was very mad, he looked at the ruins in front of him and then he stared at Shiki and clenched his fists.

Kong was extremely angry; he even broke the chair with a punch.

“This era!”

“Is mine!”

“The era of The Golden Lion, can you see it?”

The Golden Lion was majestic, his voice was very loud and very serious. He was standing on his island ship that was on the ruins of the buildings.

After hearing those words, several Marines were afraid of death and wanted to avoid fighting against this guy.

He was too majestic and too powerful.

Perhaps, he was right.

This era called, The Era Of The Golden Lion.


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