One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: chapter 255: Not enough!

At that moment, the wind has stopped, even time, it seemed to be stopped.

In the dark, a white mask appeared on Rogen’s face with a strange smile. This scene shocked everyone.

Rogen’s right hand was still on his cheek as if he covered it. Kizaru wanted to know what was happening, but nothing was clear from his position.

A clear trace of panic and fear quietly emerged in Borsalino’s heart.


As if he became a King, Rogen felt that he was much stronger than anything else in this world.

“Human beings are really weak!”

With the tone of majesty and disdain, Rogen’s right hand slowly moved to reveal the majestic white mask with two strange lines.

Kizaru wielded his golden sword “Ama no Murakumo” and kept looking at Rogen.

Strange creature!


Suddenly, a little red light flashed, followed by flames. Rogen’s figure at that moment was covered blood-colored flames.


He stared at Kizaru and then he waved his sword toward him.


“Stupid human beings let the reason controls everything, but they have forgotten their instincts!”

Suddenly, he raised his head and stared at Kizaru.

This look made Kizaru feel a heavy pressure, he already noticed the huge change of his enemy.

“You’re the enemy!”

In a flash, the black figure disappeared.

“This enemy is going to kill you!”

“That’s exactly what I want, hahaha!”

After this sharp laugh, his figure began to flicker, and in front of Kizaru, a strong wind suddenly rose.


Kizaru raised his sword to protect himself, and in a moment, the black sword of Rogen collided with the golden sword and made a light explosion.


Kizaru was astonished, Rogen is much stronger than before.

“How is that possible? This dude became very strong!”

After a moment, his expression changed again.

The dark figure suddenly disappeared, and in a blink of an eye, he reappeared and stabbed him in the chest.


The sound of the hit was clear to the ear. Kizaru, and for the first time, he felt a huge pain and he was forced to retreat.

A touch of blood appeared in his chest. One hit from that black sword was enough to put Kizaru in a very bad situation.

“What sword is this?”

Kizaru was helpless at that moment.

“He’s a beast!”

It was hard for everyone to see Rogen moving, he was very fast. It seems that he was a bloodthirsty creature, he only attacks according to his instincts.

“Come again!”

“You’re strong, I’m so excited!”

Under the mask, an excited scream came out.

Followed by, Rogen wielded his sword and waved it with strange moves. Humans are not familiar with such swordsmanship.

Kizaru has the Kenbunshoku Haki, but facing this creature, he can only resist. What surprised him, Rogen was much faster than him, and that means that he was much stronger.


All of sudden, Rogen stabbed Kizaru again.

When Rogen was waving his sword, Kizaru couldn’t do anything but protect himself using his golden sword, and in a moment, Rogen destroyed the golden sword, and directly stabbed Kizaru.


“Human beings, you are very weak creatures!”

As he laughed, Rogen covered his face with his right hand and then pointed out.

A dazzling red light flashed, and then a beam of light bursts out toward Kizaru.


Immediately, Kizaru raised his sword and wanted to block Rogen’s attack. Unfortunately for him, the red beam trembled and then exploded.

Because of the huge explosion, Kizaru was thrown away and turned 13 before he stopped.

He raised his head and looked for Rogen, but got confused once again.

In front of him, Rogen launched another attack already.


As always, Kizaru wanted to avoid him, but he was too late, Rogen already stabbed him in the chest, and the blood oozed out instantly.

“Do you know what’s the difference between us?”

Rogen laughed, and then he wielded his sword and rushed again.


As he said that, a sword rushed toward Borsalino, and in a blink of an eye, it disappeared.

“You do not have such a thing, humans!”

Immediately, Rogen’s figure flashed, and then, held his sword and waved it.


Like a fly, Kizaru fell to the ground after Rogen’s hit.

“All you need is instincts, fight with it, and knockdown your enemy with it!”

After taking a breath, Rogen shouted out loud. And then, holding his sword with both hands, he dived down and rushed toward Kizaru.

“He… he’s so fast!”

Borsalino’s pupil contracted, and he raised his Ama no Murakumo to resist.

“huh, useless sword!”


Rogen smiled, and then he hit Kizaru’s sword with all his power.

The collision of the two swords caused a huge explosion, dust flew out, and the ground under them cracked.

Kizaru was completely helpless, and he spat out blood several times.

“Too weak, You’re too weak!”

After saying this, Rogen’s figure flashed and then disappeared.

“I’ll tear you up!”

Kizaru’s chest was stabbed once again. This time, the wound wasn’t deep, but it hurt him.

Since the strange appearance of the mask on Rogen’s face, Kizaru couldn’t do anything against him.

Rogen’s strange way of attacking made Kizaru suffer, he couldn’t understand what power was it.


“The instincts of terror!”

Borsalino was sure that the other side doesn’t have Haki. What he relies on, as he says was “Instincts”.

Abandon everything, and follow the instinct, swing the sword, and attack.

Rogen was about to attack again. It seems that he likes attacking several times in a row, leaving no choice for his enemy to resist.

The difference between Kizaru and Rogen was very deep, he felt that he was standing at a high altitude and overlooking at the Admiral.

Suddenly, a voice burst into his mind.

“Strength is not enough!”


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