One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 282: the beast of the hell!

The sudden roar made all the prisoners shocked, especially Rogen, he didn’t know what was that.

From the dark, two bloody red eyes were approaching step by step. The beast’s footsteps were heavy, the ground under his feet was shaking.

He was the most powerful beast in the 6th level, the infinite hell. According to rumors, all beasts in this level were once human beings, and they were all Devil Fruit users, but after saying down here for a long time, they were transformed into vicious beasts without reason. They were pushed into the 6th level to watch the criminals.

“This is the 6th level, in addition to the guards, there are beasts!”

A slight voice sounded in the dark as if he explained the situation for Shiki and Rogen.

“Boy, these animals are extremely powerful!”

The Golden Lion whispered.

“I see!”

Rogen nodded.

Rogen and Shiki cells were close to each other, it was easy for them to communicate.

The prisoned beast was very huge, he was 50 or 60 meters tall, he looks like a hill when he moves.

At that time, the beast was moving slowly, and after a while, his figure became clear. When the Golden Lion saw him, he retreated and held his breath.

Rogen’s eyes twinkled, he stood in front of the door of the cell to see the beast closely.

At that moment, everyone kept silent, you can’t hear anything but the beast’s steps. His eyes were like huge lanterns in the dark, they were full of violence.


When he came to Rogen’s cell, the beast roared and turned his head to see Rogen.

“Boy, back off!”

At that moment, a low voice came out.

Rogen didn’t pay much attention to the voice.

“Damn it, boy, you are going to kill yourself!”

He cursed and then stopped.

Seeing Rogen standing in front of him, the beast got angry and immediately roared.

The thorn on his back was clearly reflected in Rogen’s pupil. In an instant, the beast bared on his teeth and claws.


The door made of Kairōseki was shaking violently under the power of the beast.


Face to face with Rogen, it was a shocking scene for all the prisoners.

They knew very well how strong was the beast of the prison. It was no less than pirates who has a bounty of 600 or 700 million on their heads.

Prisoners have seen a lot of fights in the past between the beast and pirates who wanted to escape and failed.

On weekdays, when these imprisoned beasts occasionally pass by, all the prisoners hold their breaths and let them pass without provoking.

Once upon a time, they had seen someone who dared to look at these imprisoned beasts at a close distance. Unfortunately, he was torn into pieces by them.

“This is the end of this little boy!”

“The Golden Lion who came with him is much smarter!”

“What a child, he is very brave and very stupid!”

All the prisoners watched with indifference.

At this moment, Rogen’s clothes and robes fluttered, and his eyes suddenly changed into bloody red.

“Mangekyō Sharingan!”

As he said that, two huge Tomoes appeared in his eyes.

Rogen was sure that he could control animals with his Sharingan.

The beast was very fierce, his claws were 2 or 3 meters long, they were like swords. It can be imagined that if he attacked you in this little space, you won’t find any place to run from those claws. This is going to be Rogen’s end.

With a stare to Rogen’s eyes, the beast trembled and roared.


At that moment, the beast seemed to be bound by something and began to struggle, but Rogen, he doesn’t seem to be afraid at all, he was very calm.

His Sharingan was locked to the imprisoned beast, at that moment, Rogen was able to know everything about this creature.

Violent, ferocious, foraging, and nothing else.

In a blink of an eye, the beast’s eyes turned red, it looks like Rogen’s eyes.

After a while, the beast turned and left.

“I’m hungry, I need to eat!”

After simple eye contact, the beast trembled and moved away slowly.

The eyes of Rogen and the beast were connected to each other. At that moment, Rogen was able to see everything in front of the beast.

Rogen sat in the corner and closed his eyes to transmit his consciousness to the imprisoned beast through his eyes.

After a while, he clearly saw everything through the imprisoned beast.


Step by step, the imprisoned beast was getting closer to the guards.

One of the guards who was trying to sleep raised his head, and he panicked when he saw the beast+

“Hey, Hey, Hey, what is this big guy doing?”

“Ugh, don’t worry, they don’t usually attack us!”

Another guard glanced at the imprisoned beast and waved his hand.

“No, look at his eyes, there’s something strange!”

“It’s okay, you can expect everything in this prison!”

He neglected him again.

After checking the whole place, Rogen stopped the beast 30 meters away from the guards and forced him to lay down.

“See, don’t worry!”

“That’s good, that’s good!”

The guard felt relieved and lowered their weapons. However, they didn’t notice that the beast had fixed his eyes on the key that was on the guard’s waist.

All of sudden, the beast stood up and rushed to the guard.


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