One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 296: An easy fight!

Momonga wanted to wave his sword again, but somehow, he was pulled forward, it was like an invisible force.

At the same time, Doro strode forward and pressed on Momonga’s forehead with his right hand.

“Shinra Tensei!”

As he heard that, the heart of the Vice-Admiral trembled, he felt that a strong invisible force pulling him down.

In a blink of an eye, Momonga fell to the ground, and he couldn’t stand up.

Besides, the repulsive power spread all over the warship, and the seawater around the ship rose to the sky. The huge Marine Warship began to shake violently, even the hull of the ship cracked.

Standing on the Logan, No. 8 was completely shocked by the scene, 3 seconds were enough for Doro to get off the ship and attack the other side. With his power, the warship of the Marines started sinking.

“Is it just a clone?”

No. 8 was very jealous, he turned and kept looking at Rogen who didn’t make any reaction.


Under the power of Doro, the hull of the ship was completely damaged. Momonga, the Vice-Admiral who could cut a sea king in one hit was covered with blood, he couldn’t withstand Doro’s power and lost consciousness.

“Everyone is useless against my Deva Path!”

All the Marines screamed when they saw the seawater on the warship, the quickly grabbed all the bowls and tried to clean it.

Seeing that the warship was about to Sink, Doro jumped to another warship quickly.

He stood on the bow and kept scanning the whole ship.

“Shoot him!”

All the Marines panicked, and they immediately launched fire.

“Shinra Tensei!”

As he said that, Doro extended his right hand. The powerful wave swept across the Marines and dealt great damage. Only a few soldiers jumped to the sea but all the rest fell down and lost consciousness.

As usual, Doro destroyed another warship using his Shinra Tensei.

There was only one warship left, and of course, 3 seconds were enough for the Deva Path, Doro, to destroy it.

“Useless Marines!”

Rogen laughed.

One Vice-Admiral and three warships didn’t last one minute against the Deva Path Doro, Rogen was completely happy with such a result.

“Let’s go!”

After a while, Rogen turned and left.

After the fight between Doro and the 3 Warships, another warship just arrived.

“They couldn’t even procrastinate?”

“I’m afraid that this boy is stronger than before!”

Kizaru was shocked, even with his speed, he couldn’t catch up with Rogen.

Kizaru lost the two fights against Rogen. The Admiral of the Marines was very cautious and serious when it comes to Rogen.

“Admiral Kizaru, it wasn’t Rogen who attacked us, a strange monk who did that!”

When he heard that, Kizaru’s eyes contracted.

“What it looks like, I need more details!”

Immediately, the soldier of the Marines took a piece of paper and drew an approximate picture of the monk, and handed it to Kizaru.

“Who the hell is this?”

Although he didn’t recognize him, it didn’t mean that the Headquarters of the Marines couldn’t recognize him. After a few minutes, he heard the news.

“Dora, a demon monk who was captured 20 years ago and sent to the Impel Down. He is not very strong, but be careful of him!”

“It seems that Rogen take some prisoners with him when he left the prison!”

Sengoku was angry.

In the Impel down, all the guards rushed and counted the prisoners, they wanted to know how many prisoners broke out of the prison.

“That’s terrible! That boy is very troublesome. Sengoku-Sama, I don’t want to take that risk!”

Kizaru had a headache.

He was afraid of death.

“Come back to the headquarters and wait for the orders!”

After hanging up the phone, Kizaru breathed a sigh of relief.

After a while, he turned into light and disappeared.

Kizaru wasn’t brave enough to face Rogen and a group of Impel Down prisoners.

The Logan was sailing fast. At that time, they haven’t left the Sea Kings area yet.

“West blue?”

Looking at the distant sea level, Doro raised the sails, and with the help of the steam power, the ship sailed even faster.

The Vivre card was leading them to the West Blue.

“It seems that you didn’t finish yet!”

After knowing the purpose of Rogen, No. 8 smiled.

“I think that, do you want to stay with me?”

Rogen smiled.

No. 8 was very strong, he might be useful in the incoming fights.

“No, I will leave after crossing the calm belt!”

“I really miss my home!”

“Thank you for everything, Rogen!”

No. 8 shook his head.

“You’re welcome, you helped a lot too!”

Rogen nodded with a smile.

Half an hour later, the Logan reached the Calm Belt. Rogen didn’t lower the sails, he used the steam power to keep sailing in this windless area. However, with the power of the steam, the ship kept sailing at a very high speed.

“Try to avoid those bubbles on the seawater, sea kings are there!”

No. 8 didn’t show any fear when they reached the sea kings area.

In a blink of an eye, the Logan passed through the sea Kings safely.

After three hours of safe sailing, the Logan was about to reach the West Blue.

“From here, it’s the West Blue!”

If you want to get to the West Sea very fast, crossing the Calm belt is the best choice.

Gradually, the sky has become dark.

When the sun completely disappeared, No. 8 whispered.

“Be careful, Rogen!”


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