Pirate’s Achievements System Pirate’s Achievements System
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P.A.S Chapter 106: New Target

In the sky.

Ron, with his hands behind his back, stared at the world of ice and snow below. The Dragon Wand whirled around him like a little snake.

In the snow world below, many of the pirates of the Spade Pirates were all frozen, while the Fire Fist Ace was lying beside them. Although he was not frozen, he was unconscious, covered with ice.

” Third-level ice magic, with the support of the dragon core wand, it is already several times more powerful than the vortex storm, it is not something that Ace can resist now.”

Ron looked at Ace and shook his head slightly. If Ace did not protect his companions, and just protected himself, he would definitely be seriously injured resisting the attack, but he wouldn’t be directly defeated.

Third-level ice magic was at least three times stronger than third-level basic elements magic such as wind and fire, plus the blessing of the dragon wand, the power of this ability was far superior to that of the vortex storm!

Such power was enough to strike or even defeat one of the Shichibukai!


Looking at Ron falling from the sky, many marines on the edge of the snowfield couldn’t help but swallow their salvia.

Turning a huge area into a snowy world instantly, such a scene was really shocking!

“This is the third-level magic of the ice system…”

Nami was also a little shocked at the moment. She knew that Ron had mastered the third-level ice magic, and he even told her that the power of the ice system was more powerful than that of the wind. But she never witnessed the release of this ability in a person.

Because the destructive power of this ability was too large, Ron was practicing in the sky far away from the branch, to avoid accidents, like freezing the entire branch base along with the officers.

What was also terrifying, that Ron once mentioned to her that there was a fourth-level above the third one!

The power of the third-level magic was already shocking…So, what in hell will happen when the fourth-level magic will be released!? The third-level power was nearly ten times stronger than the second one!

“Bring him with you, don’t forget to use the sea-stone shackles.”

Ron ignored the shocked marine soldiers, and after giving a casual order, he flew in the direction of the warship.

When he defeated Ace, he also heard two prompts in his ear.

[Tip: You completed the achievement of “World Line Breaker”, and got 2 achievement points]

[Tip: You completed the achievement “Logia Conqueror”, and got 2 achievement points]

Two consecutive achievements were achieved, one was to arrest Ace before he could join the whitebeard pirates, and the other was to defeat a Logia devil fruit user.

Speaking of this, “Logia Conqueror ” had the second achievement in this series. The requirement was to defeat a Mythical Zoan devil fruit user. But fighting such devil fruit users species was troublesome…They were rarer than Logia users, and that time, almost all of the Mythical Zoan owners were absolutely strong.

Tori Tori no Mi, eaten by Marco.

Hito Hito no Mi, eaten by Sengoku.

The currently unnamed Eastern dragon Zoan, eaten by Kaido.

Inu Inu no Mi, eaten by Catarina Devon.

Caterina’s strength was unknown, and Marco had strength rivaling one of the admirals. As for Kaido and Sengoku, they stood at the pinnacle of this sea.

Ron evoked the achievement interface. He first added his 4 achievements points on to his spirit, and then returned to the achievements, looking at the ones above, revealing a deep reflection.

At that moment, he had a total of 133 spiritual attributes.

Among them, 79 points were from achievement points, 20 points were from magic marks, and 21 points were from self-cultivation… The last 13 points were derived from the resonance of the devil fruit and the mark.

After mastering the third-level ice magic, Ron wanted to go further, but it was not so easy. The difficulty to explore the fourth-level magic was much higher than the third-level.

“It’s time to start searching…”

Ron glanced at the achievements.

If he wanted to explore and master the fourth-level magic relatively easily, Ron was afraid that he had to improve his spiritual attributes to more than 200 points, and at the moment, he was still far from the 200 points threshold, so he needed to go all out, wiping achievement one after the other!

Before he was constrained by Doflamingo’s threat…that he had to focus on training and improving his strength and completed only the achievements with minimum risks. But at that time, he became almost free, and there were a lot of achievements ready to be accomplished.

Also, Ron estimated that reaching the 100-achievement points barrier, the system would definitely grant him another chance to draw.

Ron even guessed that when the 100 achievement points were reached, the magic mark would also be upgraded again, bringing a huge increase in spiritual power, allowing him to narrow the gap to reach the 200-spiritual power in one fell swoop!

In other words, his current first goal was to achieve 100 achievement points!

“There are only a few achievements left to do as a marine. The only things that could be completed are hunting Neptune and destroying ships…oh, the T-72 branch is near the Florian Triangle.”

Ron said as he narrowed his eyes looking at the achievements.

Entering the depths of the Florian Triangle was an achievement!

Defeating Gecko Moria was an achievement!

Obtaining a giant ship was another achievement!

Under Moria, there were three devil fruit users, along with Shimotsuki Ryuma, the general zombie who possessed one of the 21 Great Swords, the Meito Shusui.

The achievements related to Moria seemed to be a lot, which made Ron’s thoughts flutter.

At the same time.

Within the Florian Triangle.

In the central castle of the giant three-masted sailboat, Moria, who was lying in the dark and shadowy room, opened his pair of demon-like scary eyes.

“Master, you are awake!”

Several zombie servants stood beside, speaking timidly and respectfully.

“I… had a nightmare.”

Moria looked around, gradually recovering his senses, said with his duck-like voice.

“That’s better.”

several zombie servants said flatteringly: ” Master, we have prepared food and water for you for three days…”


Marine Headquarters.

Sengoku put down the Den Den Mushi, smiled, and said: ” I know he wouldn’t disappoint me, Ron arrested Fire fist Ace and Spade Pirates.”

“Ah? Ace was captured?!”

Shouted Garp, who just entered Sengoku’s office.

Seeing Garp’s appearance, Sengoku wasn’t angry and said: “Do you want him to continue to go unpunished? Garp! Fortunately, the fire fist has not caused serious accidents, otherwise, you are the one to be blamed!”

“Ahahaha, how can I explain it”

Garp laughed it out, walked to the side of the sofa, and sat down, but his eyes were a little low.

After Ace went to sea as a pirate, he was very contradictory. On the one hand, he wanted Ace to live on the sea, and on the other hand, he did not want Ace to go deeper and deeper on the road of the pirates.

” It’s impossible for him to be released at will, Garp.”

Sengoku looked at Garp and reminded him in a deep voice: “Even if it is not permanent detention, he will probably be sentenced to more than thirty years imprisonment.”

Hearing the words of Sengoku, Garp’s emotions became more complicated. For the moment, the marines didn’t know the real identity of Ace. If they somehow discover it, he was afraid that it wouldn’t be just imprisonment, but would turn into a public execution.

[Ace…You bastard!]