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P.A.S Chapter 75: Marine Trainee

Without wasting more time, Ron began to explore the runes of the guardian system.

He started with the derivative rune that he understood the most, which represented ‘’intensification’’. This rune was the most used one in Ron’s magic, whether it was a wind blade, wind slashes, or fire blast.

“The derivative runes from the guardian system should also be divided into core and outer layer. The core corresponds to the basic rune, which shouldn’t be changed, and any modification should be added to the outer structure.”

Ron groaned.

Mastering third-level magic, Ron gained experience in dealing with the runes. He was no longer that novice who relied on sheer luck, and quickly found the right direction to follow. First, he analyzed the core and outer area of the guardian runes.

This task didn’t take Ron that much time. After all, he had a reference, and his mental power, speed of thinking, and magical knowledge were far superior than they were before.

After about half a day, he managed to take apart the guardian basic rune.

Being able to extract the core region, Ron’s next step was to change the structure of the outer area as an extension to the core, to create derivative runes representing different meanings.

Spiritual power played the role of the energy, as the core area represented the energy conversion, which could be modeled as a generator. The outer area of

the basic runes was a set of light bulbs and wires, while that part of the derivative rune was far complicated, a tricky circuit with resistors and demodulators. A complete mess!


The newly condensed runes took shape in the air, and then collapsed.

The eternal rune was different from the elemental one. Even while holding the elf wand, it was condensed and formed in the air, not inside the crystal-like pearl.

“Well, at least, it looks that I am on the right track.”

Ron suppressed the weak impact brought by the collapsed rune, and wasn’t disheartened by his failure. Instead, he nodded thoughtfully and continued his attempts.

The second time…

The third time…

Even with his previous knowledge, experiences, and how sure he was about being on the correct route, exploring the “intensification” derivative rune of the guardian system wasn’t that easy, after all, it was more than ten times complex than an elemental one.

It was already afternoon, and Ron already failed nearly a thousand times.

There was a speed constraint, despite the level that Ron reached. He couldn’t use his usual excessive speed while exploring eternal runes as he did with the elemental ones, the tens of thousands of times an hour rhythm was impossible.

But these nearly 1,000 attempts, despite being a complete failure, there weren’t done in vain. Ron started gradually to understand the difference between eternal and elemental runes.

Could the “intensification” shell of element-type derivative runes be placed outside the core of eternal runes? The answer was a definite “NO.”

The reason was obvious. Could low-voltage wires support ultra-high voltage currents? No, it would burn out in an instant.
That was one of the causes of the crash.

What Ron had to do was to strengthen these low-level wires into a more robust “wires” with stronger capacity, and higher energy transmission.

This was the same as half a year ago, when he first explored the derivative runes, he kept changing the lines randomly. But it would be unfair to put it this way, back in time he was just like a primary school student randomly changing numbers one by one to test his friend’s account password, and this time it was more like a computer hacker trying to infiltrate a data center.

The sky gradually darkened.

Ron rubbed his swollen temple and stopped trying.

“It’s quite different…”

Ron thought it would be better if he took some time off. Calming his tensed spirit, Ron temporarily let the rune exploration behind his back, then looked at the dim sky above him and couldn’t help getting a bit emotional.

He really changed a lot, back in time, tens of thousands of attempts would be meaningless…but with his current level, even if it was only a thousand failures, he already accumulated a lot of experience.

He estimated that, even if he had his luck run out, and every future attempt would be a failure, he should be able to find the correct combination method, and have enough knowledge and experience to explore the first derivative rune of the guardian system, after another three or four days!

As he was lost in his thought, he regained his conscience by his growling stomach. Thus, he flew back to his house.

Ron never changed the habit of cooking by himself. For him, cooking was not a waste of time, but a small amount of relaxation during his 19 hours of practice every day.

Although Ron didn’t like to exercise, he always felt good while making his own meal.

Nami was always hanging around, stealing his rice. He already got used to that, that he unconsciously started making two servings each time.

Dining room.

Ron casually talked to Nami about the rune exploration of the high-level magic, which made Nami participate in the discussion, showing a hint of interest, especially when she heard about his analysis, the way he split and tried to rewrite the runes, which made her so excited, wanting to participate.

It was a pity that her current mental strength didn’t reach the level where she could release second-level magic without stress, so naturally, it was impossible for her to study runes and explore high-level magic.

But this strangely gave Nami a boost of motivation.

After unlocking second-level magic, she had to continue practicing the same magic in order to adapt it to her needs, which made Nami less motivated. After all, she was already able to use it…

After that discussion with Ron, her motivation was resurrected, and she began to work harder, eager to reach a level that would let her explore high-level magic. This also was beneficial for Ron, who had a spiritual connection with her through the magic mark. He was able to gain spiritual powers, although it was not that much, but it is always useful.

Ron estimated that a growth of 10 points due to Nami’s mental strength would result in a gain of 1 point in his spiritual powers through resonance.

It was a pity that he had another magic mark and couldn’t find a suitable person to give to. Otherwise, he would have two resonance links, which could be so beneficial.

After dinner, Ron began to practice again.

“There is was no much progress in the exploration of the guardian rune. It would be great to have an opportunity to go out in missions, to gain more achievement points, while studying the runes.”

Before studying the third-level magic, the havoc made while practicing was too much that he was forced to leave the headquarters to practice. But this time, it should be no problem to explore the runes of the guardian system, while being on a warship…

For Ron, time was too precious, and every second must be used wisely.

After all, he had to rely on himself to explore, and there was no ready-made magic book for him to learn from.

He didn’t want to become a seventy or eighty bad old man before he could master the fifth-level magic.

The next day.

Ron went to the affairs office of the new camp.

However, his application to go out on a warship to carry out missions was hindered, because he did not even have the status of a seaman. He would be able to participate by flying all the way like he did the last time to reach the Sabaody Archipelago.

It was a big problem for Ron. After all, flying would affect a part of his energy, which was something that Ron couldn’t afford or accept.

“Marine trainee… I have to ask the chief instructor for approval… “

After learning how to become a marine trainee, Ron twitched his mouth. His relationship with Chief Instructor Zephyr was probably the worst kind in the Marine HQ.

Seeking Zephyr’s approval to become a trainee might turn into a pain in the a**, after he went against his will and way of teaching.

However, with his current strength, Zephyr should have no reason to refuse his approval. Ron should be able to apply directly for graduation and passed with no trouble.

If Zephyr could teach magic, Ron wouldn’t mind attending practice and learning for him, but Zephyr was forcing him to bend, just like a foreman on the construction site forcing a top physics professor to move a heavy load to the top of a building without the use of his knowledge!

It was obviously impossible to reach a consensus.