Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 42 Young Swordsman

Most of the powerhouses in the pirate world are gigantic, and every single one of them is over two meters tall. Admirals of the marines are generally about three meters, and the Yonko are more exaggerated than each other.

Of course, almost no one in the pirate world has a normal body shape, but there are monster-like powerhouses, with normal human shapes, such as the Yonko Shanks and the world’s greatest swordsman, Mihawk.

But these people have been famous for a long time. Moreover, Rhodes looked a little young. Few people really think that Rhodes is strong.

Maybe he has some strength, but he can’t be the opponent of “Silver Sword” Leonard.

Therefore, when Rhodes said those words, there were bursts of boos on the field as expected.

Burkley on the high platform couldn’t help but sneer; he turned his head to look at Bell and said, “Did you invite this kid funny?”

“Well just to heat things up.”

“Maybe he thought that he can compete with Leonard since he chose not to kill Haus.”

Bell shook his head and laughed. What an ignorant young man he thought. Leonard didn’t kill Haus because it was obvious that Burkley had a good impression of Haus, and the latter wanted to join the Beast Pirates too, so he didn’t want to piss him off.

On the side, Stussy smiled faintly, but no one could understand the meaning behind that smile.

At the time, she was glancing at the VIP seats in the distance. As a member of CP0, how could she not recognize Gion, the famous swordsman and the candidate for being an Admiral?

“Maybe this will be a little bit interesting,” Stussy said softly.

Bell was slightly taken aback when he heard these words and felt a bit at loss. He glanced at Rhodes on the stage, then he noticed Rhodes’ young and handsome face; it seems that this cougar didn’t settle down yet.

This kid is old enough to be your son!

And at this time on the field.

Leonard, who got a definite answer, calmed down and said indifferently, “Since you are courting death, I will fulfill your wish.”

“Stop this nonsense. If you want to fight, then let’s fight.”

Rhodes didn’t take a fighting posture and stood there extremely relaxed, but when he put his hand on the hilt of his sword, his aura suddenly changed, it seemed as if the sword of the world was unsheathed, and the stern sharpness in his eyes seemed enough to silence the crowd.

Sensing that aura that Rhodes had, Leonard’s expression also changed suddenly and stared at Rhodes solemnly.

Rhodes slowly drew his sword. It was really slow, inch by inch, but Leonard felt an even more astonishing momentum at the time, it seemed as if he was facing a formidable enemy.


Almost at the next moment, everyone only felt that a ray of light flashed in front of them, and then they saw dazzling silver sword energy shot out, tearing the air and the ground, sweeping toward Leonard.


Facing Rhodes’ sword energy, Leonard looked in a bit of disbelief, and did not dare to take it head-on, he drew his sword and slashed without hesitation.


Turquoise sword energy burst out and met Rhodes’ sword energy. The two sword energies collided and exploded in the air, and then splashed.

“It turned out to be a tie, this young kid is also a powerful swordsman!” Someone exclaimed.

Haus, who had just stepped back, was in disbelief. He couldn’t even take a punch from Leonard, yet this young man took one of his swords Qi so easily.


Right after the collision, Leonard suddenly disappeared out of thin air, when he reappeared, he was already in front of Rhodes.


The imbued blade with Busoshoku Haki slashed through the air, bringing an astonishing tearing sound, targeting Rhodes.

Before the sword could even reach him, a faint stinging pain could be felt on his face.


Rhodes got serious, holding the sword in both hands, he hardened his blade with Haki, and then greeted him without showing any weakness.


The sound of gold and iron clashing suddenly exploded, and invisible airwaves swept out.

The two blades that were dyed pitch black with Haki collided together, but after a stalemate, they suddenly separated and then collided frantically.

Clang clang clang clang…

In the blink of an eye, the two clashed dozens or hundreds of times, and most of the audience could only see the two shadows fighting together on the field.

The terrifying speed even set off a strong wind, blowing dust.

This battle between the swordsmen was shocking!

“This is Leonard’s true strength? It’s horrifying!” Haus couldn’t help but say, while the cold sweat was covering his forehead.

Only now did he realize how lucky he was. If he collided with such a big guy in the outside world, I’m afraid he wouldn’t last long before he would be chopped into pieces!

“After joining the Beasts Pirates, I must work hard to get a Devil Fruit as soon as possible and strengthen myself!” He thought in his heart, and his eyes became more and more determined.

Hearing the sound of “Bang”, the figures in the field suddenly separated, and they each retreated more than ten meters, breathing slightly.

This kind of intense collision, even though both of them have inhuman physiques and long endurance, they can’t stand it for long.

“You are very good, but if you think you can beat me, it’s a few years sooner!”

Leonard showed a proud look because, in the previous clash, he had the upper hand!

“Leonard’s speed and strength are all superior to you. His Busoshoku Haki is a little weaker, but he is still a little bit stronger…”

In the VIP seat, Gion’s light analysis made Rhodes look thoroughly.

“If you want to win, your current strength is not enough.”

Koala smiled lightly and said, “Keep watching, he’s not serious yet.”

Gion’s expression changed when she heard the words and stared with her beautiful eyes at the stage without blinking; even if she said so, she was ready to rescue at any time.

Gion will not base her expectations on nothing. She is a great swordsman, a powerhouse at the top of the world. She is accustomed to taking everything in her hands and acting according to her own preferences. She fell in love with the idea of apprenticing Rhodes; thus, she will not allow him to have an accident.

Or in other words, she won’t allow him to die in such a small place!

In the field.

Hearing Leonard’s confident words, Rhodes was expressionless. He didn’t answer him with words, but with a slash out of his sword.


The next moment, blue sword energy wrapped in terrifying lightning swept out, like a light curtain, more than ten meters in a vertical and horizontal radius, forming a thunder field!


Lightning is already known for its speed, and the same is true for the sword Qi. The two are mixed together, they were as fast as light and shadow. Leonard only had time to harden his entire body and ended up shrouded in lightning.

Trick, prick.

Even with the protection of the hardening of the Busoshoku Haki, the terrifying power of thunder was still unbearable, his muscles twitched, his whole body tingled, and his hair stood on end.


Finally, Leonard rushed out of the lightning field in an embarrassed manner. He jumped back for dozens of meters, then stopped to take a breath, and let out a puff of black smoke. His expression was extremely ugly at that moment.

Bell’s arena was as silent as death at this moment!

Everyone was staring blankly at the god-like young figure bathed in lightning on the stage!