Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 53 Attack!

The sea breeze blew gently, and the deck was silent.

“What just happened?!”

“Ain was instantly defeated.”

Everyone, especially the members of the Neo Marines, couldn’t help but rub their eyes as if they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Ain was the pillar of the Neo Marines by being one of the strongest, and the only people who can be compared with her are Shuzo and Binz.

Coupled with her delicate face and beautiful body, she is extremely famous in the Marines headquarters, and her popularity is high, even Gion’s personal guards have heard of her.

“Brother Rhodes is very strong, no wonder Eleanor was shriveled.”

“I thought he only had that handsome face, but I didn’t expect him to be so strong, ah, I’m so moved.”

“Back off, Rhodes is mine!”

The guards were whispering, laughing, and talking nonsense.

“How did Ain lose… did she underestimate him?”

Binz was a little bewildered.

He ate the Grow-Grow Devil Fruit. So he can spawn plants and control them to fight. His ability is similar to the Wood Release in Naruto World, but his strength is not known by many people. He is often educated by Ain.

“No, this young man is too strong!”

Shuzo looked a little dignified. He was a master of martial arts, he could see more things than Binz.

Ain couldn’t keep up with Rhodes’ rhythm. She was defeated and restrained in an instant. Although she fought with some carelessness, a real fight probably wouldn’t last for a few more rounds.

On the upper deck, no one knew when Zephyr and Gion appeared here, but they have watched the entire battle.

“Looks like you have a good apprentice.”

The look in Zephyr’s eyes was a little deep as if he had remembered something.

A smile flashed in Gion’s eyes, but she said indifferently, “It’s still a long way off.”

“He’s very good, even the three of them, were at this level at the beginning, or maybe even a little weaker. However, those three had very powerful Logia type devil fruits.”

Zephyr shook his head slightly. He is said to be the best at training and excavating newcomers in the pirate world, and he can easily tell a person’s potential and future from some details.

“If I haven’t taken that crucial step, no matter how strong my potential was at the time, I wouldn’t have become a great swordsman.” Gion saw it clearly.

In the era of the great pirates, every year, there are supernovas with extraordinary talents or others with powerful Devil Fruit abilities. There are also those who are proficient in Haki and some top swordsmen.

However, those who really meet their potential, let alone reach the pinnacle, are very few compared to lower-level existences such as Doflamingo.

Zephyr didn’t speak anymore.

Because what Gion said was quite right, only a few can be remembered as legends on this sea.


The two giant warships sailed. As long as they don’t break into the territory of

the Yonko, they should be safe.

With full speed, they soon came near to their target.

The pirate group that Rhodes and others had to deal with this time was once called the Devil Pirates.

Captain Spark was a supernova ten years ago. After breaking into the new world, he did a series of great achievements, and stirred up the situation; thus, his bounty was 340 million.

Later, no one knows what happened, he just stopped sailing, and took an island of himself, engaging in criminal transactions such as drugs, slaves, arms, and weapons.

Through various clues, Zephyr found the old nest of the Spark forces and decided to attack and destroy them. However, because he was worried about casualties, he called Gion for help.

At this moment, on the warship, Rhodes and others looked forward and could already see the outline of an island in the distance.

“As soon as we get close, Ain, Rhodes, and others will quickly break into the island and kill the enemy cadres. The rest of the under the leadership of Adjutant Eleanor will make steady progress to eliminate the fishes that will slip through the net.”

“Gion will go ahead and take care of Spark.”

“Harmon should be there too, he’s the top cadre of the Devil Pirates. The other members of the crew should all be strong too. They are all pirates with a bounty of over 100 million, or even more than 200 million. It has been many years now, and they should be stronger.”

Zephyr issued a battle plan with a solemn face and arranged everyone’s tasks.

“Do you understand?!”


Ain and the others roared imposingly.

On the side, Gion had an indifferent look on her face, this lazy woman is only responsible for cutting people.

If it wasn’t for Zephyr who was in charge this time, she would have definitely gone to the island alone, then she would call for her guards to clean up the mess after the fight.

“Be careful.”

Before leaving, Gion said to Rhodes.

After all, actual combat is different, and any accident may happen. She finally found a precious apprentice, and she doesn’t want to lose him here.

Rhodes smiled and said, “Don’t worry, only a few people on this island can be a threat to me.”

Gion nodded lightly, then followed Zephyr using Geppo to attack Spark.

At the same time, the warship was heading towards the island at full speed.

There were watchtowers on the island when they saw two giant warships approaching, their faces lost colors.

“A marines warship is approaching!”

The sentinels looked nervous and hurriedly reported the news.

On the island, a Clubhouse

This clubhouse was splendid and luxurious on the outside, but there were a lot of prisons underground, imprisoning a large number of slaves; Fishmen, mermaids, little people, long-handed people, and so on.

Most of these slaves were shivering, but no one even dares to resist or cry, because if they dare to do so, they will be beaten to death, and life is better than death.

At this time, on the top floor of the building, in a room.

On the bright side of the island, Harmon, the top cadre, was sitting face to face with a bald old man.

“Boss Spark was very satisfied with this transaction, and he’s sending his gratitude to your captain.”

“Well, I’ll tell him.”

The bald-headed old man’s expression was light, with a hint of arrogance that was difficult not to detect.

Harmon didn’t take it seriously. Although their Devil Pirates have been operating very well in the past ten years, they cannot be compared to these guys.

The Doflamingo family is dominating the underground world, and the man himself is one of the Shichibukai.

Even one of his Diamante Army Officers, Lao G, is strong enough to be comparable to him.


Suddenly, Harmon frowned slightly and took a Den Den Mushi out of his pocket.

“What’s wrong?”

“Boss Harmon, there is a marines invasion!”


Harmon narrowed his eyes slightly, although he was not confused, the moment he was about to ask for more information he heard a continuous roar from a distance as if it were hundreds of cannons firing at the same time.

“This firepower!”

Lao G’s expression suddenly changed.