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RWBK Chapter 6: Sudden Enhancement

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All kinds of colorful lights flashed in front of Rhodes’ eyes when he decided to draw the new talent from the book of knowledge, and suddenly some weird words that were unreadable at first drifted in front of him, then gradually started to look clearer.


With just a glance at the list of words that were in front of him, Rhodes could no longer maintain his composure and exclaimed in surprise.

Initially, he thought that the talents that he could draw were nothing more than physical skills, firearms skills, and other talents similar to sword skills, he didn’t expect that this book of knowledge was far more powerful than he imagined.

Not only does it have immediate effects such as [Divine Power], [Supersonic Speed], and [Toughness], which directly and greatly strengthens the physical talent of the body.

There are also elemental talents such as [Thunder Control], [Ice Control], and [Flame Control]!

It doesn’t stop there.

From the words that flashed by him, Rhodes even saw incredible abilities such as [Power of Doors], [Power of Faith], and [Power of Luck], similar to the innate abilities of the Devil Fruit in the Pirate World!

Looking at these innate abilities that floated by, Rhodes’ heart was beating wildly, and his eyes turned a little red.

“Ah, the divine power is very good. With this, my slashing power will at least skyrocket several times!”

“The element talents are also very powerful. Although it doesn’t work the same way as Logia, it is so handsome…”

“The power of the door? Damn it, with this, not a single place in this world will be out of my reach!”

Damn it, why can’t I draw more than one?

I want everything…

In Rhodes’ endless resentment, the golden words floating in front of him finally slowed down.

One by one incomparably powerful talents drifted by.

The speed is getting slower and slower.


It stopped at the words [Medical Specialist]…

“Isn’t this…” Rhodes was stunned for a moment, is this his fate for studying medicine that he will never be able to escape even in his two lifetimes?

But studying medicine can’t save the world!

Almost at the next moment, he scrolled down slightly and finally stopped on the next talent.

I already wasted one-lifetime studying medicine, but the next one surely…

Without any further delay, Rhodes decided what will be his next talent. The words turned into a bright golden light, wandering like a galaxy, and finally merged into his attribute column.

Level 2: Book of Knowledge

Attributes: Intelligence +2, Wisdom +1


Swordsmanship Specialist – With the combination of human and sword, your comprehension of swordsmanship will be greatly improved!

Thunder Control – The Rebirth of the God of Thunder. You can freely control the power of thunder!

Energy: 0/1000

“The power of thunder, huh?”

Seeing this scene, Rhodes was slightly excited. He knew that the Book of Knowledge is his only way to become stronger, and decided to follow it, but he didn’t have a clear pathway up until now.

Unexpectedly, this turned out to be the case in the end.

Rhodes, whose intelligence is more than twice that of ordinary people, has an extremely strong memory. Almost at the same time he saw the talent of [Thunder Control], countless sparks of inspiration flashed in his mind.

Scenes that he had seen before flash in his mind.

Enel, the god of thunder on the Skypiea. The omnipotent thunder fruit user.

There are also other users of this element in the Naruto world, which uses thunder to activate their cells and strengthen the nerves.

There is also the famous Misaka Mikoto’s Railgun, Chidori, Real Thunderbolt, Beams of Thunder, Smite… etc.

A series of moves and techniques came to his mind instantly, and Rhodes could hardly wait to develop these abilities one by one.

“Calm down, you need to calm down…”

Rhodes took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

Everything has a priority; no one can become fat in one go.

Moreover, the Thunder Power that Rhodes can currently control, is simply not strong enough to develop overly powerful moves.

“For the time being, I have the swordsman-level slash as an attack method. My attributes are completely unbalanced, the most lacking…”

“It’s still toughness, speed, and physical strength.”

Rhodes pondered.

Thinking of the poor result of his Doroki Strength value measured today, he couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed.

A true respectful swordsman his Doroki Strength would start at least at 1,000, and he would not have a ceiling, but he only has a pitiful 249 points, what has been shown today wasn’t that great. He actually made a fool of himself

Everything is because of this weak body.

If this problem is not solved, he will never be able to become a real strong man.

flick, flick……

Slowly controlling the lightning all over the body, carefully controlling the intensity, Rhodes’ whole body turned blue; he quickly looked in the mirror, but his hair did not stand up.

Looking at the blue light-like figure in the mirror, and feeling the faint numbness on the surface of his body, Rhode thought quietly.

Using lightning to stimulate cells in the body and enhance the nerves’ activity is definitely a feasible method.

If the development is successful, it will truly lay the foundation of Rhodes’ strength, and add to his fast-growing swordsmanship. With only these two talents, Rhodes will have the confidence to face any existence in this world, whether it is Kaido or Whitebeard.

However, this method is very dangerous and can be life-threatening, and it will take him more time to explore.

The Raikage’s technique, the lightning cloak, is a secret method, which is passed down from generation to generation. Their ancestors must have spent an unknown amount of money on research, and countless years practicing to create this powerful secret technique.

But the situation here is different, let’s not talk about the difference in human body strength between Pirate World and Naruto World.

The talent of Lightning control allows him to control Lightning meticulously, and adjust the magnitude little by little. From a weak start, the current intensity is stable, and there will never be a scene of high current burning the body and going out of control.

He can simply do what he wants with it.

Rhodes sits cross-legged on the bed, and first reduced the intensity of lightning to a negligible level.

Then, he manipulated the current and let it flow in his body.

Rhodes is a doctor, so he naturally knows how much can the human body withstand, and which part of his body he should start working on. The internal organs are by no means the area that Rhodes cannot touch now, as for his muscles and bones, they’re more durable.

At this time, his intelligence bonus took effect.

He has 1.5 times the perception of an ordinary person, allowing Rhodes to feel the discomfort of his body more acutely and more quickly, so he can adjust it.

At the same time, the mastery of Swordsmen’s concentration state allows Rhodes to devote himself to the control of the current, without being disturbed by external factors, and there will be no current control errors caused by distraction.

To make it more simple, every step is under his control.


The electric current roamed every muscle and every inch of bone in Rhodes’ body, carefully avoiding those fragile organs and other areas.

Perhaps because Rhodes’ foundation is too poor, or perhaps because the effect of electricity strengthening his body is really amazing. But he could clearly feel the strong tingling coming from his whole body, just like the tingling of growing bones!

This kind of enhancement that is visible to the naked eye and can almost be felt is more intoxicating than fine wine.

Rhodes forgot about the world and everything in it and put all of his focus into this process, He couldn’t even feel the passage of time at all.

It was bright outside, but the room was still dark.

A pair of eyes were suddenly opened in the darkness like two stars shining brightly under the deep dark night sky.

“Although the effect is not particularly obvious, this was only my first attempt.”

“With more proficiency in the future, the effect will definitely be stronger.” Rhodes looked excited.

Since the day he came to this world three months ago, this was the first time he ever felt proud of his physical strength; now there won’t be a woman of his age that can be compared to him when it comes to strength!!!

Can you imagine the feeling of being despised by girls in terms of strength?

Anyway, Rhodes couldn’t bear it, and he never wants to feel that shame again in this life!

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