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S.C.S Chapter 127: Finds A Bear At The Door

Garp couldn’t help but glance at Kuma as he got up and picked up the photos to leave for his task.

Although Garp always looks careless on the surface, in fact, his mind was sharper than everyone else. When he saw Ian’s photo in Sengoku’s file bag, Garp guessed that this mission might attract Kuma’s attention.

So Garp wasn’t surprised at all when he heard Kuma’s words.

In Garp’s opinion, there should be some kind of relationship between Kuma and Ian, but it’s hard to guess.

Garp has met Ian once before. His impression of the young man was quite good. He could see that Ian was not the kind of sinister person, so Garp didn’t mind helping him. When Sengoku was puzzled by Kuma’s hat, Garp said the sentence, “He’s an admirer of Kuma”, Bartholomew Kuma, one of Shichibukai, was naturally so famous, and it is not surprising that he has many admirers.

Sengoku and Garp were friends for many years, so Sengoku immediately understood Garp’s meaning, and removed Ian from the list of people that should be eliminated.

This was a unique tacit agreement between Sengoku and Garp.

The two played this trick, and indirectly pushed Kuma out for the mission. They didn’t care about what kind of a relationship Ian and Kuma have, as long as he keeps doing what they want.

Shichibukais are tyrannical and haughty. Although they were just pawns of the World Government and the Marines, in most cases, they don’t care about the marines and the government at all, and sometimes they ignore their calls. The only exception was Bartholomew Kuma. He has a good relationship with the Marines and the World Government, and he is more obedient to their orders. This was the reason why Sengoku pulled him to this meeting. For them now, Kuma alone could do what half of their own people could!

Now that he has offered to take the initiative, Sengoku was so relaxed. He really didn’t want to send Garp or Tsuru out. In the Marine Headquarters, there must be some powerful people in case of a sudden event…


In a hut in the mangrove No. 27, several people with various weapons were gathering there and arguing loudly about something.

However, just at this time, the people in the room suddenly heard a loud creaking noise. Before they knew what was going on, they suddenly saw that the corner of the house was cracked!

Immediately afterward, a huge shock wave swept through, tearing the dry weeds and smashing the rotten wood to shatter directly, and everyone in the house was blown away with its powerful impact!

After the shock wave, these people struggled to get up from under the rubble, all of them were injured, but when they were just about to cry out in pain, they suddenly shut up and stared at a tall man who appeared in front of them.

This tall man, needless to say, was Bartholomew Kuma, the one who was ordered to get rid of all participants!

He was still holding his book in his left hand at the moment, but the black glove of his right hand was taken off, and he looked down at the group of people, and said in a low voice, “Where are the Red Murderers, the Naroth Brothers?”

As soon as his voice fell, two men with red hair in the crowd suddenly trembled all over.

“It looks like you two are the Naroth Brothers!” Kuma’s voice was low, and he looked at the two men.

“Fast… flee! It’s the ‘tyrant’ Kuma!”

The two men with redheads were from the guys who took part in the gathering last night. Before that, they were still discussing with their subordinates whether to take part in robbing the tribute gold or not. As a result, unexpectedly, the World Government sent out a Shichibukai to deal with this matter!

The two brothers burst out heartrending shouts and turned around to run.

However, at this time, Kuma extended his right hand in the direction where they fled, and gently launched an attack!

Some balls of solid air, forming a Paw, visible to the naked eye, flew towards the two Naroth brothers in an instant. It was launched at the same speed as a bullet, so that Paw of air directly pierced their bodies.

This was Kuma’s unique move, Pad Ho “Pressure Cannon”. Kuma repels the air around him, sending a devastating shockwave toward his opponent at high speed. After a second, they suddenly spat a mouth full of blood and fell on the ground with white eyes.

Although Kuma didn’t kill them directly, the paw attack struck their bodies and damaged their internal organs. The two were seriously injured.

Confirming that the two weren’t capable of even moving for a long time, Kuma pulled out their photos and tore it off. The fragments of the photos were scattered, and he had suddenly disappeared.


The encounter of the Naroth brothers was not accidental. In the following time, many people who attended the gathering last night were attacked by Kuma.

Not only the local underground forces of Sabaody Archipelago, but also those from other places were attacked. No matter where they came from, as long as their hiding place was exposed and their information was obtained by the Marines, they would find a bear’s figure at their doors. (Kuma XD)

For a while, all the underground forces on the Sabaody Archipelago started to flee, especially those who had participated in the gathering and had made up their minds to take part in this operation. They knew that they couldn’t stay much longer on the island and had to leave.

Fortunately, they still have time to take a three-day trip to Genena Island, which was a little far away from Sabaody Archipelago. In that case, the Marine’s reinforcement (Kuma) won’t reach them there.

Meanwhile, Kuma’s attack still suppressed many people, which reached Sengoku’s goal by reducing the number of participants.

Ian was a little late when he heard the news. His men gathered in the stronghold at this time to report the situation to Ian.

Knowing that the attacker was Kuma, Ian was very surprised. He didn’t expect that Kuma himself would come to Sabaody Archipelago and eliminate the participants. He thought that even if the Marines would come, they would probably send a Vice Admiral.

“Boss Ian, what should we do?” Hawking stood in front of Ian and asked anxiously.

He knew that Ian had also attended the gathering. Even though he had not made a final decision yet, but since the Marines send “the Tyrant” Kuma to stop this operation, it was natural to make an example or a warning to others. Hawking was not sure whether the Ian family would be found or not.

Ian narrowed his eyes slightly and looked straight to all the men in front of him. Most of them looked very erratic, so he said, “If you want to leave, then leave!”

Hawking and the Limp were stunned for a moment. They wanted to say something, but they saw Ian waving his hand and said, “That’s it! I won’t stop you! “

The reason for this decision was that Ian knows that these people were indeed too weak. In the appearance of a Shichibukai, many people decided to run away, so why should they be forced to stay?

Ian has made up his mind to steal the two Devil Fruits. Afterward, he doesn’t know what kind of reaction the marines will have. All these people were just ordinary people. There’s no need to involve them in such a big event.

Sure enough, after confirming that what Ian said was true, many people left immediately. Most of those who left were people who had been recruited by the other four families.

However, Hawking and the oldest members of the original family did not leave. In fact, they didn’t even know where they could go after leaving the family.

Ian took out the remaining 20 million Berries and gave them to Hawking. “In a few days, if I didn’t come back, you have to make a living on your own! Take this money and open a shop in the tourist area. It’s better than staying in this lawless area.”

Hawking and the Limp took the money. They were so surprised, they didn’t expect Ian to give them such a large amount of money.

Back then, because they had no money, they could only live in these lawless areas. They were just ordinary people, but if they just have one chance to live a normal life, they would, for sure, take it. No one would like to fight, kill and rob every day to stay alive, so as Ian said, with this money, they could find a proper business to carry on together, living a peaceful life.

This is what makes Ian different from the old boss Sicilian. Sicilian was eager to hold all the money in his hands, and he won’t consider doing anything for his staff, but Ian didn’t forget them and thought about a good future for his loyal men.

“Thank you, Boss Ian!” Hawking and the Limp bent down and bowed deeply to Ian.

Ian didn’t speak, and when he was about to let them go, Saru hurried over and said, “Boss Ian, the tyrant Kuma is here!”

Ian took a deep breath. In fact, at this time, he didn’t know what Kuma was coming for, so he could only go out and see.

‘I haven’t seen him for so many years. Does uncle Kuma still remember me? I’m afraid if he doesn’t remember me… then he isn’t here to visit me…’

At the door, Ian saw the tall figure of Kuma at first glance.

“Are you the Pirate Hunter, Ian?” Kuma asked in his low voice when he saw him coming out.

“That’s me!” Ian nodded, and then said: “Uncle Kuma, don’t you remember me?”

“…” Kuma looked down at Ian without saying a word.

Hawking followed behind Ian, holding a weapon in his hand, but when he looked at the two, he found that the hat on Ian’s head was exactly the same as Kuma’s, plus when he heard the dialogue between the two, Hawking’s heart ignited some hope…

However, at this time, Kuma put his book away, took off his gloves, and extended his hands high in the air!

A giant bubble appeared between his palms in the shape of a Paw. With the constant compression of Kuma’s hands, the mass of air was getting smaller and smaller.

As soon as Ian saw Kuma making this move, he immediately knew that things were not going to be good, and immediately turned his head to Hawking and shouted: “Run!!!!”

Hawking didn’t understand what was going on, he couldn’t help being stunned for a moment, but it was such a momentary delay that they had lost their time to escape.

“Ursus Shock!” (“Bear Impact”)

Kuma gently released the compressed air out of his hands and sent it towards Ian and the rest.

After a second, the small air mass quickly decompressed, causing a massive explosion in the form of a bear paw.

Ian only had time to squat a little down, putting his hands in front of his body, lowering his head, and trying to resist Kuma’s attack, but as the shock wave hit, he was pushed back at high speed, while his feet plowed two deep gullies on the ground!

After waiting for a long time with continuous pain, the shock wave finally dissipated. Looking around, Ian found that the house behind him has been completely destroyed. Hawking and the rest were not to be found, he didn’t know where they have been blown.

The whole place, as if it has been blown by a huge bomb, left a huge hole with a ten-meter diameter where the Paw exploded, similar to a meteorite strike.

Although Ian was fine, he was in a ragged shirt and has many scratches all over his body. He was cut by the strong air brought by the burst!

If Ian hadn’t been training with Rayleigh and cultivating his physical strength, he didn’t know how much he would suffer this time, facing suck an attack.

It was also at this time that he knew how powerful Kuma was.

Kuma’s Fruit ability was quite strong. Although Ian does not know whether he has reached the awakening level of his fruit, but he could get a glimpse of it from the impact of this Ursus Shock.

Ian gritted his teeth, he was so annoyed. He thought that Kuma might remember him after seeing the hat he was wearing, but he turned around and sent such a powerful attack, which might mean that Kuma has lost his humanity!

“Uncle Kuma, what’s going on? Could it be that the opportunity for his transformation to a human weapon has been completed ahead of time, so now, he has no memory?” Ian thought about it, but then felt that it was a bit impossible. It’s true that the Human body transformation is an amazing technology invented by the talented scientist, Dr. Vegapunk, but how could it be completed ahead of time?

‘I really can’t figure it out… then I won’t think about it…! Now since uncle Kuma has started the fight and attack hard, I’m going to fight back!’