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S.C.S Chapter 146: The Estuary

Ian was experiencing one of the most exciting things in his life!

Ship racing!

When the ship carrying Ian and the slaves was sliding down from the mountain, the most exciting racing in their life had already begun.

What about the roller coasters!? Nah, the speed of the ship’s glide was faster than a roller coaster. Everyone was holding on tightly to the things that can support their bodies, but they all felt that their bodies were going to fly!

The strong wind blowing on their faces made their expressions present all kinds of strange shapes.

No one dared to let go, because if someone let go, he will fly out at extreme speed. Everyone used their best effort to hold on, some were hugging the mast, others were holding ropes, and the rest were buckling the ship’s side.

Originally, the current in this channel was fairly smooth, but when it was frozen, some waves were also frozen into uneven ice. When the bow hit these ice layers, a huge shock will be sent to the whole ship.

Ian was holding a rope on the ship at this time, and his whole body was hovering in the air. He now has strength in his right hand, but he was holding on firmly and didn’t dare to loosen.

When the shock came, Ian couldn’t help worrying about whether the hull can support such a thing or not!

He was not the only one who thought about it, everyone on the ship was thinking like him. Now this ship was carrying all these people’s hopes. Once it’s destroyed, it will be the end.

A loud scream came from a skinny looking slave who couldn’t keep holding the rope, and he flew out of the ship…

Ian turned his head and looked at him as he fell on the ice. With a “Splash”, a spot on the frozen river turned red by his blood…

In such an extremely high-speed situation, once he falls out of the ship, it’s inevitable death. It is silly to think that he can survive or can still slide down the ice after falling out, that’s impossible! Because the ice layer was so hard, when he fell on it, it smashed his bones into pieces.

This male slave was clear proof.

“Hold on!” Ian shouted to the crowd, “The speed of the ship is so fast that we will reach the bottom in a short time.”

As he said that, everyone understood him. But even so, the whole ship was still quite dangerous, not for its high speed, but whether the ship can sail in a straight line.

At the steering wheel in the front of the ship, two strong fish-men were holding the steering wheel, because the rudder at the bottom of the stern was also in contact with the ice, which was the only way to control the ship.

However, things went wrong afterward. When the ship was about halfway down, suddenly another shock came, and it seemed that they bumped into another frozen wave. The bow direction was changed a little bit, which made the ship slope to the right river bank obliquely.

“Hurry up! Turn it back! “

When the two fish-men saw this scene, they were scared to death. They wanted to pull the steering wheel to the left, but they couldn’t do it. The ship was still sliding to the right little by little, and kept approaching the river bank.

With a bang, the right front position of the bow was the first to hit a rock on the bank of the river. The ship’s side at that position was hit and crushed, and countless pieces of wood chips and sawdust were flying away.

Several slaves near that area were shot and flew with the impact, and several flew out of the ship, and one of them was even worse. When he flew out, he directly hit the rocky wall of the river bank.

It turned to a rain of blood…

However, that was not a bigger problem. At this time, the ship on the right side was rubbing against the rock wall of the river bank. Under the huge force, the ship may collapse at any time. If they encounter another frozen wave while they were in this position, that will finish them!

“Pull back!!!”

The two fish-men, taking advantage of the friction and the deceleration of the hull, landed their feet on the deck again. At this time, they were able to exert their strength very well. They worked hard together, little by little, to put the ship back on the right track.

Then the speed of the ship began to increase again, and then the two fish-men returned and fixed the steering wheel when they placed the ship in the middle of the river.

“Hold on! Don’t move it again!” Some slaves shouted at them.

In fact, they can’t move even if they want to. At this time, the force of the ice put the rudder at the stern under a very serious situation. The rudder has chiseled out a shallow groove on the ice all the way down.

Although they weren’t able to see the situation of the rudder, they could imagine that the rudder won’t last for a long time, and it may break at any time.

So everyone was praying for it to last them the rest of the way…

At this time, the giant warrior, who had been holding on the bow, suddenly shouted with excitement and said, “Almost there! I see the sea below! “

As soon as these words were shouted out, all the people in the ship heard them, so they cheered up again.

However, just at this time, a loud clicking sound came from the ship, and people in the second half of the boat saw a big thick board flying.

“The rudder is broken!!!”

A shrill cry came, and everyone got a strong heartbeat.

The two fish-men in charge of the helm, at this time, because the rudder was broken, the steering wheel became lighter, so the two began to rotate around as the steering wheel turned fast…

Fortunately, before the rudder was broken, the heading direction of the bow was still straight, so the ship kept sliding down as it was for the time being.

“Come on! We are almost there!!”

All people, including Ian, were thinking of this sentence madly while holding onto the supporting object tightly.

It was getting closer and closer. Now not only the giant in the bow position saw the sea, but other people have also seen it. But then people have found a new problem, because just at the estuary, the ice layer was gone!

At their current speed, the entire ship may hit the sea surface with buoyant force at the moment of contact with the sea, but it may also plunge into the sea!

At that time, no matter what kind of situation, it will be accompanied by a huge impact.

Even if they escaped from the hell of Marijoa, the escape route was still so difficult, which made many people cry.

‘Can we survive?’ Everyone asked themselves.

Ian gritted his teeth and grabbed the rope at the same time. He was also worried. Originally, if he was in good health, he would not be afraid, but the problem was that his left hand and feet were both unconscious, and he was not sure what would happen when he falls into the sea.


When the ship finally reached the estuary, it was flattened because of the inclination angle. However, with the moment of flattening, a huge jolt force came, and many people were thrown out!

Ian was also shaken hard by the rope he was holding, and could not hold it any longer. Then he was thrown into the air. He only felt like he was a whirl in the sky and then fell into the sea from a high altitude!

After falling into the sea from a height of tens of meters, Ian failed to adjust his posture. He fell down, hitting his back at the sea surface. When his back was slammed hard, the huge force made Ian unable to persist. He spewed out a mouthful of blood and then sank into the sea.

Bloop bloop bloop… the people were thrown from the ship fall into the water one after another. The sea around the ship was like dumplings.

However, hitting the sea surface was not tragic. The real tragedy was for those who were thrown up and finally fall back on the deck. Some people were directly killed, while those who survived were seriously injured.

When it finally quieted down, the people on the ship who were in a good state stood up trembling.

“Rescue… help the others!!”

A rush began, some ran to rescue those who fell on the deck, while others jumped into the sea, and salvaged those who fell into the water.

Ian was sinking in the sea at this time, unable to ask for help by waving his hands and feet. He was hit hard when he fell into the water. He was lucky that he didn’t faint on the spot.

Even so, Ian couldn’t swim. He just felt that he was choked hard. His ears and nose were filled with seawater. Drowning was the most painful thing he experienced. Ian was sinking and felt like he was buried under the sea. His consciousness gradually began to blur.

‘Am I going to die here like this?’

While Ian was thinking this way, he saw a dark shadow swimming towards him in his blurred vision, and finally, he could not hold on any longer, and passed out.


By the time Ian and the rest were facing this crisis, Marijoa had already exploded.

Admiral Aokiji came back, and he failed to catch the mastermind of the slave riot at this time. Not only that, but he was also wounded!

Even the Marines’ most powerful forces, An Admiral were injured!?

The World Government and the Marines were shocked, and they quickly held a meeting to discuss this incident.

Because Aokiji was in the process of emergency treatment, the World Government and the Marines were unable to listen to his report for the time being, so they could only ask the officers who accompanied him.

These officers gave a detailed report on the battle between Aokiji and Ian, the mastermind, at that time. However, the most impressive thing was the Black Dragon Wave that Ian shot.

When they mentioned it, everyone had an expression of lingering fear. They used various words to describe the damage caused by the black flames of the flying dragon.

The scene of the investigation also showed that these people did not lie. Even the rocks were incinerated by the scorching Hellfire. It can also be seen by Aokiji’s injuries, which was not an accident.

At that time, the World Government and the Marines also understood that Aokiji has encountered an opponent who could counter his abilities. No matter how angry the Celestial Dragons were, they would not blame Aokiji.

Combining various descriptions, the World Government and the Marines also had an impression of the mysterious man in black.

In their view, this mysterious man in black was probably someone who can use powerful Flame Abilities. So they began researching for this person from all the intelligence information.

And the first one they suspected was “Fire Fist” Ace!