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S.C.S Chapter 421: Men’s True Communication

As a swordsman, it is common to have an unwavering passion for great blades. This holds true for Hawk Eye, who possesses the revered Black Sword Yoru, one of the twelve Supreme Grade Blades. However, this has not deterred his desire to lay eyes on other famed swords.

During the Great War on Salamis Island, Hawk Eye was entranced by the sight of Ian’s Senbonzakura being transformed into a shower of petals. From that moment on, he has been obsessed with the weapon.

Never before had he encountered such a miraculous sword, and he longs to see it for himself. This desire was the driving force behind his immediate acceptance of Ian’s invitation from Sengoku. In his mind, joining the organization would provide him the opportunity to meet Ian and behold the legendary blade.

The simplicity of this reason caused some embarrassment for Sengoku at the time, but all members of the Shichibukai were in agreement that Ian should join their ranks.

However, after Ian’s induction into the organization, he did not report his arrival at the marine headquarters or make himself known to the other members. The marines also made no effort to gather the Seven Warlords for a meeting or celebration. As a result, Mihawk has yet to meet the newest member or fulfilled his desire to see the famed sword.

While he could have taken the initiative to seek out Ian, Mihawk was not one to actively pursue such endeavors. Thus, his chance to achieve his wish has been delayed.

Fortunately, the ways this world works are so wonderful. Ian killed Krieg more than two years ago, but now he has encountered Mihawk on this Grand Line. When Mihawk found that the flag of the Hunter Dragon Pirate Group was hanging on the ship while he was on his boat, he immediately locked his target.

However, what Mihawk did not expect was that Ian’s Senbonzakura was not a famous sword in his impression. Although it was also a remarkable sword, it seemed that it was not in the category of famous swords in this world. And when he listened to Ian’s explanation, he realized that this blade was probably made by Ian himself to suit his own ability!

Yes, what he understood by Ian’s words was that he made it himself…

In this way, Mihawk’s disappointment naturally became logical.

Drinking the beer that Ian turned over to him, Mihawk had originally wanted to get up and leave, but just as he turned around, he suddenly said, “I changed my mind!”

Ian heard something inexplicable and said, “What changed your mind?”

“It would be very boring if I left like this!” Mihawk looked at Ian with his sharp eyes and said, “I came to find you and pass some time. Since I wasn’t amazed by that sword of yours, let’s see what kind of power does come from it and its wielder!”

As soon as this was said, Mihawk’s aura suddenly changed, and a daunting oppressive feeling came from him, directly rushing to Ian.

At this moment, Ian couldn’t help but feel that Mihawk was a truly remarkable individual. Only a moment ago, he had claimed to have no interest in fighting, yet now he seemed eager for a fight.

Ian watched as Mihawk’s entire being transformed into something akin to a drawn blade, his aura sharp and deadly. Ian’s own expression grew serious as he asked, “Are you serious?”

“Absolutely!” Mihawk reached behind him, his hand closing around the hilt of his prized sword, the Black Blade Yoru. With slow, measured movements, he drew the massive weapon from its sheath, its curved blade glinting in the light. Mihawk held the sword pointed downward, the blade resting against the deck of the ship, as he declared, “I’ve had a change of heart. Your strength is worthy of facing my Yoru.”

It was a rare occurrence for Mihawk to feel that someone was worthy of crossing swords with him. He had traveled the Grand Line for many years, but Ian was the only one who had ever inspired him to draw his most prized weapon.

Robin, Ace, and Doroni looked on with a mixture of shock and amazement at the sudden turn of events. Only moments ago, Ian and Mihawk had been chatting amiably and even sharing a drink, but now they were preparing for a duel.

“Very well,” Ian replied, his own sense of pride preventing him from backing down. As a member of the Shichibukai, he naturally would not back down.

Due to his attachment to the system level, Ian was destined to constantly challenge stronger foes in order to earn more experience points and improve himself. Previously, during his time in Dressrosa, Ian had emerged victorious against Drought Jack, an accomplishment that earned him a level and a half’s worth of experience. Despite not killing Jack, the victory had still greatly boosted Ian’s overall experience.

It was clear that Mihawk, at the very least, was on par with Drought Jack, if not stronger. Defeating him would undoubtedly grant Ian a considerable amount of experience. Even in the event of a draw, Ian would still reap significant rewards.

Thus, Ian eagerly accepted Mihawk’s proposal. However, upon surveying their surroundings, Ian realized that they wouldn’t be able to engage in combat on the ship, as their battle might end up sinking it. There were too many people with Devil Fruit abilities on board, and Ian knew he couldn’t save them all by himself.

“Let’s go to that uninhabited island over there,” Ian suggested, gesturing towards a location in the right front. “We can have our showdown there.”

The island, which was more of a large reef, was visible to Mihawk as well, and he had no objections. And so, the two of them set off toward their designated battleground.

After arriving at the small island, Ian and Mihawk disembarked and stood facing one another, a short distance apart. Meanwhile, Reiju and Robin watched from the ship’s railing, eager to see how the battle would unfold.

“Just to be clear, Mihawk,” Ian began, his hand resting on the hilt of his Senbonzakura. “I’m not just a swordsman. I have other abilities as well.”

“Suit yourself,” Mihawk replied with a nod.

Without another word, Ian unsheathed his sword and held it aloft, reciting the incantation that would unleash its full power.

“Scatter, Senbonzakura!”

At the sound of the ancient words, the blade of Ian’s sword transformed into a shower of petals, which scattered in the wind. Mihawk watched the display with satisfaction, grateful that he had stayed to witness this impressive release. Although the Thousand Cherry Blossoms sword was not one of the most famous blades, seeing it in action was more than enough to satisfy Mihawk’s curiosity.

As thousands of cherry blossoms turned into petals and flowed around him, forming a protective ring of petals, Ian extended his right hand and fierce bolts of electricity began to flash between his fingers. These electric sparks penetrated the ground and the iron sand contained in the rock layers of the small island floated up from the ground and slowly rose, then converged in Ian’s right hand.

A low, muffled roar began to stir, and the iron sand sword began to vibrate at a high frequency, forming a sharp vibrating blade around the edge of the blade.

Throughout this scene, seeing Ian suddenly “forge” a new, black sword from nothing, Mihawk no longer had any doubts about Ian’s previous words.

Isn’t this just Ian forging a sword on the spot?

Just as Mihawk was thinking this, he heard Ian say, “Here I come!”

After saying this, Ian’s figure instantly disappeared from its original position.

Mihawk crossed his black sword casually and then swung it violently to his left!

clang! Ian, who appeared there, hit Mihawk’s black sword with the iron sand sword in his hand.

Ian swung his sword with all of his might, but even with his formidable strength, he was no match for such monsters. However, when his blade met Mihawk’s, he was shocked to find that Mihawk’s horizontal slash was able to dissipate his downward force through rapid shaking of his wrist at the moment of contact, neutralizing his strike completely with just a few shakes.

To Reiju and Robin, it seemed as if Mihawk had effortlessly blocked Ian’s blow. “Now! It’s my turn now!” Mihawk yelled, his excitement growing as he grabbed his black sword with both hands and swung it down fiercely at Ian.

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