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S.C.S Chapter 82: Reaching the destination

Ian looked at Roland Gail with narrowed eyes.

Ian won’t be surprised if anyone else took out this Eternal Pose, but Roland Gail…

Ian has always believed that this fellow is a nobleman who has never left the Goa Kingdom, has never seen a pirate, has never seen the danger of the sea, thinking that he has lived his whole as noble in the Goa Kingdom, narrow-minded, Seemingly overbearing but actually cowardly. Such a person unexpectedly pulled out an Eternal Pose that will be used on the Grand Line, which was really strange.

Bill and Crocus felt very embarrassed. They were just saying that the Eternal Pose was very precious, and then someone turned around and pulled out one. It was a bit of a face-beating feeling, but neither of them cared. They just nodded and answered Roland Gail, “Yes, it’s an Eternal Pose to Alabasta!”

“Really?” Roland Gail took back the Eternal Pose with great value, held it in his hand, and said, “I heard that Alabasta is one of the few ancient civilizations on the Grand Line. Is that right?”

“Yes, it’s been a long time since Alabasta was founded!” Crocus nodded.

Ian didn’t have any thoughts about the Eternal Pose in Roland Gail’s hand. He just asked curiously, “Why do you have Alabasta’s Eternal Pose?”

“This was from my ancestors!” Roland Gail answered, “I heard that more than a hundred years ago, our family was a side-branch of the Alabasta’s Royal family, but I don’t know why they suddenly left Alabasta to live In the East Blue…”

Roland Gail said, looking a little flushed and a little excited.

When Ian saw it, he said sarcastically, “You’re taking this Eternal Pose to the Grand Line, and you’re not looking for a chance to return to Alabasta and become a nobleman there, are you?”

Roland Gail looked at Ian with astonishment: “How… How do you know that?”

Ian couldn’t help rolling his eyes. Is it worth telling him? An aristocrat has fallen into the Grand Line with the caravan. It is estimated that his position among the aristocrats of the Goa Kingdom was an embarrassing existence, or that he has begun to fall down. As long as he can see this, Roland Gail’s state would be easy to guess. It’s just to see the records left by his ancestors and go to Alabasta to fight for it. Royal branch, as long as he knows his family success, he can turn over and become a great aristocrat immediately. And that’s much better than continuing to fall down in the Goa Kingdom.

Instead of answering his questions, Ian asked him back, “Have you ever thought about how to get to Alabasta?”

“By boat!?” Roland Gail said, “Can’t you just follow the Eternal Pose by the ship?”

What a naive idea that Ian and Bill could not help shaking their heads when he uttered these words! A nobleman with the power of a chicken thought that he could make it alone on the Grand Line with just a gun.

These so-called nobles’ minds and normal people are different, so Ian did not bother to gossip with Roland Gail, but he focused on Crocus. He remembered that the keeper of the Twin Cape’s Lighthouse, who was on the ship of the legendary Pirate, Gol.D.Roger, was a boat doctor for some time. That is to say, the old man in front of him should have good medical skills.

So Ian wanted to ask Crocus if he had any treatment for Kuina.

But Ian couldn’t ask him that directly. He has to pull out that topic first. Fortunately, there was Bill beside him. He was smoking his pipe, and suddenly he coughed. As an old friend of Bill’s, Crocus naturally should care about him. Taking this opportunity, Ian finally asked. “Uncle, listen to your tone, does he need some medicine?”

Crocus nodded naturally, and the next thing was easy to do. Ian told Kuina’s story in concern and wanted to get a solution from Crocus.

Crocus held his beard for a long time, and then said, “I haven’t seen the patient, so I don’t know too much. According to what you said, there are many reasons why the patient is unconscious, and I don’t have the right solution. However, I can prescribe some medicine for the patient’s health. Perhaps, It can help to stimulate her to wake up.”

This has been very satisfying to Ian. Ivankov once said to him that simple medicine has little effect on Kuina, which in turn, can be understood as a little bit of effect. Crocus was an elder, he naturally has rich experience and knowledge, and his prescription of the medicine for nourishing the body should be better than those doctors in the East Blue!?

Without any delay, Crocus found out a pen and paper and wrote the prescription to Ian.

However, after getting the prescription, Ian has found a difficulty, they have crossed the Reverse Mountains, how could he send the prescription back to Frost Moon Village?

Crocus saw his dilemma, smiled, and said, “Don’t worry, I have a fax machine here! Just contact your friends in the East Blue, and you can pass the prescription on.”

Ian knows what a fax machine is. In this world, because of such things as Den Den Mushi, people have developed a fax machine form them. It is an external attachment, as long as the attachment is mounted on the shell of the Den Den Mushi, photos and documents can be transmitted over for a long distance. The marines offer bounties for pirates around the world, and that’s how they do it. Pictures of pirates that will be rewarded by various branches are faxed to the Marine headquarter, and then sent back the bounties to the branches after making it into the wanted list.

Crocus has a fax machine there, which Ian had never thought of. He also had a Den Den Mushi himself. Now the prescription could be sent back to the village.

But who should he contact? If he wanted to fax documents, he has to know someone that can receive them. Ian kept thinking about it, and finally, he contacted Smoker with a cheeky face.

Although he was swept out by Smoker when he was in Loguetown, Ian knew that Smoker was actually a friend. Sure enough, when Ian contacted him, Smoker said nothing harshly or coldly, but before he hung up Ian’s call, he said, “Pass it over!”

Under the guidance of Crocus, Ian mounted the fax machine to his Den Den Mushi, then placed the prescription in front of it. The two big eyes of the Den Den Mushi drooped down and stared at the prescription. Then he heard a ticking sound coming from the fax machine, and soon the transmission was completed.

The received prescriptions also need to be delivered by mail, so Ian asked Smoker to hand it over to Johnny and Yosaku. Ian had told them Koshiro’s home address in case he wanted to send something back, so they could help send it back to Frost Moon Village.

From this point of view, Ian’s identity as a pirate hunter has played a very important role, if Ian was a pirate, Smoker would never help him, and he would not care about him.

After staying at the Twin Cape for an entire afternoon, Ian’s boat was finally repaired. The broken mast was enhanced with iron, and that won’t cause a problem in this short time.

So the caravan set sail again, and Ian and Bill waved goodbye to Crocus on the shore.

After leaving, Laboon came out to the surface again and began to shout at the Reverse Mountain, which made Ian finally see what it looked like. Its huge body, like a hill, surprised Ian so much.

Although there was no intersection with Laboon, Ian had no regrets, as the ship left the Twin Cape.

After entering the Grand Line, Ian realized what is called multi-terminal climate change. When ships sail on the sea, they started sweating in the first second. Suddenly, cold wind with snowflakes begun blowing in the next second, and the sun shined before the dawn. Then a storm might come soon.

Such a capricious climate, the sailors of the caravan were very upset, three days of sailing down, many of the weaker sailors were sick.

Fortunately, it was estimated that the caravan had used up all of its bad luck at the Reverse Mountain entrance. On the way, there were no other dangers along the way, except for a wave of small pirates, who were solved by Ian and other recruited escorts.

Three days later, in the evening, Ian found that the changing climate had improved and seemed to have stabilized a lot.

At the same time, the sea breeze also smelled a light fragrance.

Ian sniffed again with his nose and asked Bill, “What’s this smell? Where did it come from?”

Bill was in a good mood. He squeezed his eyes at Ian and said, “Guess it!”

“Are we getting close to our destination?” Ian suddenly remembered that on the Grand Line, if the climate was stable, they should be close to an island.

“Ha-ha, that’s right!” Bill laughed and said, “It’s really going smooth this time.”

As the boat advanced, the scent in the air became more and more intense, and this time Ian finally smelled what the fragrance was, like the smell of roast meat.

Not only him, but also the others on the boat could smell the strong aroma of barbecue, which floated out to the surface of the sea, causing Ian and many sailors to drool.

“That’s weird!” Ian swallowed his saliva and said Bill, “Is there someone on the island roasting a big meal of meat? Why does it smell so great?”

“It’s not on the island!” Bill smiled and explained: “It’s the entire island that has been grilled!”

Not waiting for Ian to ask, the outline of the island had appeared in front of them. When they saw the island through the fog, it seems that the smell of barbecue in the air had reached its peak, which strongly hit everyone’s sense of smell.

What this brings was the sound of many people’s stomachs rumbling, even Ian got hungry because of this smell.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached our destination!” Bill pointed to the island ahead and announced loudly to the crowd, “One of the seven starting islands of the Grand Line, Cactus Island! Very famous barbecue city! After getting off the boat, everyone should open his belly to eat really hard! “

In a word, all the people on board the whole caravan cheered.