The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 17: Start Of Round 2 (Part 1)

[◀ ROUND 2 ▶]

<Main Quest>

You Must Select a District Representative in 3 hours

[All Districts]

Participants: 900,514,645

Achievers: 0/900,514,645

[District ESKS45-5]

Participants: 5,143

Achievers: 0/5,143


All the participants who checked the mission for Round 2 were surprised.

“What’s this? Selecting a district representative?”

“I thought we were going to hunt some monsters again…”

“So, we’re not fighting?”

There were other things that were a bit odd.

“Wait, why is the number of achievers like this?”

This time, the achievers’ status was at 100% when it should have been at half.

“Does that mean everyone can survive this time?”

Many parts of the quest message left them confused.

Someone needed to explain.

[Hehehe, it seems like my explanation is needed seeing everyone’s confusion.]

As if to volunteer, the angel spoke with a proud tone.

[As you can see, this round is not about fighting. You just need to select a district representative.]

“District representative?”

[As the name suggests, it means the representative of that district. They have basic authority to command others and have significant power to force other humans to do their bidding.]

“He has authority to command others?…?”

“Wow, that’s powerful.”

They could tell from the angel’s explanation how significant the district representative’s power was.

“In three hours, a voting right will be generated for all of you. You just need to select one person as the district representative. That’s all.”

Suddenly a brave young man raised his hand and asked, “Is that really it? Is there nothing else?”

[Yes. If you vote, you will be counted as an achiever and can return home. This is like a rest round. That’s why the achievers are at 100%.]

In short, the goal of this round was to choose the king of each district.

“Just voting is enough to pass…?”

“It’s a piece of cake!”

Most players were relieved that the quest was easier than they thought.

However, some were suspicious and unable to shake their anxiety.

Hwang Yongmin and his friends were among them.

“Something’s not right. They said they said that only half of us can pass each round, but now they’re giving everyone such an easy pass?”

“The angel said it’s a rest round.”

“Even if that’s true, it’s still weird. We came prepared for a tough battle, but all we have to do is vote. Tsk.”

“Yongmin, just go along with it. They said we’ll survive if we vote. What’s the problem?”

“I’m frustrated because I’ve been putting in all my effort, but I haven’t been able to use it properly. Tsk.”

Ryu Min overheard their conversation nearby and lifted the corner of his mouth.

‘You want to use it properly, huh?! It seems he was rewarded with the Rune of Strength again…’

Ryu Min, who knows all the information about most rounds through repeated regression, would definitely know Hwang Yongmin’s Rune.

The current situation was the same as the previous regressions.

“Now for the next three hours, they’ll discuss who to vote for.”

The angel had already explained that the district representative would be given the authority to command others.

“This is the powerful ability that can make humans in his area do anything.”

If he commands them to kneel, they will kneel. If he orders them to die, they will die.

If he asks for an item, they will give it to him without hesitation. If he needs someone to be a bait for monsters, they will volunteer themselves.

And they cannot refuse because the system forces them to comply.

It’s a position that wields immense power, akin to that of a king.

Everyone would want to be in that position.

“Of course, they discuss who should be chosen to represent us.”

And at the center of that discussion, Black Scythe’s name will rise and fall.

It was no surprise that people looked at him differently.

“The atmosphere seems to suggest that they want to nominate me as their representative.”

If they have to choose a representative, it’s only fitting that they would choose the strongest.

It was only natural that he, who had been ranked first in the previous round, would be noticed.

However, Ryu Min had no interest in becoming a representative.

The position of area representative was like a poisoned chalice.

“I wouldn’t want to become a representative just because of the authority it entails. It would only lead to various losses.”

There was something that the angel did not tell him about the power of authority.

“The power of authority does not apply to those who have a job.”

Once he reaches level 10 and changes his profession, he can escape the power of authority.

In the end, it’s only half-baked power.

“Furthermore, starting from the third round, the representative will bear all the responsibility because of their position.”

Knowing this, Ryu Min had no intention of becoming a representative.

It was a burdensome and dangerous position, after all.

“Of course, others can still nominate and vote for me as a candidate without my consent…”

Ryu Min wasn’t worried, though.

After regressing dozens of times, he knew he wouldn’t become the representative.

“For now, selecting a representative is not the most important thing. The sub-quests are more important.”

If one were perceptive, he would notice something odd in the quest message.

The word “main” was added in front of the quest.

“The fact that there is a main quest means there are also sub-quests this round.”

In other words, there is another quest in this round besides voting.

“Getting a job is the sub-quest and the hidden quest of this round.”

Anyone can have a job once they reach level 10, as long as they have the appropriate item.

“Fortunately, I already obtained the death angel’s job item in the previous round.”

Therefore, Ryu Min had nothing to worry about.

He just had to reach level 10.

“I don’t have time to discuss with them for three hours. I’ll hunt and level up to 10, then change my job.”

That way, he could escape the power of the area representative.

Ryu Min’s gaze turned to a message that appeared in a corner.

“[2nd Round Limited Experience 3x Buff is now in effect.]

[It will be automatically removed at the end of the 2nd round.]”

Luckily, he had that bonus from the first round, the 3x experience buff, so it wouldn’t take long.

Ryu Min glanced around and left the area.

Crackle, crackle.

As people continued to debate, Ryu Min walked through the field and towards the nearby forest.

He had no interest in the area representative or participating in the discussion.

“I don’t care who becomes the representative.”

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