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Chapter 36: Genjutsu-Dissipation

Chapter 36: Genjutsu-Dissipation

At the same time, Tsunade crossed her blade with Uchiha Kageyama, the battle between Naito and Samui has already started.

As soon as the battle broke out, Naito rushed to him with full speed.


WithThe Second Gate: The Gate of Wonder already open, how fast can Naito be??


Whoosh! !


In a flash of light, Natio disappeared.


His speed was hard to be caught by the naked eye!


Samui was already aware of Naito’s speed, he didn’t get surprised.




His Sharingan had only two tomoe.


although he didn’t active it completely, it was already enough to capture Naito’s shadow movements.


In a blink of an eye, Naito was behind Samui he didn’t hesitate to throw a punch, Samui used his two hands and did a hand sign then turned to a block of wood.


Kawarimi no Jutsu!


After avoiding Naito’s punch with his technique, Samui appeared behind Naito’s back.


Samui suddenly pulled out a Kunai and he swept it toward Natio’s neck.


In the face of this attack, Naito didn’t flicker, and without even looking behind, Naito threw a counter-attack punch.




The air cracked like a mirror.


The Kunai strangely stopped.


It was stopped one inch from the fist of Naito, it couldn’t go any further!


But it was all about that one inch!




The next moment, with the madness power of the shock, the impact reached Samui, and suddenly he spat blood out of his mouth.


However, suddenly Samui’s body turned out to a white smoke.




It’s a clone!


Naito immediately started to look for Samui’s real body position.


But without noticing him, Samui appeared in front of him with his two hands doing Hand signs.


The tomoe in his Sharingan was going all crazy.


It’s Genjutsu.


Naito got caught under Samui’s Genjutsu.


Naito seemed struggling, and his movement was stopped.


“It’s over.”


“That kid is screwed the moment he got caught by Samui’s Genjutsu.”


Several of the Uchiha members showed a cold expression.


On the opposite side, the three Anbu, even when their faces were hidden by masks, their eyes exposed their pity.


“What a pity.”


“Yeah his bloodline is very good, but there wasn’t any chance for him to grow.”


Under the watchful eye of everyone, Samui looked at Naito proudly, his face showed his contempt.


“Even if you have a strong bloodline, in front of me you’re nothing but a kid.”


“Sorry, but with all respect, the Uchiha has the strongest bloodline.”


Without any hesitation, Samui drew a Kunai then he threw it toward Naito’s chest.


It was the end for him.


It was the end that everyone in the room has already expected.


But no one has expected what happened next!


Boom! ! !


With a white halo covering his fist, Naito threw a punch.


The shock spread out in every direction.


The kunai speed decreased but it didn’t stop, it was moving toward him slowly reaching him inch by inch until it got close to Naito’s fist, then it was unable to move any further!


The clash between the shock and the Kunai did a terrible squeaking sound, then the Kunai finally got broken!




The expression on Samui’s face was incredible.


did Naito actually cancel his Sharingan’s Genjutsu?!


How can this be! ! 


Samui wasn’t the only one who got surprised, even the other Uchihas didn’t believe what they saw, on the other side the three Anbu couldn’t help but exclaim.


“Unbelievable, how did he break the Genjutsu?”


“To break a Genjutsu, you need to disrupt the chakra flowing… did he just disrupt it with his shock?!”


Some of them was discussing the action, and others were still shocked.


In this case… wouldn’t it mean that Naito is immune to Genjutsu?!


What a joke!


How could there be such a perfect bloodline like this one?


In front of the power of shock, Taijutsu can’t even contest, Ninjutsu can simply get shattered, And now even Genjutsu can be canceled.


How incredible!


“I caught him, However…”


Naito looked at Samui with mocking eyes, in fact, he didn’t even break the Genjutsu.


It simply didn’t work!


The chakra in his body is composed of two cores.


The first in his heart and the second one is in his lower body.


It’s very different from any ordinary Shinobi.


And for that reason, it’s really difficult to interfere with his chakra flow and catch him inside the Genjutsu.


So that is in addition to his ability to cancel the Genjutsu?


Suddenly, Naito moved with a great speed toward Samui.


Whoosh! !


Then he appeared above Samui’s head, with an open hands covering with a white halo, he pressed a great power of shocks.


“Earthquake release: Kuzure!”


 ( T/N: I changed the three new moves Naito learned in chap 34 to: Destroy: Kuzure, Break: Dan, Wipe: Sen)


Boom! !


His palm directly sent a barrage of socks and it shroud all the area under him.


Bang! !


Samui stood still, his face exposed that he was still in a shock.


He couldn’t believe that Naito canceled his Genjutsu, he was in a great shock, this awkward moment, caused him to be closed by Naito.


The situation turned immediately to a life and death crisis!


But he couldn’t stay there or he will get destroyed by the great impact of the shocks, so he started to do Hand signs.


But it was already too late, the shocks were surrounding the entire area, there is no place to hide.


“Earth release: Body Replacement Technique!”


Samui couldn’t finish his Jutsu at the right time, the shock reached all of his body, his bones start to break one by one.


Then suddenly his entire body disappeared into the ground.


But this action didn’t get done perfectly, his blood was on the ground!


Kacha! !


Above Naito, the shocks spread out on the ground in every direction.


Bang! !


In the end, the entire ground got destroyed!


He fell back on the ground, looking for Samui.


“what a clever move to use such a technique! he turned the same ground that was already targeted by my shocks into his escape.”

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