The Strongest Hokage The Strongest Hokage
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Chapter 44: Training

Chapter 44: Training

The storage room was full of the Ninjutsu scrolls more then anything else, the Taijutsu and Genjutsu section couldn’t even be compared to the Ninjutsu section.

The Ninjutsu section was divided into divisions.


There were various divisions such as Wind, Thunder, Fire, Earth…


Naito easily found The Shadow Clone Technique scroll he wanted.


After that, he headed out to the Ninjutsu section specifically to the Wind and Thunder divisions, but he couldn’t find the Ninjutsu he wanted to learn.


Even if it’s where he wouldn’t find it easily, some Ninjutsu scrolls must be hidden.


Of course, he can’t get everything from the very start.


However, Naito didn’t need to rush things, he may be a greedy person, but he already has the scroll of the brutal force.


He can think about learning other stuff after he had practiced this one.


Before he left out the place, Naito took another glance at the various scrolls in the Taijutsu section.


He thought it won’t help him this much.


Unexpectedly, he saw some technique and details he didn’t know before.


It worked great for him!


The Taijutsu section included not only attack and defense, but also comprehensive knowledge about the Taijutsu class.


Naito skipped the parts about the attack and defense because he didn’t consider these due to his power of shocks.


In that division, he found some instructions that there were even better than the one’s Maito Dai taught him.


Although Maito Dai is a powerful user of Taijutsu his knowledge is limited to the Shinobis knowledge, but not the Anbu.


Taijutsu is very complicated art and it can’t be limited to the knowledge of one man.


The details and the instructions he found were comprehensive, Naito felt that the next time he will go out for training, his growth speed will go up from 1% to 2% just by reading that.


These are some important details.


Finally, the third section, the Genjutsu Section, Naito didn’t have to see it, so he just looked at it while he was leaving the place.


Scrolls are not allowed to be out of this room.


However, you can copy it.


Naito copied the Shadow clone technique scroll and the details he wanted then he left the Anbu department.


Back on the ground of Konoha, Naito immediately took off his mask and uniform.


“Whew! This is really depressing.”


Slightly breathing, Naito couldn’t help but sigh.


The atmosphere in the Anbu department was killing him, almost everyone in there was reticent.


Konoha on the ground and underground almost feels like they are not the same place!


On the ground, it’s full of sunshine and harmonious atmosphere, it’s noisy but also it’s full of life.


But underground, it’s so silent and depressing.


However, Naito was admiring the Anbu.


He admired them even more than the Hokage himself.


Hiding for years in the darkness, silently performing various missions in order to protect Konoha.


It’s because they’re living in the darkness, the people in Konoha could live in the light for this long time!


Where there’s light, there will be darkness.


Light and Darkness oppose each other, yet they are interdependent.


He took a deep breath to clear his mind, then he clenched his fist.


He didn’t care if he was the light or the darkness.


He just wanted to do his best.


Naito was living for a simple goal in front of him.


He needed to achieve that in order to have more.


“Next, I will need to concentrate on my training before the upcoming  Second Shinobi World War… I need to get stronger if I want to survive.




In the morning,  The sun rose over the horizon, wiping all the darkness and bringing light to Konoha.


Naito was standing at the bottom of a huge wall of rock.


He didn’t rush right away to the training, Naito stretched his body first, then he immediately started waving his fist against the wall.


Boom! Boom!


The shocks were spreading out in all directions but Naito continued on punching while his all body, his flesh, even his blood was releasing shocks.


With every inch of his muscles, of his skin, releasing these shocks, he started becoming more powerful, more perfect.


Naito didn’t stop it start to train and his body got wet.


After a short break.


He took out the scroll that Tsunade gave him, then he started to study it carefully.


Brutal Force is actually a way of using Chakra.


It requires a high Chakra control skills.


Chakra in the Shinobi world is very similar to Ki, it’s the core power, it can be turned into elements such as Wind, Thunder, Fire, Water, Earth, but also it can be used to enhance the power.


Brutal Force is a way of using Chakra to make a momentary increase in power.


It can also be described as an instant blast of Chakra.


“The better the Chakra’s control, the stronger the power, also the stronger the Chakra nature and quality the power will become stronger.”


After studying the scroll carefully, Naito understood the concept of the Brutal Force.


Regarding the point about the quality of the Chakra, Naito now has a big amount of chakra it’s at the level of a Chunin, so basically, he’s qualified to practice the Brutal force.


Naito’s pathway chakra system is composed only of two Tenketsou which are the two first gates of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou, that’s why it’s really difficult to make a great enhancement.


However, after opening all the gates Naito will gain a great amount of Chakra.


So he wasn’t worried about that.


In this case, the most important thing he needed to learn is controlling his Chakra.


“Should I give it a try immediately?”


Naito whispered that, thinking about “am a genius after all”.


According to the instructions in the scroll, Naito clenched his fist, then he started to mobilize the chakra in his body without using the power of shock.


The Chakra quickly start to move from his heart and lower body, then it gathered at his fist.


Naito with all his power punched the wall.




Then…nothing happened.


“Of course it won’t be this simple!”


Naito twitched his mouth while he was looking at the small crack he put on the wall.


Even that crack was due to his power of shock.


If you don’t control the chakra you gathered in your fist it will spread out before the moment of the impact.


If it spread out before the impact it won’t do damage.




He exhaled, Naito knew he wouldn’t succeed on the first try but he felt a little bit down.


Practicing Brutal Force require high skills in controlling Chakra.


And luckily Naito knew a lot of ways to practice Chakra control.

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