The Strongest Hokage The Strongest Hokage
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Chapter 52: Slam

Chapter 52: Slam

just shortly afterward, a second ninja came to deliver his scroll, he was rushing out from the Valley to the Tower with high speed.

He seemed like the fast type.


It wasn’t only his body is the reason behind his speed, even his chakra seemed strange.




Just as he was gonna enter the tower, a figure rushed to him with a high speed too.




The ninja got a little bit surprised, but he was fast too even if he was facing the speed of Naito he managed to react.


However, because he didn’t know the identity of Naito, he decided to attack him.


The ninja threw a punch toward Naito.


Naito felt a little bit surprised but he didn’t hesitate to counter his attack.


So he threw a punch at him too.


Even without the power of the shock and with just using Brutal Force Naito had the upper hand.


After all, he can’t go all out, Because he will get suspended.


The ninja’s hand got all numb after the clash between his grip and Natio’s, so he couldn’t grab the scroll any longer, even his fingers were bleeding.


The ninja got pushed down.




Once again Naito overcomes an opponent with just one move.


He fell on the ground, then he ran away, leaving his scroll.


What the hell!!


This guy who seems to be less than ten years old can actually beat him in the terms of physical power and win?!


“Oh, the ninja is falling out.”


“That lucky bastard… he got two scrolls.”


The Anbu in the Tower couldn’t help but speak although they were known for their silence they couldn’t stay without saying any word.


“He won’t come in yet?”


“How arrogant does he think he can take everyone out?”


At that time Naito took the attention of many Anbu.


The third ninja finally arrived.


He was very talented with Genjutsu.


But it wasn’t a surprise, he got defeated by Naito.


As long as it’s not a very high technique as Kageyama used it won’t have an effect on Naito.


The fourth was a ninja who was very good at assassination very talented on using daggers.


He got really close to him, but that speed didn’t catch Naito unguarded, so he tried to attack him anyway, Naito simply dodged and wiped him out with one punch.


The fifth, the sixth, the seventh…


The Anbu was too angry about the behavior of Naito.


But with Naito taking out all the candidates one by one, the pile of scrolls started to get bigger, one by one.


The Anbu couldn’t speak.


They were all silent.


However, the amazement in their eyes was really clear.


The shock on some people was really clear.


The Captain was staring at the bottom of the tower.


“Yuu Naito… we really need to take care of that kid, the captain wasn’t wrong!”


“How many did he get, more than a twenty scrolls? there is thirty person in the Valley… we’ve hidden sixty scrolls, and there’s still thirty-one remaining.”


He mumbled that while he couldn’t help but widen his eyes.


Yuu Naito… how much further can you go?!


He didn’t know how many points did he have, he didn’t care whether he was qualified or not, he just wanted to see how much can he go.


After that, it looked like more than one person start to come.


It won’t be a one on one fight anymore, but it becomes a pair of two or even three at one time!


It won’t be simple to have a perfect score in the training camp, to eliminate everyone!


Gradually the time passed.


Most of the scrolls were founded.


Many ninjas who haven’t find one know that it was no longer meaningful to stay in the Valley.


Now they need to rush to the tower as soon as possible.


The only solution is to get a scroll there before it gets delivered.


Everyone knew that the final round of this training will be at the gate of the Tower.


One by one they start to reach there.


But they all got stunned the moment they returned, they had an unbelievable look on their faces.


All because of the young ten years old boy standing in front of the gate with a large pile of scrolls next to him!


And in the rear a large of wounded candidates lying here and there.


“This is… what happened?”


“All of these scrolls? alone?!”




Whenever someone reaches the place he will have the same expression.


With an incredible look, they were all looking at him.


He can’t be more than ten years old!


Some of them thought the moment they saw him, that he will get eliminated directly.


But they didn’t think that this kid will be the reason for everyone getting eliminated!


Although he knew he got so many scrolls Naito could no longer count how many people he defeated.


However, they are all candidates of the Anbu.


Soon they could read the situation.


They knew that Naito had already been fighting for a long time, the number of the scrolls doesn’t only prove his strength but also that he’s already on the edge no man can fight for this long and keep his strength!


And this is their chance.


As long as they snatch a scroll they can storm into the tower and deliver it!


And there will be a lot of eliminated candidates thanks to Naito, maybe there will not be the second round.


They have a great opportunity to become an official Anbu member directly!


To become an official member is, of course, the only target for every candidate.


Although it’s very hard job to have, the privileges are really great.


Almost every family in Konoha sent one of them to become an Anbu.


“Let go! he can’t stop all of us!”




Some people couldn’t hold back in front of this shot, they knew they can be able to steal a scroll from Naito.


But Naito had the answer in his fists!


With the power of the shock combined with the Brutal Force Technique spreading out in every direction!


No one could go any further!


Even if three of five Ninjas join hands, they are still all defeated by Naito!