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T.S.H Chapter 162: Half a Year!

For a long time, the entire world was shaking.

Although Naito teamed up with the other three to defeat Hanzo, the salamander, yet the name of Konoha’s Ashura had the concern of everyone even more than Sakumo who won the frontal war on that day, the focus of the whole world was on one man and one man only, Yuu Naito.

After this battle, Konoha possessed too many resources, and the Land of Fire got expended more, they put their hand on a lot of new areas, they basically lay an excellent foundation preparing themselves for the next war.

However, the end of this war didn’t mean the end of the conflicts between the major villages.

At this time, whether it was the Sarutobi the third Hokage, Danzo, or the elders of the council, they all took part in this period to keep their advantage.

Thus, after the end of this phase, the second world war entered the second period of local conflicts.

The Rain Village was the weakest side, which made them voluntarily gave up some of their territories to Konoha.

In contrast, the Sand who was also defeated in this war wasn’t in a weak position as the Rain; therefore, they didn’t have any intentions of giving up any territories, so they headed back to their village and focused on holding the borders of the Land of Wind.

Thus, the armies of Konoha crossed all the way over the Rain Country and invaded the territories of the Land of Wind.

Shortly after Konoha and the Sand started their fierce local war over those territories, the Raikage who kept silent for this whole time decided that he also needed to take a slice and invaded the land of Earth.

The Raikage knew that it was tough for him to attack Konoha, so he chose to attack the Rocks instead.

As for the Land of Water, it was on the opposite side of the sea from the Land of Fire; therefore, the Mizukage decided to keep his silence and wait for his chance.

It’s estimated that the second world war period of local wars will last for several years.

And in this whole time, Naito didn’t care about this entire matter and stayed in the Rain Country.

He didn’t participate in the local wars; instead he stayed there teaching Kanan and Yahiko, while he was trying to master the second stage of the lightning armor technique.

Although the war in the Rain was over, there was still some other Shinobis from the major villages wondering here and there, after all, the Rain country was always the center of the conflicts between the major villages.

Even though the war ended, the battles didn’t stop.

However, because of the existence of Hanzo in the Rain country, the major villages kept relatively restrained, they didn’t want to mess with him.


In the Rain Country, in an elegant and quiet house of wood surrounded by grass and blooming petals.

Although the sky was as gloomy as ever in the Rain Country, this place looked like it has fallen from the paradise, it seemed as if it wasn’t have made from the hands of man.

In one of the rooms, Naito was quietly sitting there while closing his eyes.

A lightning Aura was spreading around his body making the whole room shining with dazzling lights.

This lightning element was constantly released on Naito’s body strengthening it.

The first Gate; The gate of heart was also at the same time pumping the Chakra toward his body while the second gate was extracting chakra and enhancing his whole body.

Although Naito couldn’t use the strength of a hundred seals, this mechanism was helping him healing his body very quickly.

If he had a wound, it would gradually heal him slowly without the need of any treatment.

The cells in Naito’s body was full of powerful energy, if it were an only simple use of the lightning nature, it would have only strenghted his cells, without enhancing its vitality.

But the Reverse Hachimon Tenkou was the cause of that part, the power of this technique doesn’t break the potential of the human body, on the contrary, it continually strengths the body, not only its physical power but also its vitality.

It’s extraordinary!!

Under the control of Naito, the lightning spread around his body as if there was a lightning coat covering his entire body.


But in the next moment, he lost control under the lightning, and suddenly it disappeared.

“Sure, still not enough.”

Naito opened his eyes and looked at his hands.

The lightning armor technique still didn’t reach its highest stages where it can be as strong as the Raikage’s.

When Naito reaches the third stage, he will be able to form that final shape when the lightning takes the shape of the coat around the body.

It’s been more than a half years since his battle against Hanzo.

In the past six months, Naito finally completed the second stage of the lightning armor technique.

At the same time, Naito was also trying to reach the third, but he was always failing no matter how many times he tried.

He couldn’t see any hope at all.

It wasn’t the same case as the other techniques Naito has learned, when he fails then time after time he makes a little progress until he succeeds, this technique was a complete failure.

“I will really need to head toward the clouds village to learn the mysteries of the Third Stage, but currently I finally reached the standard of opening the Fourth Gate.”

After he mastered the second stage of the lightning armor, Naito was still not up to the standards to open the Fourth Gate, so he decided to work on the Third Stage.

In the process, although he couldn’t hit the Third Stage, his body regularly got stronger.

Finally, Naito reached the standards of opening it.

Naito stood up and stretched his body, he didn’t immediately start working on the Fourth Gate; instead, he took a little break.

Practicing the Third Stage consumes almost half of his Chakra, so he waited to regenerate the Chakra that has been loosened.

There was a glass of water on the table, Naito took it and drank the water, then he went out of the room.

Outside, in the rain, Konan and Yahiko were practicing.

In this past half year, the two of them become very strong.

It’s not like they’re very talented, they were even older than the kids from the Ninja school, Kanan and Yahiko weren’t as good as Kakashi when he was five years old, but at this age of ten-years-old, they were strong.