The Strongest Hokage The Strongest Hokage
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T.S.H Chapter 180: Shock Vs Magnet

Suddenly the spear changed its shape, it got descended forming a devastating storm of Iron sand bullets!

This scene made all the Sand Shinobis frightened.

This was the power of the strongest Kazekage in the history!

At the center of the sand iron storm, Naito stood there looking around, and slightly frowning.

“This is interesting, it’s completely blocking all the directions.”

“If the shock force were on its third stage, maybe it would have been impossible for me to fight back…”

A sharp color shinned in Naito’s eyelids, but this time, Naito didn’t move, he was just standing in the same place.

But his whole body was surging a horrible amount of power at the same time.

After he reached the fourth stage of the Shock force, Naito was finally able to burst using his body as the core a strong shock force!

But it wasn’t a simple use of shock, it was also combined with his Chakra.

This technique was similar to the Shinra Tensei!

The only difference from the Shinra Tensei is that the last burst a strong pushing force at the impact, and Naito Shock Force, tears everything around it!


Naito’s whole body seemed to be surrounded by a circle of white light, he looked like a god that came to the world.


Suddenly the Shock force blasted in all direction, and the whole place started trembling.

The Sand Iron storm suddenly stopped moving for a moment, then in an instant, it collapsed!!

With this simple move, the Kazekage’s technique got destroyed.

Even the ground under Naito’s feet started cracking all the way to the distance!


The Kazekage couldn’t help but getting stunned looking at this scene.

He can even use his body as a core to his shock force and burst it in all directions?!

This technique can be considered as a full-scale defense!

Moreover, it even has the power to block his Sand Iron Storm completely!

Even the Kazekage was shocked. In the distance, those who were witnessing this fierce battle, couldn’t help but feel like if they have been struck by a lightning thunder, the scene was just unbelievable.

The Kazekage’s technique has been completely defeated!


The ground under Naito’s feet got covered by cracks until it got completely destroyed.

The white light circle around Naito gradually faded away.

Looking at the third Kazekage in front of him Naito was very calm.

“It’s my turn now to attack.”

Naito suddenly stretched his hand out.


Suddenly, his Kusanagi sword came out of the smoke, then it was held by Naito with one hand.

In the distance, the Kazekage looked at this scene, and suddenly the stare on his face become very cold.

He wants to use a sword against the Kazekage?!

The Kazekage waved his hand using his Magnet release, and the Kusanagi sword in Naito’s hand suddenly start shaking then it got thrown away.

Even if Naito can control the Kusanagi sword, it the face of the Magnet Release ability to control iron, it seems it will still be able to interfere with the using of his sword.

“I didn’t expect that Magnet Release can also have an effect on the Kusanagi sword.”

Looking at how he managed to throw the Kusanagi sword out of his hands, Naito was slightly surprised.

He couldn’t help but think about the third Kusanagi sword.

If he had it in this fight along with the Yata mirror, the sword wouldn’t be affected by the Magnet release.

However, this issue wasn’t impossible to be solved.

And the solution is actually quite simple.


Naito’s eyes flashed with a strange color, and suddenly, a halo white light appeared on the blade of the sword.

The shock force got emerged in the blade of the sword, and the magnet release could no longer affect the sword!

With the power of the shock that can even eliminate the dust, the magnet release will be completely isolated!

“He actually managed to block my magnet control.”

The Kazekage looked at Naito, and once again, he couldn’t help but feel shocked.

This was a very stunning scene, with the use of his magnet release, the Kazekage should be immune to weapons!

However, this was the only case where the magnet release is completely unfavorable against weapons, after all, the Shock Power can block any kind of Ninjutsu.

“His bloodline limit can destroy and manipulate the flow of any Chakra Nature, even the Magnet Release…”

Looking at the Kusanagi sword and how it was no longer controlled by his Magnet Release, Naito felt somehow strange, the more he used his power, the more he felt invincible!

He never expected that his Shock Force will be able to counter other bloodline limits.

But now, fight after fight, Naito became certain that his power can beat any other bloodline limit!

Naito’s power is growing more every time, some day he might even be able to fight against the strongest shinobis!

Of course, Naito’s current power is far from that level, moreover, his oppennent was the Third Kazekage and he needed to defeat him first.

After he suppressed those feelings in his heart, Naito held his Kusanagi sword with one hand, and suddenly waved it toward the Kazekage.