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T.S.H Chapter 194: Spirit Transformation Technique!

If it were any other person other than Naito, he wouldn’t even know if it was fake or not, but what they didn’t know is that Naito knows everything about the Scroll of Seals.

“Sarutobi you’re trying to play with me?”

After he shook his head, Naito felt a little bit disappointed, he had a lot of hope on this one, he wasn’t interested in Edo Tensei or Shiki Fujin.

He only wanted the Flying Thunder technique.

However, this technique is very difficult to use; otherwise, Minato and Tobirama wouldn’t be the only ones who mastered this technique.

Naito continued reading the Scroll.

This time, Naito began to read the scroll over and over.

“Shadow Clone technique, Eight Gates, Brutal Force Technique…”

Naito kept reading and muttering to himself the techniques that he already mastered, basically a lot of the other Jutsu wasn’t even that good.

Actually, there was a lot of banned techniques, Earth and Water Releases, Genjutsu techniques, but nothing suitable for Naito’s fighting style.

What a joke!

The expression on Naito’s face was very painful, it looks like Sarutobi has made a lot of effort to make it seem like the real deal.

The stare on his face was very cold.

“In this case, he shouldn’t blame me when I take the real Scroll of Seals with my own hands.”

While he was looking for a plan to get the Scroll of Seals, Naito kept reading the Scroll in his hand until he reached the last page, suddenly Naito’s expression changed.

He was preparing to close it directly, he didn’t expect to see a technique that he was actually interested in.

Spirit Transformation Technique!

The forbidden technique that Kato Dan has used in the original story, it allows the soul to leave the body and cross a vast distance, this technique helped Dan kill a lot of enemies, the user can even control enemies while he’s in the spiritual world!

This move which is said to be very similar to the Body Mind Switch Technique is actually different.

“Its classified as a control technique but in reality, it’s not like any other one… it’s actually a Soul-like technique.”

Naito kept looking at the technique carefully while he was lightly narrowing his eyes revealing a thoughtful expression.

This technique is basically divided into three categories, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu.

It’s just like Edo Tensei it belongs to all the three categories.

However, in Naito’s point of view, it shouldn’t belong to any of these categories it should be classified as an Art of Soul techniques.

Of course, this is the same case for Shiki Fujin.

The Spirit Transformation Technique seems to be a foundation to the Edo Tensei; still, it will need a lot of studies to reach its secrets

Even Orochimaru’s technique which allows him to switch bodies seems to be related to this technique.

“Maybe because he thought it was too basic and doesn’t seem to be important he put it in her.”

Naito felt a little strange thinking that Sarutobi was this careless.

In other words, Sarutobi thought that Naito wouldn’t actually care about using this technique to kill people since his power allows him to do the same without turning into a spiritual form.

He was too careless to see the benefits of obtaining the secrets of this technique!

The second Hokage had a lot of strong techniques.

“This man is really a genius, no one can be compared to him, I don’t know how long he studied to come out with these various strong techniques.”

Naito kept studying the Spirit Transformation Technique from the beginning several times until he reviewed all of its secrets, then he closed the Scroll of Seals.

Naito has always wanted to learn an Art of Soul Technique.

His shock power made him immune to both Ninjutsu and Genjutsu the only thing that can be a threat to him is the Soul Class Techniques.

Whether you’re a corpse or even a god, it will always be a threat.

If he could understand it and master the Soul Class techniques he may be genuinely immune to everything, he will be perfect!

Moreover, with the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou, Naito feels that he might gain other benefits from it, since the course of the Chakra flow is also reversed.

It may be involved with the soul and realm.


Three days later.

In the Hokage Building.

Naito returned the Scroll of Seals to the third Hokage, he felt like he got slapped in the face when the third Hokage told him if he can help him with anything else.

Naito was too lazy to start a fuss out of this, he was happy with getting the Spirit Transformation Technique, he needed to practice it more and study its secrets.

But it gave him a great knowledge about the secrets of the art of souls.

“With my current strength even a forbidden technique wouldn’t do me much, I need to focus more on my bloodline limit.”

Naito said to Sarutobi.

Listening to Naito, Sarutobi’s eyes flashed slightly, but his face showed a hint of pity, then said: “That’s a pity, if just there were forbidden techniques that are suitable to your fighting style you would have got a lot stronger, maybe even stronger than me.”

When he heard these words, Naito twitched his mouth and wanted to throw the Scroll on his face.

However, since he learned the Spirit Transformation Technique, he didn’t care about what Sarutobi said.

Speaking of it, Naito’s Ultra Perceiv, allow him to sense the strength of people, this time, Naito felt like if he was a lot stronger than Sarutobi.