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T.S.H Chapter 199: Emergency

The sky was gradually getting darker, Naito finished his training, and was ready to return.

Just as he stood up, Naito showed a strange expression, then start to look around.

“This is strange… Kushina didn’t come today.”

Kushina comes almost every day to see Naito.

Speaking of it, Kushina is a Jichuriki, she hardly leaves the village, and she’s always secretly protected even in the village.

Naito felt even stranger when he thought about Naruto, he was also a Jinchruki in the original, but he still could leave the village and even perform dangerous missions!

In case Kakashi couldn’t protect him, wouldn’t Naruto be in danger then?

Naito shook his head and tried not to think about these issues, then he turned away and returned to the village.

Originally, he was going back to his home directly, yet he couldn’t help but check on Kushina.


Naito couldn’t find her at her home, so he headed directly to the Hokage building.

It appeared that Kushina was assisting some other Shinobis at repairing the sensing barrier around the village.

The whole village is protected by this barrier, no one can cross it without being noticed.

After all, this is the best way to keep an eye on the people who’re entering and leaving the village every day.

This kind of enchantment needs to be repaired and reviewed regularly, and Kushina as a member of the Uzumaki Clan was good at this kind of Jutsu and Seals, so she was a member of the repairing team.

Mei was also helping with the work, so she wasn’t at home too.

This is didn’t seem like a problem, but Naito for some kind of reason didn’t feel right about this.

No matter how many he time he thought about he never understood how Kushina got kidnaped in the original.

Now, it seems… That this is the reason!

Because she was repairing and reviewing this barrier regularly, she was undoubtedly going out of the village and even reaching its edges, which is extremely dangerous!

The barrier is very huge, and it’s not easy to keep on eye on her since it covers a huge distance.

“This is not right, I need to and take a look.”

Naito had an incomprehensible feeling in his heart, and he decided to go the border of the Village and see.

Although, Kushina had done this many times before and there wasn’t any problem, but who knows what will happen this time?!

Naito soon reached the borders, and the barrier was right in front of him, he couldn’t even touch it with his fingertips.

It’s almost invisible to the naked eye, but with his Ultra Perceive he could sense its existence, but its range was only a few miles away, which is too small compared to the Village Barrier.

But he still couldn’t find Kushina, so he began to look around the barrier.

After a while, Naito’s expression changed.

This is bad!

With his Ultra Perceive, he could sense some traces of tearing in the Barrier.

Naito kept moving forward, he couldn’t see it with his own eyes, but he still could sense it!

There’s a fight over there!

There were some Shinobis corpses from Konoha, and a huge part of the Barrier was destroyed.

The most important thing is that he couldn’t find Kushina anywhere!


Naito flashed at top speed, almost after a few moments, he reached the spot, watching the situation in the battlefield, his eyes became cold.

Very Cold!

From observing the injuries on those bodies, he could estimate that those people were obviously attacked by Lightning Release Users.

They managed to attack them, then leave very quickly before being detected.

With this kind of speed, Naito was certain that they were attacked by the Cloud Shinobis!

Unlike the Sand Surprising Squad, the Cloud Surprising Squad were known for their speed!

“It’s finally happening!”

“And Konoha’s response is really slow.”

Naito took a deep breath, then his killing intent was revealed in his eyelids, under his Ultra Perceive he could sense some of the Anbus and other Shinobis rushing at very high speed, but compared to Naito they were too slow!!

Naito was too lazy to wait for them, with one step, he rushed out of the village and into the darkness.

After he left, several Anbu and Shinobis arrived.

“This is bad!!”

“The barrier got broken during the review process, damn, we reacted too late!”

“Looking at these wounds, they got attacked by Lightning users, they sneaked in and left very fast without being detected, what are our scouts were doing.”

With one glance, the Anbu analyzed the situation very fast.

The other Shinobis kept looking at each other, at this moment, Minato stepped in and said: “Can you detect which direction they took?”

One of the Anbu printed a seal with his two hands and closed his eyes.

After a moment, he shook his head and said: “I can’t sense anything.”

At this time, a Ninja came running from a distance, she had red hair and she was at the same age as Kushina, she was Uzumaki Mei.

After rushing over, she looked at the field, and in an instant, she understood the situation, and with a worried expression, she looked at the others.

“This is the second Repairing Force, Kushina should be in it, did she… Took away by the enemy?!”

There are two repair teams, and because both Kushina and Mei were from the Uzumaki, they worked on separate teams.

“Seems to be.”

“I can’t see her body.”

Some ninja glance at the field.

Kushina is currently the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi, and the ninjas who are present are almost unaware of this matter, and Saruotbi wasn’t aware of this accident yet!

At this time, the news has finally reached Sarutobi.

Sarutobi felt as if he got slapped in the face, and he looked furious.

The Kyuubi’s Jinchruki has been taken away?!

“Chase the enemies! And at all costs, bring these people back to me!”