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T.S.H Chapter 201: Sorry For The Late!


The Ninja flashed at high speed toward her, his figure itself could be no longer be seen!

Suddenly, blood splashed in midair.

Kushina didn’t know what’s happening, after she closed her eyes, she clenched her teeth waiting to block the Shinobis’s attack, but that attack never reached her.

At the same time, she felt a very strange yet familiar atmosphere.

She couldn’t help but open her eyes.

Seeing the person who was holding her made her very surprised, but at the same time, she felt an unspeakable joy and happiness.

She didn’t doubt it for a moment!

This man is the reason that kept her leaving those traces behind her, because she knew for sure that Naito will never let her down.

Even if she got brought back to Cloud Village, she believed that Naito will destroy the whole country and slaughter every single one of them to rescue her!

“Sorry for the late.”

Naito was carrying her in his arm like a princess, he flashed then landed gently on a trunk of a tree.

“You came…”

Kushina grabbed Naito’s clothes with her hands as she looked very emotional.

Then she looked at his hand and noticed her hair rapped on his finger, she suddenly blinked, then looked at him and smiled.

“You noticed the traces that I left for you.”

“Of course.”

Naito nodded softly at her, and smiled, he noticed that she didn’t want to let go of him, so he continued on carrying her while holding her tight with both his arms.

Then, he slowly turned his head and glanced with a very cold stare at the Cloud Shinobis.

The other Shinobis didn’t know from where he came, and how he managed to catch up to them.


Suddenly, the Shinobi who tried to attack Kushina crashed on the ground dead, even the guy himself didn’t know how he died.

The rest of the Squad looked at each other revealing a trace of awkwardness.

Then everyone looked back at Naito who was holding Kushina.

“You… You are…”

In one moment, the whole squad got overwhelmed by cold sweat on their forehead.

They all recognized Naito’s identity.

Naito was a famous Shinobi, everyone knows Konoha’s Ashura, even the civilians!

At the same time, Kushina has finally realized that she was being carried by Naito, and she couldn’t help but feel embarrassed, she looked at Naito, waiting for him to put her on the ground to teach those Shinobis a lesson.

But without saying anything, he flashed at high speed toward the sky carrying her.

Looking indifferently at the Cloud Shinobis and under the horror of everyone below him, he dashed to the ground.


With one kick, the entire space below him was broken, the Shock force burst and the air got shattered as if it was a mirror.

In an instant, all the trees under him start to shatter from the top, then the cracks spread out in all direction.


“Not good!”

The Cloud Shinobis got shocked by the horror of watching this attack that almost covered the entire sky crashing down on them.

They couldn’t hide, they could only resist!


The scene was very shocking as the power of the shock has hit the ground.

The fallen power of the Shock force covered the whole forest turning it to a wheat field.

Even the ground got shattered, the cracks spread out making the form of a spider web, and finally, even the ground collapsed!

Naito kept floating in the sky carrying Kushina looking calmly at the ground.

Kushina was a little bit stunned.

Although she knew that Naito was very strong, she never saw him in action, she never saw his true power.

And now she saw it!

And it was stunning, flying in the sky, crashing the whole forest under him, it’s just incredible!

She couldn’t help but feel shocked while seeing this scene with her own eyes, she kept quiet for a long time then she couldn’t help but say: “Did they die?!”

“Not yet.”

Naito shook his head, and with a calm expression he looked down, he was actually using his Ultra Perceive.

Currently, with his level, he can replace the Ultra Perceive with his vision while in combat.

“There’s still a few alive.”

Naito could sense that there were several Shinobis alive along to the leader who seemed to be a quasi-kage level, but they barely managed to block the attack.

However, most of their squad got killed, only the few who mastered the Lightning Armour to certain level managed to resist the attack due to their strong bodies.

Even so, it was incredibly shocking!

These ninjas were more powerful than a lot of people that fought against Naito before, although, they got hit by his shock force, they didn’t get hurt!


Unfortunately, one of them who didn’t get killed spurted blood and fall on the ground.

His eyes looked very shocked.

“How… How could he be this strong!”

The moment they saw his speed, they know it was bad news, but they thought that they will at least be able to buy some time.

But when they saw what one kick from him can do, they understood that the gap between them is like the gap between heaven and earth!

“Retreat! Run Away!!”

The cloud Shinbois were injured, and their bodies were full of wounds, their feet felt very slow, but they stood up and tried to escape.

The Captain didn’t hesitate to order his squad to retreat, he only regretted that he didn’t give this order soon when he saw Naito.

“Damn, how could he be this strong, the fact that he killed the Third Kazekage wasn’t out of luck after all… This information needs to be reported back to Raikage-Sama as soon as possible!”

The Leader of the Cloud Surprising Squad, turned and focused his all Chakra into his lightning Armour Technique, and raised his speed to the extreme.