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T.S.H Chapter 211: Hell Stab!

His fingers were folded together, the edge was very sharp, and it seemed like it can penetrate anything, after all, the Raikage used this technique to cut the Hachibi’s tail.


In the next moment, the Raikage’s figure turned into a residual image and rushed toward Naito.

“Sure enough!”

Even Naito couldn’t follow his movements with his eyes, but with the use of his Ultra Perceive, Naito could easily sense him even if he doubles his speed.

Moreover, the Raikage’ speed… Was as fast as him!


The ground under Naito’s feet suddenly cracked, then he flashed to the other side avoiding the Raikage.

Naito didn’t directly fight back, he wanted to test the power of the Hell Stab first.


A roar burst out the moment his hand touched the small mountain in front of him, his arm directly penetrated it, and the lightning blast hard on the impact and destroyed the entire hill.

In the distance, the Raikage’s allies were retreating and helping other ninjas evacuating the village from the civilians, still, they could see this scene and couldn’t help but stop and admire it.

“That’s… The Raikage’s Hell Stab!”

“The Raikage is finally serious, no one can stop this technique!”

The Cloud Shinobis were very amazed, they weren’t exaggerating, in fact, no one ever could block the Hell Stab.

Even the Hachibi got suppressed by this technique.

“Your speed is really compared to me.”

Seeing how Naito managed to avoid him while he was using his full-speed, the Raikage suddenly became amazed, if he can compete with him, then he could no longer rely on his speed alone to deal with Naito.

In this case, the one who has the strongest body will win.

However, when it comes to physical strength, the Raikage is very confident, nothing can scratch his body!

“No, you’re speed is a bit beyond my expectations.”

Naito replayed as he looked calmly at the Raikage.

Indeed, the original story focused only on the Fourth’s speed; it didn’t really say much about the Third.

It seemed really easy when Naruto avoided him in the Original, but when you think about it, he was using the Kyuubi’s Chakra at that time!

He should be the fastest!

However, in Naito’s point of view, the Fourth should be much faster than the Third, and it seems that the Soru technique is compared to the Raikage’s speed.

In other words, if Naito wants to surpass the Fourth’s speed, he only needs to open the Fifth Gate, and it will be more than enough!

Then if he opens the Sixth Gate, could he be able to achieve the teleport effect in a short distance, can he beat Minato’s space technique?

Naito’s eyes were looking way further to Minato, but the person in front of him was still the Third Raikage!


The Raikage roared and rushed toward Naito!

This time Naito didn’t try to dodge his hell stab, he clenched his fists and threw it toward the Raikage.

“Brave man.”

The Third Raikage saw how Naito wanted to fight back rather than escaping, and couldn’t help but admire his courage even though he was an enemy.

And using your strongest technique to end the life of a brave man is the best way to pay you respect!


Finally, The Raikage’s Hell Stab reached Naito’s fist, and the two slammed into each other.

At that moment, a bright white color shone, the Lightning flashed, and the air burst, the two figures of Naito and Ay looked as if they were the only thing between earth and heaven.

Even the endless clouds that were filling the sky above the Cloud Village, under this clash, crashed and faded away in all directions.


The result this time was quite different from the previous one.

Last time, the Raikage got bombarded by Naito’s fist, but this time his Lightning armor was a little bit stronger.

This time, his attack become stronger, but his defense was weaker than the previous one.

Naito didn’t dare to hold his power against the Raikage’s Hell Stab, he was actually trying to use his strongest attack too.

The Shock force, have a really large range, so what Naito was trying to do, is to forcibly condense its whole power in one point.

There’s no doubt that the strength of this attack is much powerful than the usual one!


The Raikage’s Lightning Armor suddenly got torn by the Shock force and burst open.

Once again Ay’s body got bombarded hardly, and the whole person went flying and crashed into a mountain!

This time, it wasn’t just a little numb in his arm, but his whole body got shocked by this attack!

“His Hell Stab is sure strong…”

There were four scars on Naito’s fist, the blood was slightly flowing, but the wounds were very shallow, and under his self-healing power they start instantly healing.

Naito also looked surprised, the Raikage is really strong, if he were replaced by any other ninja from the original story, for example, Kakashi, the former would have got smashed after getting hit by this attack!

Naito was amazed by the Raikage’s strength, and Ay was shocked by Naito’s Shock power.


The lightning suddenly flickered out of the wracks, then the Raikage rushed out from there with an incredible look on his face.

He already used his strongest attack, but still couldn’t beat him, is Naito stronger?!

How could this be?!

Even the Raikage was a little bit shocked, he couldn’t believe this, let alone the people who stopped for a moment to see this scene.

Some of them were rubbing their eyes in disbelieve.

The Raikage used the Hell Stab, but once again he got bombarded by Naito who used a punch!

Is this what doesn’t mean to be called… Ashura?!