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T.S.H Chapter 229: The Origin Of The Mangekyu Sharingan!

Although Uchiha Rin is infamous, he’s also a little bit known, but this is didn’t made any deference to Naito.

After he thought about it for a while, Naito looked at Rin’s corpse sharply.

These eyes are not his.

No wonder that he needed to stop attacking him, the side effect should be far higher than usual, this is didn’t happen accidentally, someone has given it to him, but even if he’s an Uchiha, he couldn’t bear the side effects.

“So these are the so-called eyes of the Uchiha that can decipher the Stone Tablet, but to think they will lose it like this, I don’t think they would be this fool…”

At that moment Naito fully understood the whole thing.

The Uchiha Clan existed since the Warring States Period, it’s unknown how long they lived, but there will always be people like Uchiha Madara, and Izuna who will awaken their Mongekyou Sharingans.

Although no one after Madara managed to awake the Eternal, the people who once opened the Mongekyou their eyes will never disappear with death.

Those who didn’t get completely blind before their deaths, the Uchiha Clan will take their eyes and keep it, so they can transfer it later to an Elite member, but since its not their original eyes, even an Uchiha wouldn’t bear the side effects of using it!

However, the use of these eyes for a short period can gain enormous abilities, they can even create a pair of Kage-levels Shinobis with the use of a few these eyes, perhaps that’s how they dared to betray Konoha in the original.

“It’s a bit interesting, that the Uchiha Clan are willing to sacrifice a pair of these eyes just to kill me…”

Naito took out Rin’s eyes with a hint of mockery in his eyes, then he stood up and sealed them in a scroll he was carrying.

Naito wasn’t interested in transferring them, even an Uchiha family couldn’t bear its side effects, and the abilities of this Mongekyou Sharingan weren’t really worth it.

Controlling light, and making illusions… Naito didn’t care about these things!

Maybe because Rin couldn’t use it probably, if it were giving to someone else who can use it better, even killing Sarutobi wouldn’t be impossible, but it doesn’t make a threat to Naito.

Maybe because they thought that with these eyes they can kill Sarutobi, they will also have a chance of killing Naito.

“I tried not to care about you, but you are really seeking your deaths.”

Naito flashed and came to the top of the mountain, from there, he gazed at the distance of the village looking for the Uchiha Area.

After he stretched his body, Naito slightly shook his head and finally decided to open the Fifth Gate before he has a chat with the Uchiha Clan.

He could wait a little bit more before he opens the Fifth Gate since it was only one step away, but he decided to go for it now.


The Uchiha Resident.

During this time, it was really calm in the clan, but it was just the calm before the storm.

Because Kageyama’s son, Uchiha Fugaku has been promoted to a Jonin, and it was a matter of time before he becomes the Head Clan.

In Kageyama’s Office.

Fugaki was standing in front of Kageyama with a severe expression, while his eyes were full of faith.

“I did everything that needs to be done.”

Kageyama looked at his son and sighed, then he said: “In the future, you will become the head of this clan, and its destiny will be in your hand.”

In fact, Kageyama was fifty years old, although the physical strength begun to reduce at this age, it wasn’t that much for him.

However, he could tell that Sarutobi and Jiraiya were preparing Minato for the position of the next Hokage.

Kageyama was at the same age as Sarutobi, but his son, Fugaku was many years older than Minato.

After all, his second son Sasuke was at the same age as Naruto, but he had an eldest one, Itachi.

“Father… You don’t need to…”

Although Fugaku was full of confidence, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for his father.

Kageyama waved his hand and interrupted Fugaku.

“Fugaki, I will prepare everything for you, all that the village wants to see is Naito dead, but you will need to be ready for everything.”

“My resignation of the Military Police Force Captain position will be equivalent as a statement to the village that you’re the next Head of the Clan.”

Hearing these word made Fugaku frown.

Compared to Kageyama, Fugaku was younger but kind of wiser, he couldn’t help but say: “Father are you sure you can kill Naito?”

“Hehehe, I can’t dare to say yes, but the ability of those eyes is great…” Speaking of this, Kageyama paused and tried to lower his voice, then continued “… We have a great chance.”

“The ability of those eyes is specialized for assassination, it was awakened by a hero from our Clan, and since then it was kept in the Clan for decades just for these kinds of situations.”

Fugaku was the next Head of the Uchiha Clan, and he basically understood some of its foundations and knew various secrets.

Listening to his father words, he couldn’t help but still feel that it wasn’t enough, but his father confidence made him believe.


At this time, a ninja knocked on the door and asked to enter.

Kageyama glanced at the door, then he said: “Come in.”

“Kageyama-Dono, something bad happened, we found Rin’s corpse in the back hills, and his Sharingan was taken away!”