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T.S.H Chapter 251: Gamabunta

Suddenly, there was a massive movement in the distance among the various strange plant.

Under the horrible trembling of the ground, a huge toad jumped out.

Gamabunta was too far away, but he couldn’t help but feel confused.

“The flow of the Natural Energy is moving weirdly, what is happening?”

Even Fukasaku and Shima can’t absorb such an enormous amount of Natural Energy.

Gamabunta couldn’t think of anyone in the Mount who can absorb this significant amount, which made him feel more anxious.

Once the Sage Mode is activated the flow of the natural energy will gradually go back to normal, but this is not the case, this has never happened before.

“I need to check this out by myself.”

Gamabunta couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong, and without any more hesitation, he took a big leap forward.


The ground immediately start shaking the moment he took that leap, after all, his body was as big as a mountain.

After jumping a few time in a row toward the direction the Natural Energy flow, he came really close; still, he couldn’t feel any danger, so he fell directly to the center of the stream.

Naito was standing there waiting for his appearance, but he didn’t expect him to fell directly in front of him from the top of his head.

However, he could see him using his Ultra Perceive.

At that time, there was a vast black shadow on the top of Naito, if he let him land on him, Naito will simply turn into a meatloaf.

Naito wasn’t a fan of that idea, so before he crushes him, he suddenly flashed and disappeared.


Obviously, Naito’s speed was greater than Gamabunta, before he could even reach the ground, Naito flashed and appeared on the top of his head.


Gamabunta could feel that something has landed on his head.


Suddenly with his huge body, Gamabunta landed strongly on the ground, causing the cracks to spread in all directions.

Then he moved his eyes, and with his pupils, he looked up and stared at Naito.

“Human Ninja? How did you come in?”

In an instant, Gamabunta determined that Naito was an outsider who didn’t sign a contract with the Toads.

But he could tell that this is wasn’t any outsider after all he could cross the maze and enter the Mount, which made him kind of surprised.

“From the outside.”

Naito, who was standing on the top of Gamabunta’s head, answered calmly.

Gamabunta listened calmly to Naito’s answer, then he narrowed his eyes, he was very dissatisfied by that answer. He already knew that he came from the outside, not to mention he felt a hint of mockery in his reply.

“It seems that you’re here for trouble, I’ll catch you first, then I will get all the answers.”

Gamabunta had those crazy eyes he knows of. In the original, he was known for his temper. And simply standing calmly on his head, was enough for him to kill Naito.

Suddenly, Gamabunta tried to jump up and fly in the air while carrying Naito on his head.

But at that moment, he suddenly felt a strange force suppressing him from the top.


Gamabunta suddenly felt terrified.


Gamabunta, who was ready to attack, didn’t only fail to jump up, but his whole body got stunned and crushed directly on the ground.

Naito was standing still the whole time, he didn’t even move a step, yet Gamabunta got crushed on the ground, and no matter how hard he struggled to stand, he couldn’t.

“You bastard…”

Gamabunta had a great reputation between the Toads for his huge body and strong power.

But he got simply defeated by a human who was just standing on his head.

At that time, Gamabunta finally figured out that Naito was the cause of that strange flow of the Natural Energy!

There’s no doubt that he’s a Sage!

Still, his Sage Mode doesn’t seem the same as the Toads.

“This… Sage Mode, where did you lean it human?!”

Gamabunta who was already defeated couldn’t help but ask Naito with a hint of jealousy in his tone.

However, he was inside the Mount Myoboku, he might be defeated, but he wasn’t afraid.

The Toads has great sensing powers, and a large number of toads should be on their ways over here.

“I created it myself.”

Naito, who was standing on the top of Gamabunta, didn’t ignore him but faintly answered his question.

“You created it?!”

He looked stunned at first, then he suddenly became angrier.

The way Naito was absorbing the Natural Energy was more violent, it looked even scary for him, his Sage Mode model seems to be stronger than the Toads.

And such a strong Sage Mode, he actually said he created it?!

In Gamabunta’s view, this was simply nonsense, Naito didn’t even look old nor mature enough to create such a strong Sage Mode!

“You damn human, do you think because you have this Sage Mode you can just invade our Land?!”

Gamabunta finally couldn’t help but yell at Naito.

At the same time, he starts to fight that strange force to move his body, since he could feel that it was fading away.


Suddenly, he took out a huge short sword from his waist and swang it at Naito, who was on the top of his head.

In an instant, the top of the sword reached Naito body, and it looked like if it was gonna cut him into two halves.

“You still wanna fight?”

Suddenly, Naito raised his hand, bent his finger, and slammed that blade of the short sword.

Compared to the blade of the sword, Naito’s body was too small, and his finger is more like a tiny ant.

But that simple move had an enormous amount of shock force that could kill even Gamabunta!

Suddenly the sword reached Naito finger, and a loud roar blast out.