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T.S.H Chapter 256: The Kyuubi


The sound of the roar shook the whole place as the huge nine-tailed monster fell from the sky, slamming the ground and letting it burst.

Countless ninjas from Konoha were exclaiming, and screaming as the power of that slam throw most of them back.

“Fourth team retreat! The fifth Team follows me!”

The third Hokage Sarutobi was at the forefront, wearing his war gear and holding his diamond staff in his hand, Enma.

The Kyuubi who was in front of him looked mad and violently, waving his tails around and continuously roaring.

“Damn it, how did the seal break?! We’re talking about the Eight Trigrams Sealing here!”

At his back, most of the Village was destroyed. Uzumaki Mei was standing besides Minato while the two of them looked extremely worried.

The Kyuubi broke out, this has never happened before since the establishment of the Village, because the Uzumaki’s Seal is powerful, and their Chakra is strong enough to suppress the Kyuubi.

However, this was a common thing in other Villages, because they didn’t have such a strong seal.

However, this time, and out of the blue, the Kyuubi suddenly broke free!

It seems that this accident happened very quickly that Kushina didn’t even have time to send a message to the Village, after all, once the Seal is broke, Kushina will be overwhelmed by the Kyuubi’s strong Chakra.


The Kyuubi suddenly looked at the Hokage and directly attacked him with his claws.

He might be big, but the Kyuubi’s movement is swift, in an instant, his claws were already over Sarutobi’s head, and he couldn’t do anything but block it with his staff.


Even with the use of the diamond-staff special ability to stretch out, the Kyuubi was still able to fight back and keep on crushing Sarutobi, until the ground itself under his feet couldn’t no longer withstand that power and started bursting and cracking.


A figure suddenly flashed in and cut off the Kyuubi’s Claws, which made him fall from the cliff screaming in pain.

It’s Hatake Sakumo!

Sarutobi leaped from the cracks in the ground, then shook his head.

“I am fine.”

The claws of the Kyuubi were just cut off, but his Chakra surged in an instant, and new ones appeared.

The demon’s destructive power is extreme, the most important thing is that his body is constructed from Chakra, which allows him to regenerate any part of his body infinitely.

It’s difficult to defeat him unless you hit him with a strong unrecoverable attack at once.

After all, he’s not the Hachibi, the Kyuubi is much stronger, the Third Raikage might be able to suppress the Hachibi hardly, but it’s absolutely impossible for him to do the same against the Kyuubi.

There’s no hope against him, fighting him will only mean the end of the Village.

“How can this happen…”

Beside him, Sakumo took a deep breath then said: “It doesn’t matter how it happened, the seal shouldn’t be completely destroyed, we need to block it, and reseal it again.”


Sarutobi nodded then he immediately rushed with Sakumo.

This time it wasn’t only Sarutobi, this time he moved again toward the Kyuubi with Sakumo commanding a group of ninjas along with him.

Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade also moved toward the battlefield, they weren’t gonna watch that monster destroys their Village.

In no time, the strongest ninjas in Konoha gathered in the battlefield and fought on against the Kyuubi launching their strongest Ninjutsu endlessly until they managed to suppress him and make him retreat.

“Great, we did it!”

“The Hokage and Sakumo-Dono are as strong as always, but the three Sannin are also really strong!”

Looking at how they managed to suppress the Kyuubi, some ninjas on the battlefield couldn’t help but reveal their happiness.

However, the people who actually participated in the fight didn’t look that happy, they seemed really anxious.

Because they knew that this was just the beginning!


In a state of the rampage, it seems that the Kyuubi has wholly lost any touch of reason, after being beaten by Sarutobi and the others, he became really mad, he raised his head to the sky and roared. Suddenly, a horrible amount of Chakra started to surge, making the whole place tremble along with the hearts of the people who were on the battlefield.

In the presence of everyone, including Sarutobi, this horrible Chakra made everyone subconsciously take a step back!

The amount of the Chakra the Kyuubi had was incomparable to any human being.

However, the strength of a Ninja cannot be measured by his Chakra as we saw a lot of people in the original suppress some of the Bijuu.

But the Kyuubi is different.

The Kyuubi was the strongest Bijuu, he doesn’t only surpass them in term of Chakra, but also in the combat power!

Under the madness of that horrible Chakra, the Kyuubi opened his jaw, and a horrendous Chakra Ball started to form.


The moment they saw that scene, the cold sweat start to appear on their foreheads, they all knew the goods, and they understood what that amount of Chakra is capable of!

“This Chakra… This is very dangerous!”

Orochimaru looked terrified and was ready to retreat.

“Once you get hit, you’re dead!”

Jiraiya looked also terrified saying: “We cannot stop this one! Damn, It’s time to use my Sage Mode, although, I didn’t master it yet.”

Tsunade clenched her fist and said: “In any case, we cannot let this thing hit the Village.”


The Bijudama was finally ready, and the air has become extremely heavy while the whole place was trembling as that Chakra Bomb getting bigger and bigger.


Suddenly, the Bijudama stopped gaining any more mass, and without any hesitation, the Kyuubi fired it toward Sarutobi and the others.



“Be sure to block this one!”

Everyone stood next to each other while all of their eyes were falling on that massive ball of Chakra as it was flying toward them.

They didn’t have any choice but block it.

This was a matter of life or death!