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T.S.H Chapter 265: Horror

The Kyuubi’s huge claws swayed, this time it was unlike the previous one when he wanted to catch Kushina, this time, he went for the kill!

When his claws fell, the air burst and the ground shattered.

“Yuu Naito…”

Kushina’s seemed frightened, looking at this scene.

She had never seen the real power of the Kyuubi before since she was unconscious when that accident happened, now after she saw it with her own eyes and felt his horrible Chakra, Kushina finally realized how much he can be terrifying!

She couldn’t help but feel worried, although she knew that Naito can defeat him, Kushina was still shocked by the Kyuubi’s power. It made it even more hard for her to imagine how Naito managed to defeat him in the first place.

Such a terrible force is not something that a human being can face!

In the face of this attack, Naito expression looked as calm as always, even if his horrible power can shake the mountains and cut the seas, it can not make Naito’s heart have the slightest movement.

Even the strong wind of the fall didn’t move Naito!

The answer to this attack was straightforward!

Under the gaze of Kushina, Naito fist and the Kyuubi’s claws collided.


Suddenly, the whole place trembled, Naito’s punch made the entire space around them unstable, and suddenly it broke.

The size of Naito’s fist to the Kyuubi’s claws was like the difference between an ant to an elephant, but the power was the opposite!

With his small fist, Naito managed to block the Kyuubi’s claws!

But this wasn’t all, the Shock Force suddenly burst out and bombarded the Kyuubi’s body!


The Kyuubi wasn’t ready to lose this fight, suddenly he surged a terrifying amount of Chakra and tried to fight back, but in the end, he still got bombarded!

The Kyuubi looked shocked, he originally thought that Naito is gonna use a strong Ninjutsu or Fuinjutsu to suppress him while Kushina attacks him, but Naito didn’t even look like he’s trying he just punched him!

This kind of strength is just like Madara and Hachirama!

In the field.

Naito looked really calm and focused, he didn’t even do any meanless movements, its as if he knew that one punch was enough.

A fist that can bombard the Kyuubi, his power is just like a god.

“You’re strong… But your attitude is really angering me!”

The Kyuubi’s stared coldly at Naito, the way he got humiliated made him became really mad.

Suddenly Kurama raised his head and roared.


At this moment, the whole place started trembling as the Kyuubi’s demonic Chakra was surging, and constantly gathering and condensing on the top of his head turning into a huge dark Bijuudama!

This the real Bijuudama that Kurama can form while he’s awake and not controlled, it was big enough to be fired, but the Kyuubi didn’t stop, and the Bijuudama was getting bigger and bigger!

Even Kushina widened her eyes, looking at this scene in shock.

At this moment, she couldn’t help but feel that she needs to interfere and launch her Chakra Chains toward the Kyuubi to stop his action.

However, she looked at Naito to find that he seems like he didn’t care, so she forcibly endured it; still, she couldn’t help but feel worried. Can Naito stop such a terrible attack?

Preparing a Bijuudama can be fast, but in this situation, it was slow. The longer it takes, the easier it will be to interrupt.

However, Naito didn’t move an inch and looked calmly at the Kyuubi as the Bijuudama was getting bigger.

Suddenly, the Kyuubi roared and fired it toward Naito.

This was an all-out attack. Only people like Hachirama and Madara, the successors of Ashura and Indra can stop such an attack, there’s no chance for the others!

“The Kyuubi… Is really strong.”

Looking at the Bijuudama flying toward him, Naito sighed softly, thinking about the huge difference between the Ichibi and the Kyuubi.


At that moment, Naito injected his Chakra into the golden ring on his finger, suddenly, it melted in the air and turned into two pairs of golden gauntlets.

Without any hesitation, Naito clenched his fist then throw a punch at that huge Bijuudama.


Naito’s punch didn’t shatter or just crack the space like it always does, this one had a distortion effect on the space, a distortion that was visible to the naked eye!

Suddenly, the huge Bijuudama hit that distorted space, and then there was a strange twist.

At first, the Bijuudama looked as if it hit a wall, as it was trying to force its way through it!

However, it has never been able to break it, and all of a sudden, the Bijudama started to get smaller as if it’s power was getting sucked into that distorted space!

And in just a second that huge Bijuudama was gone!

Kushina, who was standing beside Naito, looked shocked and speechless.

The Kyuubi looked stunned he just witnessed his all-out attack get dissipated, helplessly, he started surging his Chakra again, but obviously, the next attack will be weaker.

It was a certain thing for him that Naito didn’t have the Sixth Path’s power in him; however, he was strong, the essence of his strength was above anything he ever saw!

“This is impossible!”

The Kyuubi stared at Naito, and said with amazement: “How can you be this strong, you’re obviously not…”

“The successor of Indra and Ashura, right?”

Naito said this sentence calmly.


This sentence had a greater impact on the Kyuubi’s heart, even more than Naito’s extreme power that he just witnessed. It even made his heart tremble.

How did this human… Know about this?!

The Kyuubi looked extremely shocked, even the previous two successors of the Indra and Ashura didn’t know!

Knowing this information is extremely dangerous, does he seek that power?!

However, Naito strength has entirely relied on the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou and his Bloodline limit.

When he first obtained it, the Shock Force wasn’t this strong, to gain the power that can even defeat the Kyuubi, Naito worked hard to reach this level, it took him ten years of practice!

Bloodline doesn’t mean everything, Gai didn’t have any special talents, yet he managed to open the Eight Gates and go head to head with Madara. Although he had a special bloodline limit, Naito took the same path as Gai and Dai and worked hard, and finally, he put his hand on the power he sought!

“How do you know about Indra and Ashura?”