The Strongest Hokage The Strongest Hokage
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T.S.H Chapter 282: Temporary Break

“Everyone is different and has special advantages.”

“Is it?”

Listening to Naito, with a simple look on her face, Konan asked.

“Of course.”

Naito patted Konan’s shoulder and smiled at her.

Compared to Konan, Kushina is not suitable for the role of an assistant.

Let alone Konan is more familiar with the Rain Village.

Konan’s has a quiet and elegant character that can deal efficiently with these trivial matters.

After he took charge of the Rain Village Naito undoubtedly had the highest-ranking with him being appointed as the new leader of the Village. Kushina, Konan and Yahiko were the highest after him.

Of course, between the three of them, Kushina was the highest since she was as strong as their teacher to them, both of them also call her Sensei.

However, Kushina doesn’t like to deal with trivial matters, so most of the things were handled by Yahiko and Konan. However, Yahiko was handling things autonomously, while Konan was only following Naito’s direct orders with complete obedience.

In the eyes of the people in the Village, nothing would be compared to Naito, he was their leader, and his words should never be questioned. Kushina is next after him in both strength and status, then both Yahiko and Konan, although they were much weaker, yet the two of them were Naito’s disciples, and no one would dare to disrespect them.

As for Kushina… With her monstrous powers, no one dares to disrespect her.

After them, there will be the former Anbu Captain, then captain of the rain guards, and so on.

The Anbu Captain is a Kage-level and was the strongest after Hanzo. Originally, he wasn’t convinced by this new ranking, he knew that Naito is much stronger than him, but he felt like he should be stronger than Kushina and the others.

However, after she showed off her Kyuubi Mode, he finally understood that he cannot be compared to Kushina.

Konan kept standing quietly next to Naito, waiting for his further commands.

Naito walked into the window and looked at the sky.

Suddenly, a ray of light flashed in the sky then faded away at the next moment, then turned invisible.


Looking at that strange scenery in the sky, Naito nodded, this is was a sign that Kushina has finally finished working on the enchantment and it’s finally activated.

Konan walked toward the window and looked at the sky outside.

After a while, Naito turned to Konan and nodded: “We’ve finished all the arrangement, there shouldn’t be anything else. Therefore, I will be gone for the next few months…”

“Naito-Sensei is leaving?”

Konana looked confused.

During this time, Natural Energy has finally blended in Naito’s body. And he needed to leave and absorb more so he could achieve the second stage of the Sage Mode.

Naito looked like he spaced out for a moment, after that, he looked again at Konan then he said: “After I leave, you will take control of the intelligence department, I want you to focus on Nagato’s movements. At the same time, I want you to collect every information available about the Bijuu.”


Konan banded a knee to Naito, then she turned and left his office.

Shortly after he left, the door got pushed again. It was the commander of the enchantment construction team, and she wanted to inform the leader about the latest upadte.

“Easily done.”

After coming in, Kushina smiled then rushed toward Naito and huged him saying: “The Village is much smaller than Konoha, finishing it wasn’t that hard after all.”

“Is that so?”

Naito smiled then pinched her cheek and said: “If you didn’t have Kurama’s Chakra, would you be able to do it this easily?”

Kushina didn’t like what she heard, Naito seemed like he underestimated her strength, which made her say: “Kurama’s power belongs to me, it’s also a part of my strength.”

“Of course, I didn’t say it wasn’t.”

Naito looked at her and couldn’t help but notice the smirk on her face, he knew for sure what was gonna happen next. The moment she opened her mouth and was about to bite him, he reached for an apple on his table and put it inside her mouth.

Kushina took a bite from the apple, then a smug grin appeared on her face.

Naito suddenly showed a helpless expression, then he wondered, when did the bitten part become a thing between them?!

“By the way, there’s somthing wrong about how you disciple is looking at you.” Kushina leaned on Naito’s shoulder while she finsihed eating the apple.

Naito touched her little cheeks and smiled: “Are you jealous?”

“Hey, if a girl likes you, I would naturally be jealous, the fruits of the whole ninja world won’t be enough to stop my jealousy!” Kushina said this and hugged Naito tight.

Naito was getting more handsom as he was growing up, with his silver hair and his good looking face he wasn’t just the strongest but maybe also the hottest in the world, which made him admired by countless people.

And a lot of those people were girls who fell in love with Naito from just hearing stories about him, and how he heroically defeated two Kages.

“Well, don’t overthink this matter. I will be leaving tomorrow, it’s only for two months, I wanted to leave this for you.”

Naito gently kissed her cheek, then he took off his golden ring.

Kushina revealed a strange expression.

Not because of the ring, she knows all about the Kusanagi sword. After she injects her Chakra in her strength can reach a higher level along with Kurama’s Mode.

What made her feel strange that Naito was planning to go somewhere else without taking her along.

“Where are you going?”

“Mount Myoboku… Yes, it seems like I forgot to tell you about this.”

Naito remembered that he didn’t mention anything about Mount Myoboku after he returned, although he already explained to her everything he knew about the Sage Mode when one time before the topic was casually mentioned.

Being familiar with the topic, Kushina gently nodded when he explained to her why he needed to leave again.

Kushina took the Kusunagi Ring, although she felt that he didn’t need to give it to her. She was already strong enough after she perfectly learned how to control Kurama’s Chakra.

However, Naito felt the need to give it to her, she’s much stronger with the Kusanagi Ring, even he cannot suppress her easily, let alone Nagato. This way, he can go to Mount Myoboku and focus on his training without being worried about her safety.