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T.S.H Chapter 294: Ready To Go


Tsunade squinted at Naito, then snorted: “Come again? I don’t think I’ve heard you right!”

Naito helplessly looked at Kushina behind him then at Tsunade, then said: “The two of you really…”

“I feel like you’ve forgotten about my current status as the leader of the Rain Village! There are no good medical ninjas here. If I have Sister here, it would be easy to set up a medical ninjas institution.”

Naito said what he had in his mind. However, he hid the fact that he knew that Tsunade was gonna be the Fifth Hokage in the Original, she’s very talented when it comes to political skills. If she’s here, she can help him with a lot of things.

However, the only problem here is Konoha they will never let the grand-daughter of the First Hokage just leave.

This sentence left both Kushina and Tsunade surprised.

After a while, Kushina reacted and nodded gently at Tsunade.

“Yeah, I will feel better if Tsunade-Onesan stays here with us. There’s no one else left in Konoha that you care about anyway without mention that the situation has become very dangerous.”

Tsunade looked contemplative, sitting there without saying a word.

Tsunade is different from other people. She has suffered a lot in the Original, she didn’t even care about the death of her teacher, nor about Konoha even when they asked her to become the next Hokage, if it wasn’t for Naruto and Jiraiya she wasn’t gonna return to the Village.

She didn’t feel like she belongs to Konoha anymore, especially when she discovered the true face of the Village.

“Right, even if you feel like you’re still bonded to Konoha, you can continue to help them. Although you’re gonna stay in the Rain, it doesn’t mean that you’re gonna be a rogue ninja.”

Naito nodded gently to Tsunade then said: “And I don’t think that anyway will dare to bran you as a rogue ninja.”

Tsunade had complexed emotions thinking about this matter and kept silent listening to Naito.

Upon seeing this Naito shrugged his shoulders then he revealed his killing intent and said: “Didn’t Konoha noted that I can ask for anything? Then my only condition is you staying in the Rain.

“I really can’t say no to you…”

At the same time, Tsunade knew that if this condition is gonna pass back to Konoha, Sarutobi and the others will agree to use her in exchange for Konoha’s victory.

This is the real face of these people, they would do anything for their benefits. Just like in the original when they sacrificed Hizashi’s life in exchange for peace, this event was known later as the “Hyuga Affair.”

Her disappointed in Konoha has made this decision even easier on Tsunade. After a while, she nodded at Naito and decided to stay with him. In exchange of this Naito was gonna help Konoha with their battles against the Bijuu.

“So, when are you planning to go to Konoha Naito?”

Since the decision has been made, Tsunade looked once again severe and focused.

Konoha was still strong, they weren’t on the edge of falling, however, the situation was getting worse with every day passing. Since she decided to stay in the Rain, she felt that she owned Konoha this one last favor.


Naito looked more severe than what Tsunade has hoped. After she promised to stay, Naito stood up directly and walked outside of the room, this action has made even Kushina, and Tsunade bows down to him.

He’s going now?

It’s not like him to be this vigorous and resolute!

Especially during the last year, the degree of laziness he achieved was incredible, he did nothing but training all the days, he even handed the important documents to Kushina to deal with. Now, after just a promise, he’s willing to go straight to the battlefield!

Naito pushed the door open, then he flickered and appeared in the sky above the Rain Village. Naito has inexplicable light in his eyes, looking in the distance.

“Man the Third Shinobi World War is really boring. It’s time to make it a little bit more interesting.”

In fact, even if it had nothing to do with them, Naito was gonna still participate in this war, especially, when he knew that Kannabi Bridge event was gonna take place soon in this war.

He wasn’t gonna miss the opportunity to ruin Madara’s plans.

And he might even get the chance to finally meet him and end this for good.

Naito turned behind at the Nanabi who looked very bored.

“Nanabi, come over.”

Naito was still not used to call them by their names. Thus, he was more comfortable by just calling him ‘Nanabi.’


The moment he heard his name, the Nanabi flew at top speed toward Naito.

With a very respectful expression, he looked at Naito and said: “Boss! did you call me?!”

Naito couldn’t make himself like the Nanabi’s personality; however, he got used to ignoring his bluffing.

Naito took a few steps then jumped on his back.

“Take me to Konoha.”

Naito was too lazy to run all the way to Konoha, and he went through all of those troubles to get the Nanabi for these kinds of situations.

At this time, Tsunade, Kushina, and the others finally reached the top of the building.

Looking at Naito standing on the Nanabi’s back, she revealed a strange color, and said: “Did he really has subdued The Shichibi thoroughly?”

“Kinda… That little bug really has such a character.”

Kushina raised her head and revealed a disdainful expression.

Tsunade felt stunned from Kushina, she never thought that she can say such a thing, nor make such an expression!

Wait, no!

This feeling… It’s not Kushina, it’s the Kyuubi!

Suddenly Tsunade fell back a few steps and took a fighting stance thinking that the Kyuubi has broken the seal.

“Calm yourself, it’s not like you have seen a beast.”

The Kyuubi said reluctantly with a lazy tone.

Suddenly, the look on Kushina’s face went back to normal, she looked at Tsunade awkwardly and said: “How embarrassing, It was Kyuubi talking… Just ignore him, he loves to prank people this way.”