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T.S.H Chapter 321: Enhancing Vitality

“This how Chakra Control works.”

Not far from Konoha’s Camp, between the trees, two people stood there, and the one who was explaining the Chakra Control was Naito.

Anko stood next to him, revealing a thoughtful expression.

Naito had nothing to do while Orochimaru was doing his research, so he decided to help Anko in her training.

Of course, this wasn’t the whole story. The key point is that Naito had a theory, and he wanted to try it on Anko.

According to Orochimaru in the Original, he developed the Cursed Seal of Heaven and applicated on ten people, the only one who managed to survive it was Anko.

Naito wasn’t interested in the Cursed Seal. He is only interested in how to transform the Natural Energy to other people’s bodies and enhance the Vitality.

Currently, Naito is not old, but he’s definitely not the youngest Shinobi anymore. Even Kushina, with Kurama’s strength, will age and eventually die!

What Naito needed to do is to find a way to help Kushina get rid of aging.

Tsunade’s Reverse Seal can only heal. It can prevent death, but it can’t give you immortality.

With Naito’s Perfect Sage Mode, even if he lives for hundreds of years, his body won’t show signs of aging because Naito’s vitality is too strong, and at any time, he can absorb Vitality from the natural energy between the heaven and earth.

However, this kind of vitality cannot be transmitted to other people, of course, because it’s vitality, but it’s essential, the Natural Energy, can, but still, it is difficult to control.

Controlling Natural Energy will need years of practicing the Sage Mode, and this certainly not something that everyone can easily do.

What Naito seeks is to create something like the Cursed Seal to help the body absorb Natural Energy.

First, he taught Anko the precise control of Chakra. This girl’s shrewdness is good. In a short time, she understood everything that Naito has explained, and now she has reached the final stage.

“Thank You, Yuu Naito-Sama.”

Anko was happy that Naito has spared some of his time to teach her these things, which made her respect him even more. With a hint of enlightenment in her eyes, she bowed down to Naito.

“You’re welcome.”

Naito smiled slightly and said: “Orochimaru is busy doing some researches, and since you’re his disciple, it’s only natural to take care of you in the time being.”

Anko was grateful no matter what the reason. Although he didn’t look like he cares, Anko herself knew that if he didn’t teach her, it would have taken her years to figure all of this out.

“Well then, continue your training.”

Naito nodded at her, then he jumped to the treetop and sat there leaning against the trunk of the tree.

She kept watching him with admiration, then she began her practice.

After Anko’s Chakra Control reached the limit of her age, Naito chose not to conceal anything from her and directly told her that he can help her become stronger, but with risks.

What surprised Naito, that Anko didn’t look afraid of these risks, she directly agreed, and she said she’s even willing to let Naito experiment on her.

Sure enough, you can’t expect anything less from Orochimaru’s disciple.

Anko is so obedient, but Naito’s attitude was different from her master, he wanted to take good care of her. Therefore, he asked her to tell him when she feels pain or discomfort, so he can stop immediately.

He didn’t know if he was lucky, or Anko is really special. The moment he injected some of the Natural Energy into her body, a mark was formed on her face! She is really absorbing Natural Energy!

Because this is not a Cursed seal, there’s no such a mark of three black tomoe on her body. Instead, there was a little light dot on her forehead, which was similar to Tsunade’s Reverse Seal.

The first stage of the attempt was successful, and Anoko’s strength improved magnificently, she jumped from close to Chunin level and reached the level of a close Jonin.

Whether it’s the amount of Chakra, speed, or strength, there has been a great improvement.

After the discovery of this incident, Orochimaru was somewhat surprised, but he had no intention of stopping it. Instead, he was very interested in what Naito has done.

However, he was currently studying the relationship between the Soul and Chakra, and he still didn’t have time to explore natural energy and physical transformation, so the changes that occurred on Anko didn’t attract a lot of his intention.

The enhancement she gained and the power that has given to her by Naito made Anko admire the former even more. This made Naito feel a little helpless, thinking that Anko really didn’t deserve to be brainwashed in the Original.

After several trials, Naito determined that this transformation is not only effective on Anko, but also on others, and the success rate is extremely high. Even if it fails, Naito can quickly suppress natural energy at any time.

This transformation can slightly improve the activity of the human cells, although it’s only slightly improved, Naito estimated that the rate is about 30%, which mean that if a person has a life span of 100 years, after this transformation, it can increase to 130.

The success of the first stage made Naito more optimistic, so he started immediately with the next step of the experimentation. Anko has also agreed, even with more risks, she was willing to continue.

In this regard, Naito couldn’t help but want to laugh.

It seems that Naito has robbed this disciple from Orochimaru… No, it should be said that this is the right thing to do regarding what Orochimaru is gonna do to her in the future.

The second phase of the transformation wasn’t easy Naito has hit more bumps on the road, he failed more than ten consecutive times, and the reason for the failure is that whenever he discovered that Anko is feeling discomfort, he will immediately stop, not willing to let her experience any pain.

For this, Anko was more grateful to Naito, and she even proposed that there’s no need to stop, but Naito has always answered her with a smile and refused.

Naito’s methods are quite different from Orochimaru. After he developed the Cursed Seal, Orochimaru found that it was more convenient to find another person to test, and he didn’t care if that person suffers pain or even die. He only cared about results.

Naito thinks if the person undergoing the transformation, feels uncomfortable, it proves that the process itself is imperfect and needs to be improved.

After several fails, Naito finally succeeded, but this time, it seems that it’s really because of the unique nature of Anko.

In the Original, she was the first to successful subject to survive the application of the Cursed Seal, and he needed to discover that unique element.