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T.S.H Chapter 329: The Collision Of Eras

The deep underground cave was surrounded by hard rock walls, but still, it was slightly damp.

The cave was very huge, and it’s not apparent whether it is naturally formed or artificially opened up.

At the next moment, at the end of the cave, the rock walls burst open, and a figure wrapped in a white aura suddenly rushed into the cave.


The Shock Force around Naito’s body disappeared slowly, he didn’t know how far he drilled underground, but sure it took him a while. Still, there was no trace of mud on his body, it got all shattered by his Shock Force.

There wasn’t even a trace of stain on Naito’s white cloak.

Naito calmly glanced around, then he used his Ultra Perceive to search for every living thing inside these caves.

After he took a deep breath, a deep sigh appeared in his eyelids, then he slowly walked forward for a while, and came to a bigger cave.

There was someone inside the cave, sitting there, looking at Naito.

Behind that figure, there was a massive statue with huge black pipes extended from it, and inserted to the back of that person.

This statue was The Demonic Statue of The Outer Path.

And that person connected to it was Uchiha Madara!

It took him a very long time, but he finally found Madara’s location.

Step by step, Naito walked toward Madara. He didn’t speak but kept looking at Madara quietly. The way he was walking gave Naito an imposing appearance.

Madara sat there quietly watching Naito coming over, his body was very old, to the point that he looked like a corpse.

However, the look in his eyes looked so sharp, to the point where it can even pierce the heart!

The meeting of these two is the collision of two eras!

The last era belonged to Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama, and this era… Belongs to Yuu Naito!


None of them spoke a word, their auras were doing all the talk, they were crushing each other and violently colliding, which made even the dust around the place raise and roll in all directions.

The time seemed to be stagnated, although there’s almost no light here, it’s like if everything in the whole world is centered around this!

Behind him on the side, Zetsu was standing there, with Obito next to him unconscious, watching the momentum between Naito and Madara with evident awe in his eyelids.

The confrontation between these two gave him the feeling that the world is about to end!

The air is continually humming as if some kind of invisible wave marks in the space are rippling, suddenly, the ground between Naito and Madara cracked!

With the Sixth Gate opened, Naito’s strength has reached the extreme of the Elite Kage-Level, even if it’s the Sixth Path himself, it would have been difficult for him to directly crush Naito.

Moreover, Naito’s Soul is also powerful. Even if he doesn’t have any special Dojutsu, Naito’s presence was extremely horrifying.

Although Madara’s body is almost on the verge of giving up, and he’s relying on the demonic statue of the outer path to extend his lifespan, connecting it to his body by the Black Receivers. He once stood proudly at the peak of the world.

Madara had Hashirama’s cells transplanted in him, and he already awakened the Rinnegan. Although he gave them to Nagato, his body still has some of its power in it.

In the original, when he got resurrected by the outer path, he could use Susanoo even with the absence of his Sharingan. You can only say that he’s arrogance comes from how strong he really is.

At this time, Madara had a pair of ordinary three tomoe Sharingan, but an ordinary Sharingan placed in Madara’s eyes can no longer be considered average!

Madara tried to suppress Naito with his presence and strong aura, but he couldn’t do it, or that he couldn’t do it under this state.

In terms of momentum, Yuu Naito is not inferior to Madara, as passer-by to this world, and with the Soul Art secret, Naito soul is really powerful, coupled with his Spiritual Shock technique his momentum is not weaker than Madara!

Gradually, both their momentums slowly dispersed.

Looking at Madara in front of him, Yuu Naito didn’t directly attack, killing him in this state doesn’t make any sense.

Whether it’s the Rinnegan or the Edo Tensei, there are too many techniques that revive the dead, unless he has an ability to destroy the person’s soul, killing him now is useless.

Moreover, Naito knew that Madara intended to bring him here on purpose.

How would Madara make such a mistake, to send Zetsu to take someone on the same battlefield where Naito has appeared, thus exposing his own position. Moreover, Madara looked like he was waiting for Naito’s arrival.

“After Hashirama, I thought that this world will gradually fade, I felt that it was difficult for the world to reproduce anything nears Hashirama or me. I didn’t expect that this era will have someone like you.”

Madara looked at Naito with a deep gaze, then slowly opened his mouth, with a trembled tone.

Yuu Naito looked faintly, he didn’t refute Madara’s words but calmly said: “The world is constantly changing, time doesn’t stop for anyone, era and era unceasingly take turns. I respect the older generation, but you who belong to the previous era, I have to say… You’re really a loser.”


Madara listened to what Naito had to say without the slightest anger.

Naito held his hand and stood calmly, looking at Madara he said: “You couldn’t control the world in your time, so you’ve made a plan to make a comeback on the next one. In fact, this is the practice of losers, isn’t it?”

“If you’re really as strong as you think, you would have won against Senju Hashirama.”

While his eyes looked deep and calm, Madara said: “The world thinks that I’ve lost to Hashirama, he tried to stop me several times, there were times when he won some fights, and there were times where he didn’t. However, I still exist, but Hashirama has long passed away, the real result is obvious when you see it this way, isn’t it?”

Madara looked at him and responded faintly while using the same tone as Naito.