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T.S.H Chapter 333: Final Strength

Naito’s attack divided the Kyuubi’s Chakra into two halves, the first got swallowed by the Gedo Mazo, and the other half got free from his grasp.

The Gedo Mazo is the Juubi’s vessel. The degree of his firmness cannot be accurately measured, the situation at that point has reached an extremely critical degree. It was too late for Naito to get close. Naturally, the most secure choice was made.

“This is…”

Kushina got slightly stunned from a moment, then suddenly reacted and immediately withdrew the Kyuubi’s Chakra back inside her.

Madara looked surprised. He shook his head, didn’t try again. Instead, he turned and looked at Naito in the distance.


In the next moment, Naito flashed from the sky and fell directly to Kushina’s side, he didn’t pay attention Madara and checked on her first.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

Kushina shook her head slightly, she lost half of the Kyuubi’s Chakra, but she wasn’t injured.

At this time, in Kushina’s body, Kurama was getting furious.

“Hey, why the hell did your damn boyfriend do that for…”

“Well, if it weren’t for my ‘damn boyfriend,’ you would have already been sealed inside the Gedo Mazo.”

Kushina helplessly patted the Kurama’s head.

Naito felt relieved the moment he saw Kushina’s fine, then looked at Konoha, who seemed exhausted on the other side.

Although her Paper Ninjutsu can turn her whole body into papers, and prevent her from getting injured, the constant using of that technique has also consumed a large amount of her Chakra.

Konan did her best to save Kushina. Although her opponent was Madara, she didn’t give up on her. Naito could see all of that with his Ultra Perceive.

“Thank you, Konan.”

“No, this is what anyone would do. Although… I couldn’t save Kushina-Sensei, she almost…”

Konan walked over with a touch of sorrow evident in her expression.

This girl has a light spirit, and the last thing she cares about is her self, Naito’s wellness and happiness is the most important thing for her. Thus, she never interfered in his relationship with Kushina, she didn’t try to fight her for Naito, she was just like a white, beautiful flower standing there quietly.

Ko?ana’s kindness has also made it really hard for Kushina to hate her or raise any hostility with her. However, she believed that Konan’s love for Naito would never be weaker than her.

Madara’s gazed at them indifferently, he looked at the two girls at the bottom, then at Naito.

An invisible momentum suddenly raised at that moment.

“Kushina, Konan, you must fall back.”

Naito coldly stared at Madara in front of him.

Although, it was clear that Madara was targetting the Kyuubi, not Kushina. However, this could kill Kushina, and that has directly crossed Naito’s bottom line!

When he saw how Madara and the Gedo Mazo directly vanished, Naito immediately reacted. Although he didn’t know how did this was done, he still assumed that he was targeting Kushina.

Naito used his full speed, and at an almost unbelievable rate, he crossed the whole distance between the Land of Fire and the Rain Village in a few minutes!

Whether he will be resurrected in the future, or not wasn’t important. What is now is only killing Madara so Naoti can alleviate the anger in his heart.


The horror caused in the heart by these two killing intents was extreme, even the ground under Naito could no longer withstand his momentum and started to crack.

“Yuu Naito, be careful.”

Feeling the momentum of these two, Konan took a deep breath and realized that she’s not even qualified to watch from a short distance. After she nodded to Naito, she retreated with Kushina.

“I didn’t expect you to be this fast, there was some miscalculation, but in the end, the purpose was achieved. How about we play a little now!”

Madara looked calmly at Naito, then suddenly with one hand seal, the pipes behind him that were connection him to the Gedo Mazo, started madly to flow with vitality.

It forcibly let Madara recover part of his vitality, his body was following with an enormous amount of Chakra, but it also destroyed all of his Tenketsu, which is equivalent to opening all of the Eight-Gates, this is gonna be his last fight, whether he wins or loose, it will end up with him being dead.

He stood once with the strongest man alive and fought until the end!

He never ran from a fight before, he never turned his back. Madara has never avoided a war before; this is the meaning of having a strong heart. Even if he could make Nagato summon him again and save him, he wasn’t gonna do that.

Because, if he did that, he’s not Uchiha Madara!

Burst with vitality, Madara’s appearance got a little bit younger, and his hair regained its black color. Suddenly, he jumped straight from the top of the Gedo Mazo to the front of Naito.

Almost all the pipes that were connecting him to the Demonic Statute got broken, and by the time the last one was disconnected from his back, the Gedo Mazo disappeared into the smoke.

“Come on, let’s see the power of the strongest of this era, I hope you can make me excited.”

Madara’s younger face was revealing a hint of excitement. In fact, he also wanted to fight Naito.

Since the end of the battle between him and Hashirama, he stayed in the dark for the whole time observing the world of shinobi.

He never felt this excitement, until he met Naito here on this battlefield.

“As you wish.”

The look on Naito’s face looked cold, he extended his hand and injected his Chakra into his golden ring, and suddenly it turned to a sword that he held in his hands immediately.

Looking at the shiny golden Kusanagi sword in Naito’s hands, Madara couldn’t help but show his admiration, saying: “The perfect Kusanagi sword, what an amazing looking weapon…”


Suddenly, a huge amount of Chakra started surging inside Madara’s body.

Madara knew how much Naito is powerful, and he wasn’t gonna hesitate to use all that he has to finish him.

Thus, his full force was needed!

The madness in his eyelids was rising as the Chakra in his body was bursting out, suddenly, the three tomoe in his eyes under the stimulation of this force, turned into a pair of Mongekyou Sharingan!

For Madara, who could awaken the Renningen after the Eternal Mongekyou Sharingan, it is too simple for him to awaken any ordinary Sharingan into a Mongekyou Sharingan. For him, it’s just like eating and sleeping!

The moment those Mongekyou Sharingan appeared, a blue skeleton shows up along them covering Madara’s body, followed by the flesh, and blood, then the skin, and finally the armor!

This horrifying Chakra made Konan and Kushina, who were retreating in the distance freeze for a moment. This Chakra is even more powerful than the complete Kyuubi!

So if you mix Madara’s genetics, with the Mongekyou Sharingan, and the power of the Sixth Paths, what is gonna be the final result?

The answer was right in front of Naito.

A complete Body… Susanoo!