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T.S.H Chapter 343: Danzo’s Winning Card

Now that Danzo is seeking his death, Naito is ready to put him on the road, even the Kusanagi sword trembled upon hearing the name ‘Danzo.’

In Naito’s point of view, Danzo is not an enemy at all, but an ant that needs to be crushed!

Although he has mastered many forbidden techniques, those things aren’t enough to stop Naito now!

Naito has become very powerful, his physical strength is almost perfect, his chakra has even surpassed some Bijuu, his soul has strengthened a lot, he’s immune to all kind of Genjutsu, even Sasuke’s Genjutsu Level won’t affect him.

Below the Sixth Path, all are just mere ants!

Although Naito hasn’t reached the Sixth Path-Level, he’s currently above the Super-Kage level.

Once he reaches that level, he will unlock new words such as immortality, space ninjutsu, and other things.

At that point, he’s not afraid to say that he can even conquer Hagoromo!


Konoha’s Underground, the Roots Organization Base.

It was the first time for Naito to come to this place. Naito didn’t perceive it before because he wasn’t interested in what Danzo was hiding.

Compared with the Anbu, the Root is hidden deeper.

Walking in the Root’s base, Naito could see the thick pillars that were supporting the village above.

“Where are you hiding then…?”

Naito used his Ultra Perceive to check the entire base and found Danzo, who looked somehow strange.

Naito roughly guessed the game that Danzo was trying to pull, but he didn’t have any fear. Danzo is not enough to make Naito feel afraid. If he still fears the likes of Danzo, then what was the purpose of the path he took in these previous years then?

Without any hesitation or second-guessing, Naito directly stepped into the lobby of the Root’s base.

Danzo was standing there quietly with a can in his hand, and with his right arm wrapped by a bandage, and hanging from his chest.

When he saw Naito coming in, Danzo’s eyes opened wide, showing a strange light.

“Here he is, in the blink of an eye, the little demon entered…”

His sentence came to an abrupt end.

Because before he could even finish his sentence, he got suddenly overwhelmed by a strange force.


In an instant, Danzo’s body got bombarded to the air, with countless cracks on the space spreading around him. Finally, it burst out with enormous power that shattered him into pieces!

“Who gave you permission to talk to me this way?”

Naito looked at what left from Danzo’s body, then gently retracted his fingers.


Seeing this scene made the Root Shinobis feel terrified. They didn’t expect that Naito, who just arrived to kill Danzod directly with one move before the former could even finish his sentence!

However, they seemed to be restricted by orders of not interfering no matter what happens, so no one has moved an inch.

Suddenly, the shuttered crumbs disappeared.

“Sure enough, you didn’t give this old man a chance to speak. With this kind of power, you’ve grown more arrogant…”

Danzo appeared again in the same previous position, then took off the bandage off his arm, exposing the disgusting eight Sharingan eyes planted on his arm, with one of them slowly getting closed.


Looking at this scene, Naito didn’t seem surprised, he already foreguessed this outcome.

It’s estimated that the last time he attacked the Uchiha, Danzo secretly exchanged with the Uchiha Clan information or money with some of these eyes.

“It’s not that I didn’t give you a chance to talk, but… I didn’t really wanna hear your nonsense.” Naito looked at Danzo faintly, stretched out his hand again, and flickered his fingers.

“So again, just shut up!”


Danzo turned into shattered crumbs again, he didn’t even have the time to react, let alone dodge Naito’s attack.

It’s as if he was inside Naito’s grasp, there was nowhere to run or hide!

“You don’t want to know, why did this old man call you?”


Danzo got crushed again.

“I don’t.”

Naito looked at Danzo calmly, Although he was looking straight ahead at him, it seemed as if he was overlooking on him from above.

Although they were trained not to feel anything, all the Root Shinobis around were shocked by this display of power, with their hearts were shaking from fear!

“Damn this!”

Danzo who was resurrected again, was a little annoyed. He was a higher-ranked ninja in Konoha, and still, he was getting beaten by this kid again and again.

If he didn’t have the Izanagi, he would have died a long time ago!

Moreover, Naito killed him without even taking out his weapon, he was just flickering his fingers. He wasn’t taking him seriously!


Before he could say anything this time, Danzo was killed again.

“Don’t even think about opening your mouth, I don’t want to hear your voice.”

From the beginning to the end, Naito stood still and didn’t move, he was just moving his finger, killing Danzo time after time.


Danzo came back again, but he didn’t have any anger or killing intent, he actually looked strangely excited, as if he was looking at a rare treasure.

“This power has come from heaven, it’s the power of gods. With this power, unifying the Shinobi world and making Konoha on the top will no longer be just a dream.”

The greed and madness that was coming from him were unbelievable, but this time when he resurrected, his eyes were closed the whole time. Suddenly he opened them!

He had Sharingan in his eyes, but not any ordinary Sharingan, this is… A Mongekyou Sharingan!

Naito didn’t look surprised when he saw these eyes, no wonder Danzo dared to call him. Did he get Uchiha Shisui’s Mangekyou Sharingan, like in the Original?

It’s several years earlier before the event of the Uchiha’s extermination. But it seems that Shisui has managed to awaken his Mongekyou Sharingan a few years earlier.

After discovering the ability of Shisui’s eyes, he killed him and took his Mongekyou Sharingan!

Suddenly, Danzo’s Chakra surged wildly.

“If it were Shisui, he would have used these eyes to make you protect Konoha… But such a power should be used to unify the Shinobi World!

At this moment, let out all of his hatred and evil aura out, then smirked as a strong spiritual force hit Naito’s body.

“Become my took, Yuu Naito!”

With a touch of unstoppable excitement, scenes started flashing in Danzo’s mind, he saw himself as the Fourth Hokage standing on the peak of the world.