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T.S.H Chapter 359: Enhanced Perfect Sage Mode

Looking at the Queen and the Princess’s expressions, Naito laughed deep inside, then he smirked, and walked toward Sara, then reached out to her chin and touch it.

Looking into his eyes, Sara felt panicked, Naito showed a thoughtful expression, then said: “Hmm… How should I punish you for your bold and offensive objection?”


Sara exclaimed, but she didn’t dare to push Naito away, she felt so horrified, and she even wanted to cry.

Upon seeing that, Naito couldn’t help but laugh, then he stopped teasing her.

He left Sara puzzled, then he walked, passing her to the Queen.

“So, in exchange, I’m gonna take the Dragon Viens.”

As soon as he said these words, Naito suddenly disappeared out of thin air.

The civilians who saw this couldn’t help but admire him, instead of standing up, they once again bowed down in the direction where Naito left.

After a long time, the Queen took a deep breath, then stood up, looking at the village that got completely changed.

The village got isolated from the sandstorm thanks to the rock walls, and the water was flowing around Roran.

Although he might not be a god, and just a powerful human being, she couldn’t help but be thankful to him!


Helping Roran, and changing the landforms of the village cause Naito a small problem, he discovered that the source of the Ryumyaku got displaced.

But this was nothing, he could find it again easily, and the dragon veins didn’t have any consciousness, it will not gonna run anywhere.

The Chakra of the Ryumyaku was huge, not as significant as the Bijuu’s Chakra, but since it was pure Chakra, it was easier to control than the Bijuu’s Chakra.

After all, the Bijuu is alive, and the Ryumyaku is just an object. However, he discovered also that this Chakra cannot be moved outside of the Source of the Ryumyaku.

Maybe this why the Major Villages didn’t try to take it for themselves.

But none of this matters to Naito, because he didn’t want to take it but to devour it.

Crack! Crack!!

The ground trembled and cracked, and Naito has already entered the Source of the Ryumyaku and felt this huge Chakra up close.

When the nine Bijuus got absorbed by the Demonic Statue, the Juubi will appear, and it will have an endless Chakra.

The nine Bijuu have different types of Chakra, and when they all get fused together, they become the most powerful force in the world.

Thus the existence of the Juubi is practically equivalent to the existence of this world, and the life force of the world is naturally infinite.

However, the power of the Ryumyaku cannot be considered as Chakra, it should be categorized as and endless accumulation of Natural Energy.

Naito has even suspected that if he absorbed it directly into his body that he will directly open the Sixth Path Mode.

Of course, he couldn’t act based on doubt because, for Naito, the Soul Art is the most important. As long as he enhances his soul, he will be able to open the Seventh Gate and Eighth Gate, then the Sixth Path mode will come naturally.

Once the Seventh Gate is opened, Naito will be genuinely equipped with the power that will make him capable of facing anything. After all, opening the Seventh Gate will mean reaching the Sixth Path-Level.

Looking at the Energy of Ryumyaku in front of him, Naito didn’t hesitate no more and went straight toward it!


After he entered the place, Naito felt a power that can bend time and space, but the energy was currently in a stable state, so there wasn’t any kind of distortions.

Besides, it’s not easy to break time and space. The Ryumyaku energy can only bend time and space at the moment when it breaks out.

Otherwise, it shouldn’t be called dragon veins, but god veins.

The moment Naito stepped inside, the Energy of Ryumyaku attack Naito.

However, Naito was in his Perfect Sage Mode, even this energy can’t harm him. Or that what Naito thought; however, it was actually enhancing his Perfect Sage Mode, and making it stronger.

After he discovered this, Naito didn’t devour the energy, but stood still there in the face of this storm of energy, and let it continuously wash his body.

After a long time, Naito finally felt that the energy could no longer strengthen him.

Although this improvement wasn’t enough for him to reach the standards of opening the Seventh Gate, it really enhanced his Shock Force by a lot!

If he had to go all out to distort space before, Naito now has the power to do it easily.

And if he goes all out, he will be so close to Gai in the Eight Gates, who can cause an apparent space distortion!

“The next step is to devour the Ryumyaku’s energy…”

Looking at the dense energy flowing around him, Naito’s eyes looked really sharped before he closes them.


After he closed his eyes, the rich Energy of the Ryumyaku seemed as if it has found a place to leak in instantly and madly rushed inside Naito’s body.

Naito’s spiritual space looked somehow unstable for a moment, then suddenly, a tremendous amount of energy burst into the Spiritual Space!


At the same time, white glowing light emitted there, then faded when Naito came out from it.

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