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T.S.H Chapter 363: Resurgence

Tsunade lowered her hand from her forehead, then crossed her fingers, and put her elbows on the table, then looked at Naito severely.

“That day, after you’ve left, the peace talk soon ended. The four Villages promised to pay resources to Konoha in exchange for their Jinchuriki, and I took half of the share and exchanged some land on the Land of Fire’s borders.

“Plus, a small piece of land in the Land of Wind and the Land of Earth, and I took back what they took from us before the Third World War, our territory has become the largest of all small countries.”

Tsunade stopped for a moment, while her eyes looked so sharp.

“That’s when things went south. When Konoha tried to return the Jinchuriki back to their Villages, some unknown people appeared and attacked them!”


When he heard that, Naito seemed like he had some speculations, but instead of speaking, he continued to look at Tsunade, waiting for the conclusion.

Tsunade took a deep breath, then said: “The other Jinchuriki returned safely to their Villages. Only the Four-tailed and the Five-tailed got attacked by these unknown people, and kidnapped them on the road to the Rock Village.”

“Therefore, the Rock Village refused to pay the resources and give up on their lands, and strongly demanded Konoha to recover these two, and for that reason, we’re gathered here.”

Naito seemed like he didn’t like what he heard, and he already had many thoughts in his mind.

Kidnapping two Jinchuriki is not something that an ordinary ninja can do. Especially, considering that they have probably lifted the seals that were performed on them, and they could use their Bijuu’s powers freely.

In this case, the people who attacked them should be so powerful, even a half-super-Kage level tier ninja wouldn’t be able to suppress two Jinchuriki’s together.

There’s no doubt that the man who kidnapped them was extremely powerful.

And currently, in the Ninja World, only two people can be ranked higher than the Super-Kage tier, who were Nagato, and Uchiha Madara. Naito couldn’t think of anyone else.

Besides, what made Naito confused weren’t the fact they dared to kidnap the Four-Tailed and the Five-tailed beasts, but why they didn’t try to catch all of them at once.

After all, the absorption of the Bijuu can only be applied in order.

“What did Konoha do?”

Naito looked at Tsunade and asked.


Tsunade snorted, then said: “As if they can do anything… Someone has managed to suppress two Tailed-beasts at one time. Do you think Konoha can do anything to them?”

Having said that, Tsunade stopped for a moment, then glanced at Naito and said: “If you don’t act fast and solve this, people will suspect that you did it because there isn’t a lot of people with such a strength in the world.”

Indeed, when it comes to suppressing the Bijuu, the first person to think of is Naito.

“Konoha is currently working on this incident and looking for these two, but in fact, they have only sent some scouts. They have no intention of confronting those people who are responsible for this act.”

Naito snorted and said: “It seems that they rather stay out of the trouble then look for these two and exchange them for the materials.”

Tsunade said helplessly: “Well if they want it that hard, they can exchange it with some of their lands, after all, it had nothing to do with us, we got our share from that deal.”

Naito couldn’t help but laugh when he looked at Tsunade’s expression.

If it wasn’t for her, they wouldn’t have got those supplies in the first place, nothing can stop this woman from getting what she wants. Even now, after Konoha got in trouble, she wasn’t thinking about them, but she was thinking about how she could make some profits for her side, the Rain Village.

Of course, Tsunade knew why Naito was laughing, suddenly, she looked embarrassed, and shouted at Naito: “Hey! What’s so funny?! What if those people came after us? We need to be ready!”

“Haha, I’m afraid they won’t be coming to the Rain.”

Naito’s laughter completely wiped out the previous depressing atmosphere. Even Yahiko, and Konan, who looked very worried before, seems relaxed now.

As long as Naito si here, any problem can be solved!

“What are you going to do next?”

Tsunade glanced at Naito and asked.


After he replied, Kushina put the teacup that was in her hands on the side of the desk and sat next to Naito.

Kushina’s cheeks were slightly red, and couldn’t help but squeeze with her little hand Naito’s arm, she clearly was worried.

Tsunade ignored this romance scene, then sighed, showing a thoughtful look.

“Yes, just wait.”

Although they got their share of the resources, Konoha didn’t dare to ask the Rain Village anything. They didn’t even ask them to help.

A lot of the resources got already transported, and everything was going fine.

However, no matter what purpose this secret guy had to capture these two Tailed-beasts, it was clear that he won’t stay hidden for a long time.


Konoha was still trying to find the people responsible for the kidnapping, while Naito continued his Spiritual training.

In the blink of an eye, a few more months passed. In this period, Naito’s Spiritual Space has absorbed most of the Hoshi’s Chakra.

With this, Naito’s Spiritual Space got much stronger, and Naito’s soul got strengthened by at least 10%.

10% is not bad, considering how strong his Spiritual Powers in the first place!

Thus, Naito tried once again to left some of the suppression of Hoshi’s energy to make the absorption rate faster.

The Chakra flowed stronger than before. However, Naito’s Spiritual Space could easily bear this rate.

This has made Naito sigh in relief. Sure enough, it was the right decision to start with the Hoshi absorption. If he chose to absorb the Dragon Veins first, he wouldn’t be able to suppress its power easily, and his Spiritual Space wouldn’t be able to bear the flowing of its energy.

However, after he strengthened his Spiritual Space by absorbing the Hoshi’s Chakra, it’s now qualified to absorb the Dragon Veins’ Chakra.

Because he lifted the suppression many times now, the absorbs rate got much faster than the beginning. It didn’t take him long before he finally absorbed the Hoshi’s Chakra completely.

In this way, only the Dragon Veins energy was left in Naito’s Spiritual Space.

Naito’s consciousness once again came to the Spiritual Space.

Because the Hoshi’s Chakra got completely absorbed, he needed to start working on the Dragon Veins’ Chakra. However, Naito felt like he shouldn’t take it lightly. After all, the Dragon Veins’ energy is much strong than the Hoshi’s Chakra.

Moreover, Naito bearly managed to deal with its energy when he was at the Source of Ryumyaku, it wouldn’t be easy to suppress it perfectly in his Spiritual Space.

But during this time, Naito thought of a way!

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