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T.S.H Chapter 391: Hyuga Hinata

The moment the civilians on the merchant ship saw that seen where Naito smashed the monstrous wave with his punch, made most of them guess his identity.

The God of Shinobi!

Just these four words are enough to clear everything, so everyone decided to visit him in his room and pay their respect, but they got all blocked by Kimimaru and Haku.

Naito didn’t bother to care about them, and naturally, no one dared to disturb Naito forcibly. Most of the merchants left their gifts on the door and left with admiration.

Next, no more accidents were encountered. The ship sailed all the way to the Land of Fire, and before it stopped, Naito left taking Haku and Kimimaru with him.

However, the people on that ship will never forget that scene they saw for the rest of their lives, and will always admire and respect Naito, even though they didn’t have the chance to see him.



The setting sun reflected on the buildings and dyed the entire Village with a golden glow.

At that time, a grand celebration was being held in the Village.

In the past few years, the Land of Fire and the Land of Lightning have opened the trade paths between them, and their relationship gradually improved since then. The Cloud Village and Konoha had a piece talk a few years ago, and came to conclude and alliance treaty with Konoha, planing to further closer relationship.

Of course, this is just a superficial thing. No one knows what the Cloud’s real purpose is.

“Is this Konoha? It’s enormous, much bigger than the Mist.”

Looking at Konoha in front of him, a surprised expression appeared on Haku’s face, while Kimimaru stood on the side calmly.

Hearing the hustle and bustle in Konoha, Kimimaru strangely said: “It’s very lively.”

“So they managed to agree on an alliance treaty… This is interesting.”

Naito seemed to see through the whole Village, watching everything happening inside from a glance.

It was getting dark, and Naito decided to take Haku and Kimimaru to settle temporarily inside Konoha.

Silently, he entered the Village with the boys. No one knew about Naito’s arrival, sneaking through the perception enchantment around the Village, was like opening the door to Naito.

Not to mention that Naito’s Shock Force can easily block it.

Of course, this enchantment was built by the Uzumaki Clan, and Kushina has repeatedly maintained it.

Although Naito didn’t care about Fuinjutsu, Kushina occasionally mentioned a thing or two in front of him. Thus, just from a few words, he could basically understand how this enchantment works.

Just by flying to a high point, the enchantment won’t be able to detect you, and that way, he managed to sneak the boys in with him.

The night fell quickly.

That hustle and bustle from before gradually calmed down, and the celebration began.

Almost everyone in the Village participated in this celebration, but only one group didn’t, the Hyuga Clan, because another ceremony was also being held inside the Clan, a birthday ceremony.

Just when Konoha was busy celebrating, a shadow flashed over Konoha, and with the aid of the darkness, he could easily sneak it.

The man, who was covering his face, seemed like he had a clear purpose. He crossed a lot of distance quickly and entered the Hyuga Clan’s territory.

It didn’t take him long to grab a little girl in a cute kimono, with a touch of mockery in his eyes.

“I didn’t expect it to be this easy, Hyuga Clan… Huh! So much fame for nothing…”

This man is the ninja leader that the Cloud has sent to conclude the alliance treaty.

It’s challenging to get your hand on the Byakugan, because the Hyuga Clansmen doesn’t leave the Village, and the people who guard the main family, has a seal on their forehead, even when they die, their eyes will automatically get destroyed.

It’s tough to catch them, but who he was holding in his hand, was the daughter of the Clan’s Patriarch, Hinata Hyuga.

At this time, Hinata was unconscious, he looked down at her then said: “Don’t you worry, I won’t harm you, I will only take those eyes!”


In the rear, the Hyuga Clan.

When Hinata was captured, the guards noticed quickly and rushed toward the Patriarch to inform him.

“Patriarch! Not good! Princess Hinata got kidnapped!”


Hiashi jumped from his place and got immediately furious the moment he heard that sentence.

This is Konoha and the Hyuga Clan territory, how did they manage to sneak into this place and kidnap Hinata without anyone noticing.

Without hesitation, Hiyashi rushed out, and opened his eyes, and saw that man rushing in Konoha.

There were already a few Shinobis chasing him down, but they were obviously not an opponent for him, and they got easily defeated by him.

Noticing how Hinata was unconscious, Hiashi suddenly burst out with anger, and without any hesitation, he rushed out chasing that man.

The man found it difficult to get rid of the Hyuga Clansmen with their Byakugan eyes.

“Forget it, I will just take these eyes.”

He looked at Hinata with evil, and cruel expression, then suddenly stretched out his fingers toward her closed eyes.

Suddenly, something weird happened!

Hinata vanished!

She disappeared from thin air as if she wasn’t there in the first place.


The Shinobi didn’t know how to respond, he even wondered if he was dreaming.


Suddenly, he felt a weird chill in his spine and got extremely terrified.

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