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T.S.H Chapter 401: Shattering Space

At this time, everyone seemed shocked, looking at Naito.

Although they could recognize that it was Naito, the difference indeed is big. Not only his hair that has become longer, but even the color has changed, and his clothes now have strange symbols on it.

“Don’t touch it.”

Noticing how Kushina was about to touch the scepter, Naito stopped her immediately. Although she achieved the fourth-stage of the sage mode transformation, she won’t get directly stunned by it, but since she didn’t finish the last stage yet, it was obviously not good for her to touch it.

“This thing…”

Expect for Haku and Kimimaro, the people present were basically aware of its nature, especially Tsunade, whose eyes became extremely dignified.

Watching the scepter melting in Naito’s hands, then turning into a black sphere that floated in front of him, a touch of surprise appeared in her eyes.

“There are at least five or four Chakra natures merged inside it. How did you get this Naito?”

“It’s a coincidence.”

Naito smiled at Tsunade and the other, then said: “I just got this new power, but I’m still unfamiliar with it, so stay away from me for a while, and let me study it carefully.”


Tsunade nodded solemnly. She knew that Naito would have said this casually if things weren’t that serious. This black substance is really not something you should deal with recklessly.

At least in her perception, this thing was terrifying.

The most powerful one between them, Kushina nodded likewise, suppressing the curiosity in her heart. In fact, Naito had talked about this thing a lot with her before, but she still couldn’t help but feel curious.

Is this… the power of the Six Paths?!!

Tsunade and the other barely managed to suppress the astonishment in their hearts, then turned around and left. Soon, only Kushina remained there.

the Kyuubi in her body felt shocked, his fox’s pupils were trembling, and couldn’t help but say: “I didn’t expect that he will really get the power of the old six.”

“That is to say, Naito currently is as strong as the Sage of Six Paths? Kushina’s eyes flickered, and she couldn’t help but ask Kurama.

Kurama snorted, then said: “That can’t be the case. After all, the old man had the Rinnegan too, and in theory, the Juubi’s Chakra is stronger than Naito’s.”

“But, in essence, there’s no gap.”

At that time, Kurama couldn’t help but feel confused, because he knew that Naito wasn’t Indra, nor Asura’s successor, and he didn’t awake the Rinnegan, nor did he control the Juubi.

It was simply incredible to think that Naito could awake his own Six Paths Mode through working hard and practicing!

“By the way, Kushina, this is for you.”

After analyzing the Truth-Seeking orb again, Naito took off his golden ring from his finger and handed it to Kushina.

It was the Kusanagi sword.

After he stepped into the level of the six paths, Naito didn’t need the Kusanagi sword anymore. He could easily inject his Shock Force into a Truth-Seeking Sword.

Because the Truth-Seeking Orb itself is constructed from chaotic material, that can create a root for every force, it wasn’t meaningless to have it, and use other powers.


Kushina looked surprised, then said, “But this is…”

“Well, I don’t have any use for it. And when you complete the Fifth Stage, you will awake your own Perfect Sage Mode. This ring will be useful to you, along with the Kyuubi’s Chakra, you will also reach the Six Paths Level.”

Naito smiled at Kushina. In fact, he had long wanted to give Kushina the Kusanagi ring, but Kushina refused since she knew that it could be of great help to Naito.

This time, Kushina also knew that the Kusanagi Ring was no longer useful to Naito, so she gently reached out and took it, then put it on her finger.

After giving the Kusanagi Ring to Kushina, Naito got up then left the room. He walked to the highest place in the Rain Village, then his boy floated naturally, then flew toward the sky.

Soon, Naito touched the thick cloud layer in the sky of the Rain Village; it naturally opened a gap in front of Naito, and he passed through it easily.

Naito could see the sun, hanging there in the sky, reflecting its colors on the cloud beneath him, making it look like a fairyland.

Behind Naito, nine Truth-Seeking Orbs were floating like stars, while the scepter was suspended horizontally in front of him.

“Let’s try it!”

Naito felt that it was already far away; thus, he stopped and reached out, grabbing the scepter, and suddenly knocked the void ahead of him.


A weird wave created in front of the scepter’s head. When it suddenly fell, it seemed as if a drop of water has fallen into the lake, causing million of ripples to appear in front of him and to the distance ahead.

Naito didn’t use his full strength, it as a random knock, and this was its effect.

Immediately after, Naito’s eyes turned extremely sharp, and with a strong shout, the shock force condensed in his body.

At that moment, even the scepter couldn’t withstand Naito’s full force, and dense cracks appeared on it, then got shattered!

The moment the scepter got destroyed, the entire vast void in front of him shattered like a mirror, and the cracks spread out over a range of ten meters.

It wasn’t the kind of white traces that he used to see before, the cracks looked dark and scary!

These cracks were the kind to shatter the space and time!

Before opening the Seventh Gate, when Naito used all of his force, he could barely open a thin crack, but it got healed instantly.

But now, under his full force, he shattered the space tens of meters ahead!


The fragmentation of the space was extremely terrifying.

Although it was only a fissure in the range of tens of meters, in a split second, the sky above the Rain Village got almost torn!

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